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  1. All I am seeing/hearing is Rona shit.
    Which makes sense, ‘cuz I have it.
    No fever, breathing is fine, just listless, body aches, tasteless (this, you already knew).
    Been away from work since day before Thanksgiving. Apparently, according to my HR jerkoff, I’m an asshole for working the three days prior.

    I told him, “Dude…men of my generation don’t miss work ‘cuz of the sniffles. Unless we’re bleeding out the ass and feverishly puking our guts out, we come to work. Hell, at my age, I always feel like shit. I initially thought it was a flu shot reaction (normally happens with me), or a serious sinus infection (chronic for me).”

    So, I go get one of the “quick” tests done (30mins or less for results) because a co-worker pops positive for whuFlu. It comes back negative. I send the results to HR faggot. He tells me the “quick” antigen Covid test is not sufficient to return to work, and that I must take the three-day-wait “lab” test.

    That test comes back positive.

    So here I am. Two weeks quarantine with the old lady. She has no symptoms, but is not happy. Daughter came to visit in between tests, now she is quarantined with no symptoms. She is not happy.

    Just call me Typhoid Mary.


    1. I had foot surgery in January, came home and spent the next 2 months sick as a dog with some kind of illness. Bone cracking pain and swollen joints that I really haven’t recovered from fully. A friend said his sister had the same thing and was diagnosed with Covid, despite no lung inflammation. Everyone appears to have different symptoms and yet, it’s no fun to catch.
      I still refuse to wear a mask, no matter how many of the sheep ridicule me, which is getting more frequent too. The flu 3 yrs ago almost did me in, this one is about control.

      1. 0321, Hope all is well, heal quickly. I had my grand kids expose, neither have demonstrated symptoms. A close friend is winding down from the bug, states the worst it got was 101 temp, like a mild cold for him. His son, baby mom, and his new squeeze all caught it. Luckily mild cases for all.

        I’m still stuck on your ” going to a Chinese restaurant , having a cheese burger”. I find that observation to be brilliant. I use it a lot anymore, thanks, and get well.


        1. It’s a hoax for fuck sake. Y’all had the flu. The tests are a con. Jesus Christ on a bike. Old fools clinging on to life and pensions while Rome burns.

          1. boss,
            I’ve said the same thing since Jan, fuck Covid, however it seems there is an actual Covid flu, weak as it may be compared to past flu strains, that is making people sick. And no, I’m not scared of it in the least. I haven’t been tested nor will I, it is a scam.
            I will not wear a mask or bow down to the fear mongers.

      1. i think i hit a nerve on posting that link.
        i’ve read that several times today and
        all of the sudden it shows a *warning security risk* page

        (((they))) do that when sensitive information is exposed

        don’t get tested- it can do you no good, it’s demonstrates weakness, and they’ll have a fresh DNA sample signed sealed and delivered for free..

    2. just had a phone conversation with the “free” covid testing health care center in pamlico county about why anyone should get tested. after correcting every reason she had with facts to the contrary, and asking if maybe it was just an insurance scam, she bluntly informed me “she was doing what the state asked them to do, test everyone they could”. did nc really re-elect roy cooper?

  2. * Possession of firearms is prohibited except by certified park rangers and other authorized personnel. Those who are properly permitted (CWP), are allowed to carry a firearm on state park property.

    *SC state park site rules, complete rules are linked.

    1. CCW in SC

      Source: https://handgunlaw.us/states/southcarolina.pdf

      Carry Allowed in these Areas:
      State Parks: YES 51-3-145. (G)
      State/National Forests: YES 51-3-145. (G)
      State WMA’s: YES 123-203 (B)
      Road Side Rest Areas: YES 16-23-420 (F)
      RV/Car Carry Without a Permit/License

      Must Inform Officer Immediately on Contact By Law?

      Do “No Gun Signs” Have the Force of Law?
      (Note: some structures at the park may be posted. I don’t know, but some states do this.)

