5 thoughts on “Flynn: Martial Law, Then A Supervised Election Do-Over”

  1. though my total lack of trust and utter contempt for any general offisker is well ingrained, one of them will have to suffice as a “legitimate” commander of forces come kick-off time..and the flynn turd seems to be floating up to the surface of the septic pond… it certainly wasn’t going to be punk ass mattis, betrayus, or mc chrystal.. conflict is unavoidable so at least this loser lifer can get his hands on the cool guy toys, so we may have that going for us anyway- which is nice.

  2. No target practice at all in these hills this weekend . Everyone is saving ammo for something special. Very special !

  3. Na, not interested in martial law, to any extent.
    Once the military’s involved CONUS, will be no going back for years. Refuse to follow dumb rules now, imagine just how much dumber rules and regs will become.

    Imagine a squad lead by a dumb fuck e4 or 5 6 or 7 guardsman patrolling your hood, in charge of you, your stuff.

    Imagine getting killed by the Sgt, his troops because they can.. Imagine zero accountability for their actions. You think the poopoo are bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Martial law will be the dog whistle for revolution!. We’re going to pass on yet another bad idea, from a has been general, trying to relive his glory days.


  4. Martial law is unconstitutional [ just because it’s been done doesn’t make it lawful ] and suspending the Constitution is tyranny. If every Patriot in this country would start zeroing in on their local liberal political activists, antifa activists, commie activists, marxist activists, etc., for extreme forms of ‘re-education’, they would begin to think twice about pissing us off.

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