Via Parler

Realize this: When the fraud is proved, you have not just won the election; you have exposed the system of control to those still caught in its machinations. You will have destroyed Babylon’s spell completely.

Stay the Course.
Save the World.

Anyone leading you to doubt is weakening your hand and resolve.

Listen to me:
This will be decided by a burden of legal proof in a court of law. As it was always meant to be.

We have that covered.
We have it all.

We have the source*.

You MUST stay firm, and hold the line.

For years you have fought against powers so deeply entrenched that it seemed an insurmountable obstacle to true freedom.
Now you stand in a nation divided, stuck in the gap between reason and madness.
You know what is at stake. You know what we are driving toward. You KNOW that the methods of global control over the People need to end.
The USA is just the first domino.

Do Not Lose Heart.
We Will Not Fail You.


You need to see the bigger picture.

Wind your perspective back a ways with me.
Let’s start by looking at the voter fraud as absolutely necessary to let happen.

If Dominion Voting Systems is shown to be crooked… what happens?
If, conclusively, we are able to show the true extent of deceit; what does that mean for the rest of the control mechanisms?

When a dam starts to burst, is it hard to stop?
Start walking backward through the timeline of fake narratives from the MSM.
Russiagate? Obamagate? Pizzagate?
What about Julian Assange?
What about Epstein?
What about the CIA?
Mockingbirds rendered SILENT, caught in a giant spiderweb sewn from their own lies.
The strong-arm of the real cult exposed.

What happens then?

Vindication, and action suddenly become possible.
Real change becomes possible.
The system itself becomes changeable.
And the corrupt, finally accountable.
People Unite.

Do not lose sight.
Do not lose hope.
The Lion rises up, and you with it.

Stay The Course.

Remember PACE in all things.





Plan accordingly.