      Carry in Restaurants That Serve Alcohol
      YES (Unless Posted) (but don’t drink and it’s recommended to not sit at the bar area)

      State Firearm Laws: 23-31-10 thru 23-31-600 & 16-23-210 thru 16-23-1060
      State Deadly Force Laws: 16-11-410 thru 16-11-450.
      State Knife Laws: 16-23-405 & 16-23-430
      Chemical/Electric Weapons Laws: 16-23-470
      Body Armor Laws: 16-3-1080.
      Does Your Permit Cover Other Weapons Besides Firearms? NO 23-31-210.

  3. I work IN THE (g)u(n) INDUSTRY.

    Our month-over-month orders are up 75%.

    Out here, depending on where you go, it’s either nearly 100% maskless, or 100% masked. A very clear dichotomy of minds. Sometimes refreshing.

    Anyone see that one I wrote about bobtails? Still seeing many. What about W->E transplants moving through the midwest? Still the same volume that I have seen.

    Inventories of various items are low or empty: Axes, Chainsaws, ATVs, camping equipment, etc.

    The farm stores out here.. you can’t find ball hitches in some of them. A lot of this crap comes from Chin ah. I would have figured the economy had retooled by now to make stuff at home. Guess not.

    Also, anyone seen the latest series of Star Trek: Disc Over Y series?

    Completely non-white, male, hetero main characters. The only two whites: a fatass woman and a homo male. The future is brown. And female. Heh.


    1. Yah… the guy Dictor Van Doomcock has a channel of Youtube where he -positively- rips apart discovery… cheesy but man, his hatred roils thru the screen

  4. Still some corona beer panic but plenty on store shelves excluding ammo,but then,folks reading here probably have plenty of everything they need including that(can one have too much?).

    A lot of public place discussion about election fraud and many thoughts on what is coming very soon down the road,has hit the citizenry if not the msm.

    SC too far for this Yank,have a good time folks and hope we in the north lands of New England could get our own support gathering together,perhaps a ice fishing gathering?!Just starting to get the first tastes(1′ or less) of snow,winter in many ways is coming,be ready.

  5. What I see is that people who return to the pig myre of propped-agenda news
    get sunk into that rot stinking thinkin’ – So, don’t go there, it is full of everything
    unclean, and become part of that CON-VIP’s Vile-r-us.

    …”take your vitamins and put you helmet on”…

    This is Live now:

    “For He is not The God of the dead, but The God of The Living”

    1. Thanks to John Mosby for that gold mine of links. Good stuff.

      AO (red semi-rural area) quiet. Most societal concern is public debate of in-school/out-of-school for young’uns. The other is some middlin’ concern over Covid numbers which are published by those flailing their arms. Funny how the cases spiked by state’s own chart late August when 2nd mask mandate (50% ignored) went into effect combined with the college kids returning to their dorms in the High Church of Akademia. Deep down most know that it’s a racket and gubmint trust even by stalwarts is at a pretty low ebb.

      Nice Thankgsiving with nearly all kids/grandkids, 4 add’l separate households.

      Flynn’s idea is a neat thought exercise but I am leery of someone who would invoke Lincoln’s ghost from ’64 since he did that in a friendly territory to shutter his own party’s political opposition another term by him.

      Not too many in conversation seem to be aware of the Trumpster’s court filing; I read it, he has a case here, which means it’ll probably go nowhere.

      Have fun at your shindig.

  6. As to Martial Law and re-vote: I fully reject marial law under civil authority. It’s DoD or I WILL RESIST. There are no other true allies left. The long march is complete. Local PD? NO. Federal PD? NO. Is DHS going to save us? That’s to laugh. It’s DoD or fight!!!

    I’m open to hear other arguments, but you know that the rot is total and complete. Even a DoD run election is fraught with peril.

    1. Impose martial law in the name of a re-vote, then somehow fail to lift it. Meanwhile D.C. is laughing their ass off at all the gullible sheep they’re willingly herding, and sheering.

      Those guys are getting richer every single day, and all they have to do is keep the theatrics rolling, doesn’t matter the outcome. And somehow, the masses fall for it continuously.

  7. Just smack-dab South of the geographic center of the country things are fairly normal. Most of the cities and counties have “mask mandates” but no one follows them and the local LE and Sheriffs have stated publicly they will not enforce them at all. Like rest of the (former) Republic, lead dispensing devices and the heretofore mentioned lead, is non existent. Overall people here, at least in my general AO, have a “will not comply” attitude mostly; sure there are signs on all the doors, but no one gives a good-gd. Signs went up again the other day in grocery stores limiting certain purchases. I tested these signs and bought thrice the “legal limit”(meat, cleaning products-2 ea per item) and no one even raised an eyebrow. My father always called this place a “dead-zone”. Honestly I am glad I live here as we seem so far removed from everything that is going on in the rest of the country.

  8. Everyone’s nervous except us already dead guys (thanks WRSA). Trumps speech was great and much needed. Fuck communism. Just wanted to be left alone. Gonna go hump some more hills. See ya in the woods motherfuckers.

    No one is coming to save you. Remember the rest of the rules as they are becoming more important by the minute.

  9. NY sitrep. Private economy fried. Heavy construction and big box economy booming. Sheeple can’t figure all the conflicting conditions and orders.Deplorable faction getting angrier and waiting for next shoe to drop. Got quite a few to donate to Powell/Wood effort.

  10. AO is dead quiet. Local libs haven’t started gloating yet; they’re being almost cordial. Mask mania has become interesting in that several chains have stopped accepting, “I have a medical exemption,” and won’t allow anyone over 2 years old without a mask. No sweat. Money spends elsewhere. Shooting ranges are almost dead, as folks are holding on to their ammo and I would hope doing dry fire, rather than nothing. Interest in PT with people I talk to is low to non-existent….lots of lethargy. Stores are jam packed that sell alcohol; LOTS of money being spent on Christmas decorations….

    Basically very quiet. That’s good as longer and longer walks around the AO (10 miles now) taking little notes on who’s where, avenues of approach, etc, are not being bothered by anyone.

  11. Been on the road across New Mexico and in to Southern Arizona. Free America, for the most part. Western New Mexico – folks behaving mostly normally. No masks unless you particularly want to wear one. It’s an open-carry state, but I’ve noticed a lot more pistols on hips than usual. Probably because it keeps the Karens away.

    Went out with some family to shoot in Southern Arizona, on Forest Service land. Came across a group with American flags and Trump flags flying on their trucks. Turns out, it was a group of folks who were part of my “tribe” – lost brothers and sisters from another mother. Not lost anymore.

    Then we went and set up on a canyon where we do (sort of) long range shooting out to 775 yards. My flavor of the day was the FAL with Indian surplus (reloadable brass). Brother-in-law was hitting it with his S&W M&P-15 with his home made hollow point bullets (swaged .22LR brass on lead from a swager he made with his mini lathe). Nephew, with his better eyes, was hitting it with his falling block 45-70.

    1. Reloadable brass?

      Ain’t all .308/7.62 NATO brass reloadable? Mine is. In fact, with the proper (relatively inexpensive) tool, Berdan is easier to reload than Boxer. Granted, one needs Berdan primers. But it is reloadable.

  12. Greetings from Texas.
    Telling everyone who will listen that if they don’t have a scary black rifle and can find one in stock, to buy it, plenty of magazines and whatever .223/5.56 ammo they can get their hands on. At this point it’s a sellers market so forget the low prices you saw last year but didn’t take advantage of.
    Biden/Harris/Beto and the anti-gun ATF is coming to ban everything, by executive fiat if necessary to bypass unwilling House/Senate RINO’s (yes, Mitt talking about you).
    It’s going to be a long winter if the new (old Obama) gang in DC decides to implement spicy times after Jan 20, 2021.

  13. i had an older ‘CNN watching’ couple- who are neighbors, stop by the front gate to see what direction tfA-t’s flag was flying pertaining to the current contest of who will the new master. of course, i said my usual “i don’t like either one”. then, went on to splain a few things about the consteetooshun as it was written… “We The People” are the kings- not government. they are supposed to be PUBLIC SERVANTS. then i splained my position of masks and “orders”… if laws are tolerable- i tolerate them, if not… i don’t. that goes with all laws… now they know- again. i’m sure they reported back to commie HQ my beliefs..

  14. New episode of WRSA Radio will be up by tomorrow.

    GA is somewhat of a split state of mind I think. Outside of the main metro areas not seeing a whole lot of mask wearing, and when you do its mostly old folks which is perfectly fine and understandable. Inside of the metro, lots of yoga moms and Soy dads wearing masks everywhere. Gun stores about the only place I dont see a lot of them.
    We cant find a steady supply of paper products in the stores and Costco is off the chain on the weekends with crowds. I assume a lot of these people at Costco are preppers or at least people trying to get up to speed on their storage. Traffic at most stores and fast food joints is way down, over even the Peak-Coof days. Its like people got to Thanksgiving and just stopped going out.

    I am hitting the PT much harder than I have in the past summer. I got a lot of catch up to do since I have not did a ruck march since February. Been hitting the weight pile and treadmill, but I will give a 2 miler a shot next week prior to Kings Mountain.

    1. i found WRSA when i was 50. now i’m 57 and still a 180 lbs of lean muscle with a 32″ waist, stand taller, and strength has increased by 100%.. i’m sore right now from a herculean work-out and rugged hike into and out of my back yard yesterday carrying a light load and rifle.. besides learning street fighting in Detroit as a yute, and being trained to fight in woodland and jungle AO’s in the army, working as a hired gun for the cartels in the late 80s, and thriving in the extreme weather of the Great White North for 15 years now, the info and training from the masters like Mosby and Max have tuned me in and caught me up to current doctrine.. Rakkasans are the meanest and coldest mofos on the block.

      1. That you were a Rakkasan and didn’t ever mention it till now is very different from all the other Rakkasans I know. 😉

        1. i’ve never been one to brag… 😉

          but yeah, Rakkasans are known to be a little louder than most

    1. I’m not going to waste 1 minute of my time trying to convince someone not to take it. Been thru the mask nonsense with way too many friends and lost every argument due to their willing eagerness to fall for the whole scam. If they want shots, let them have them. Some folks probably think there’s vitamins and a free face lift in it too.
      Then when they turn reptilian, you can laugh behind their scaly backs.

  15. Seeing people with faceguards and masks while driving.
    Hearing grown adults talk in baby talk with animals and children.
    Noticing the increasing surliness of vibrant diverse replacements if you are not a creepy ass cracka.
    Observing clueless taxable unit serfs calling the police if someone walks down “their sidewalk” while having no clue that the police have been deballed and won’t be responding as they are too busy with real crimes caused by the Fundamental Transformation.
    Don’t worry the judges and senator neighborhoods are well guarded.
    Stick a fork in the republic but maybe something better could emerge.
    If 3% was all it originally took then I like our chances.

  16. Nothing’s changed on the mountain. The ranchers are winding down, focusing on ” what if ” Wiser men will use the next sixty days relocating ” stuff” to strategic locations.

    We’ve started our repositioning, eleven truck loads to two different locations, so far. My Backs killing me.

    Friends, use your time wisely.


  17. Midwest on the river, quiet, bordering two states with differing govs makes for interesting news. One state locking down most things, the other not so much but constant pressure to “do more”. Locally quiet. Like DTG, taking long walks, only up to 5 mile minimal load, making mental note of BLM signs and the few Trump signs. (blm neighbors 3 out of 4 encounters are jumpy, sketchy, irritable and unfriendly) best i can describe it as a chip on the shoulder.
    Watching peoples actions. Garbage day is a great day to walk around, gather intel on purchases and such. For instance, lot of big ticket electronics last week, home entertainment. Some houses lots of booze refuse. No implications just looking. Read an article on behavioral economics. Concept so seamless applies across culture. People try to project rational free thinking but largely respond to events via emotion.

    Not making SC, would like to but local needs dictate otherwise.

    stay away from crowds (RIP)

  18. Central Florida: Very quiet. Quiet all over Florida despite Floridaman’s propensity for Meth-Based Antics. The Diversity knows we don’t play that ’round here, so they behave and stay in their neck of the woods. Sheriffs like Grady Judd scare the holy hell out of the potential bad guys and that sort of runs over into other jurisdictions.
    Lots of paper product shortages however. No TP in Publix or paper towels
    Meats gone up in price but available
    Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving OMFG
    The. Whole. A.O.
    Looks like Santa’s workshop vomited alllll over the place
    The horror… the horror…
    Head on a Swivel
    Avoid Crowds
    Be the Gray Man

  19. “ What are you seeing and hearing in your AO?”

    Well, if I were to rely entirely upon the local rag and teevee news, then: Biden is President; There is absolutely no evidence of election fraud, anywhere; Mail-in balloting is safe and secure; Any of Trump’s claims of election fraud are ‘unsubstantiated’, ‘debunked’ or just ‘crazy’; COVID is the worst pandemic—ever; The US leads the world in COVID deaths because Trump voters won’t wear masks; and …. Build Back Better.

    Walking out my door, I am starting to see that this, one of the largest PsyOps perpetrated on the American public, is beginning to have an affect. Neighbors who were once skeptical and/or nonchalant towards COVID are now deathly afraid of same. Neighbors who were once staunchly pro-Trump are now ready to concede that he lost—“yeah, there may have been some fraud, but not enough to affect the results” or “if only Trump had not been so mean on Twitter.” (Face palm).

    In my AO, we are in another lockdown, so that means restaurants and bars are going teets-up left and right. But the Dow is at 30k, so all is good, no?

    Ammo is still essentially unobtanium around here, which I take as a blessing as I really don’t have any room to store more; no shortage for me anytime soon. However, some friends who just woke up to reality a few months back are in a much different boat. They feel blessed to pick up just a single 50-rd box of 9mm FMJ.

    On a more positive note, the freeways around here have no congestion whatsoever, regardless the time of day. 😁

  20. Quiet in my AO. I’m where the prairie meets the hills. Have a local bomber base nearby and been seeing the nuke fliers running out twice a day on training flights. In town is sporadic. Some places I’m the only maskless one, some I’m one of a few, and others there’s maybe one or two wearing them. Ammo is mostly gone. Cabelas, fleet farm, scheels, Walmart all pretty empty. 12 ga available. Food is plentiful for now. Price of butt paper is going up. Not really a blue dominate area but there are lots of colleges so there’s that. Cut down a tree from the National park with the fam. Hitting/kicking the heavy bag daily. Would like to participate in the meet up but cannot this go around.

  21. Playing a lot of radio lately, mostly HF stuff. Messing with some new antennas, building and buying them. Looking at a KX2 or KX3 but having hard time pulling the trigger on that much money for a QRP rig, even if it can make coffee.
    The Rona is not around these parts much, central Idaho, well not in Custer County anyway. Outsiders are easy to spot, they wear the rags on the face. Me not so much.
    Been hiking up in the hills two to three times a week, in between my other work outs. Ive seen lots of elk, deer, goat tracks not many human tracks.
    Not headed back East ANYTIME SOON!
    If your up, I’m on the 12th Region Traffic Net at 0700 on 3.923.50, even though Idaho is not in the region, the guys are cool with lots of knowledge to impart.


    1. Go to the gun shop at the upper end of Main St. in Challis? Good friend of mine, former Navy occifer. We spent a few decades buckskinning together.

  22. The foolish gubernor here in California has issued more lockdown orders. My wife had to lay off 500 employees from their chain of restaurants in this state–that mean 500 less incomes right before Christmas.

    Half the leftist fools in the Los Angeles area are masked up and taking this phony pandemic hoax seriously. Took a friend to UCLA emergency a few days ago for a stroke. They have a triage bay setup outside, under their carport, at the entrance. It was empty save for one tent where there sat a local Santa Monica karen with the sniffles. I managed a visit inside the emergency recieving–empty except for a few people with sprained ankles or chest pains.

    I managed today to stop by the emergency entrances to several South Bay hospitals–there are no throngs of people waiting to get inside. No lines of ambulances carrying COVID cases to the hospital.

    You are being fooled by this hoax pandemic.

    One thing to note is that ALL the California gun shows have been cancelled and are still being “postponed” (actually cancelled) due to the phone pandemic. I have heard from a neighbor who works for the local congressman’s campaign that they are being shut down not because of Covid… but because of the rising political tensions over this election. They will be closed indefinitely.

    Gun shops are empty throughout California. Scrapped clean. Little or no ammo. Talk of the big party abounds within conservative circles here. Tensions are mounting. Party talk metrics are off the scale in the last two weeks.

    General Flynn calling for martial law and invoking the insurrection act would be supported by the ‘right’ half of this country (the half that could actually back it up that is) and I would personally support this move by the president. It is either this, or a plunged into radical Communism.

  23. Seriously, Atlanta, Workers recovering suitcases full of ballets, on TV!.

    My friends in Ga, if you gents are serious, you “shall” identify those workers in the video committing voter fraud, introduce others from out of the state, to politely interview these chumps,,,,,offer these fine folk a Oppertunity to make the legal vote right

    What I learned last week,,,,,,It isn’t water boarding, if it’s not water!.

    Come on Man! Let loose the dogs of war. At least Identify these people figure out. A exercise in urban warefare.

    Who = who they are.

    What=what their job title is. What are their interests. What motivates them.

    Where= where they work, where they live. Where they hang out.

    When= when did they make the choice to become part of the biggest conspiracy ever committed

    Why= why did they conspire to again commit the biggest conspiracy ever committed.

    How= how did they contribute,to what degree. How did they come to participate contribute to this conspiracy.

    This combination of honest answers will lead upwards to the leaders of this coup.

  24. Jeebers. What’s the deal? Do I need doube-double-secret carriage returns to makes stuff look even basically formatted?

  25. N. Phoenix here. All normal, meaning pre-Chink Flu normal.

    Any and all biz open and have been for months. I go into a store and tell first employee I see I can’t wear a mask cuz Dr sez so cuz COPD (which I really have). No prob. Not even with any Karens in the stores. But still see morons driving with diapers on. All the time.

    That Trump-hating c¥nt AZ Sec of State Katie Hobbs is doing all she can to F things up. No idea if she was appointed or voted in…I do know she pandered huge to all the illegal aliens in and around Tucson, which looks like Meh-He-Ko.

    Not that The Guv is doing much good.

    Bought a Taurus TX22 + Winchester SXP 20 gauge W/18”. Got 1600 22LR but 20 shells are hard to come by.

    Damn glad I split KommieFornia almost 5 years ago. Feel sorry for you guys who are still there.

  26. Say what you will about a totalitarian regime (abet somewhat lite at this point) but here in New Mexico EVERYONE seems to either hate or at lease detest Commissar Gresham (our god [small ‘r’] governor). Shut down the whole State in the name of science. Other than that small item, out here in the ‘sticks’, we and the lady of the house only go to town maybe once every other week with closest being basically dead. Honestly, without any information to the contrary, one (here) would never know the world is burning down but as was my time in VN a very long time ago, I have this strange gut sense that things are about to get reallllllly spicy and strange verrrrry soon. Just how and were remains to be seen: as I have stated before, the great tide of a shit show will hit the major population centers first but folks like us (here) being well prepared and self-sufficient will for the near future be well off ……
    If anyone out there is traveling through this area (I25 between Albuquerque and Las Cruces) and about 25 miles in an out of the way valley (southwest NM) and needs to stop by, we are open 24-7. Don’t know how you would make contact (WRSA email address?) but open to meeting others of a like mind.

    1. I’m up on the other side of the mountains from Albuquerque. Normally, I pass through your area when I travel to Arizona, but took the back roads this time and over the mountains through Safford. I’d be willing to meet up sometime.

  27. All is quiet here inks, as per protocol in this backwater. I’d reckon the ICT here is probably on Swallowswells nuke target list. Hope you all get to feeling tip top again those who got the coof. It’s all coronadoom here. My own corona story is weird. We all got sick here at casa Walter, real sick. Some of us got tested, not everyone though. Some got 2 tests, all were negative. Whatever we got, it hit all of us real hard, it was like some kind of instant pneumonia, every symptom you can imagine EXCEPT a fever. We have been following all the bs protocols, masks, washing hands (I know, I know… I’m tryin to fly below the radar here, blend in) at the job they make you take temps, even going to some other places they do, one place had a real fancy camera thermometer, no doubt linked in to facial recog contact trace bs. My point is I definitely do think all the masks and temps and tests are absolutely bs. I don’t know where it came from but we got something, and I’m kinda not real social anyway, my work is fairly independent and I rarely interact that close with people. Personally I do think there’s something out there, I think it’s someone’s bio weapon, I agree the whole coronadoom, antifa, the steal it’s an op, it’s all related. So did we have undocumented ‘rona, or something else? A couple medical people told us that they think we had it regardless of the test. Dexamethasone and z pak seemed to fix us up pretty good, I think it was the dexamethasone that really did it personally. Whatever it was, it sucked, lots of body aches, dry cough, hard to breathe, really tired, I had pneumonia 6 years ago and it felt exactly the same. Of course the pneumonia started as a sinus infection and turned into pneumonia, this was instantaneous for 3 people. Pretty weird if you ask me. I’m surprised this site, mine and many others haven’t been nuked, still it seems that we’re reaching peak censorship. I suppose they somewhat let us be to try and glom Intel, or maybe we’re just not important as their calculations. Enough rambling, there’s chow, kp, PT and ‘cleaning’ to be done. As always thanks ca for hosting and all the best to all you in the WRSA commentariat.

  28. All I see in my AO is Sheeple wearing face diapers. Occasionally, I have a conversation with someone who agrees with me when I make a “Bullshit Call” about Masks, Yet, not one has Taken it off.
    Normalcy Bias, Herd Mentality, Stockholm Syndrome, whatever.
    I know I cannot count on a Single One of these ‘tards if things Go Hot.

    It’s Harder being a Lone Wolf than I thought it would be, but like that Vietnam Officer who said, “No, No, I’ve got ’em right where I Want ’em.. Surrounded from the Inside!”

  29. Nothing to report from the “People’s Republic” in the rockies. Interestingly however, the “BLM” signs that popped up like mushrooms have started coming down. Good thing I made a map…

  30. Over here in Alabama (that is the totally clear space in the map showing Dominion voting machines), it seems semi-normal except most places everyone except me is wearing a mask. Only rarely does anyone comment about it (I wish more did) but when it happens, I try to give them a quick medical talk about the WuFlu.

    The virus is real, we have know since April or so it was man-made (Nerdhaspower blog has been awesome for discussion). The higher an individual’s Vit D level, the lower the risk of active infection. [note: hypothetical commentary I might offer to a patient follows; I’m not your doc so this isn’t medical ADVICE!] –

    “So take D & Zn. IF you get it, take HCQ 200mg twice daily for a week or so …”

    Masks don’t help … but virtually every single PoC I see in cars has one on, and many palefaces as well. Dumb …

    Traffic this afternoon was heavy around 4 – folks seem to be working, shopping, etc. SOME are going to restaurants (I had a long lunch with a friend today).

    I don’t have much of a feel for the political sense, don’t really interact with many people who o don’t know well. But there does seem to be more of a sense of things getting SERIOUS.

    Personally I am recovering surgery I put off for a long time, in a few more weeks I should be FAR more mobile than I’ve been the past 2-3 yrs. Just this morning I was debating the 6 hr drive to the shindig.

    Pete, I sent you an email this morning to the old hushmail address. Haven’t seen you in forever, I specifically asked about getting together. I am curious about what plans others have after this little gathering. Trying to figure out if the drive (esp through ATL!!!) is worth it.

  31. All is pretty quiet here in rural Middle Tennessee. Places like Nashville are pretty locked down and they recently arrested folks for having a party over Thanksgiving (the horror!). I go in places like Home Depot and even though they say they require masks, no one hassles you if you are not wearing one. Same with Publix and most other places. As someone pointed out to me, you can tell the Democrats because they are the ones wearing the masks, which is probably mostly true, but people are getting tired of it and even the employees that have to wear masks wear them half-heartedly, usually drooping down below their nose or mouth.

    I figure I have most of the ammo I am going to get, so am focusing my efforts on making the farm more defensible since I figure I am not going to bug out. If they come for me, they come for me and I’ll just take as many with me as I can. We are also securing the supply lines since you can’t eat ammo. Talking with the neighbors and re-confirming my trusted, not-trusted and questionable neighbors map. Also taking note of where the druggies hang out since they are potential cannon fodder for antifa when they get around to the countryside. We know where they are, so they can be neutralized before they become a problem when spicy time descend upon us. There are a lot more of them out in the countryside than there used to be, unfortunately.

    I’m going to try to make it to SC on the 12th, depending on work commitments. It would just be one Tennessean, so I’d probably drive down the afternoon before.

  32. @cavguy – if you decide to by a KX2 or KX3 you can always buy and build the HARDROCK 50 amp. Since you build it the 15db limit is not in play. For about 2w in I get anywhere from 55w -65w out. This is less than half an S-Unit difference than 100w output. Something to look into no matter what kinda qrp rig you may get. I have been looking at the Lab599 TX500. Only one problem the sole USA source is HRO and I don’t think they have any in stock.

    “What’s happening in my AO”.

    Well if you’ve read long ago posts of mine you know my AO. Can’t get into stores without a damn mask… Gov orders LoL. Gov has also said no lockdowns but the state “public health” officials are going nuts on the local media (tv and radio). We will see if the Gov caves or not. I go along with the masks indoors at commercial establishments only; for me no masks outdoors or in other folks homes or in the car or other such nonsense. Cops haven’t done anything and no one has bitched at me yet and I’ve gone to outdoor markets with no mask. Haven’t got sick yet.

    Tactical gun rack a the local shop has nothing but some shotguns. Normie rack has a lot of hunting bolt guns and good selection of hunting shotguns. Pistols of all sorts in SHORT supply. Lousy selection of glass. No ammo to speak of. What is there is extremely limited… except for 10mm… I picked up another 200 rnds for good measure.

    Several LARGE Trump trains of at least 300 vehicles ran around the AO right after the election. Not so much anymore.

    Seems most everybody knows which side they are on and no one seems to be talking to the other side. Eerily quiet. I think most have that gut feeling that things aren’t going to go well no matter who takes the throne in Mordor. Have two more guys open to joining the community defense group. Went out for Thankgiving and had a nice big steak at a large restaurant. Still not sick. Seems more people are outside “exercising”. Not many excessive Christmas decorations, mostly just small setups. Local cops and Sheriff haven’t come out with a policy on guns yet so we will see how that goes.

    Not much else. Never go out unarmed. Keep your head on a swivel.

    Grey Ghost

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