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  1. All politics and ideologies are a facade to give people the illusion that they have choices.
    The group that “sells” their brand best “usually” gains a majority of the hearts and minds.
    Illusions of promises, tailored to the whims or lusts of the masses wins the day.
    It’s all one big lie. Once the truth is -ever- revealed, the emperor truly is a naked, skinny, shivering, pencil-neck geek, worthy of ridicule and scorn, stripped of any illusion of power, screaming like a little girl in front of the firing squad (there will be a lottery).
    Without the support of the people there is no illusion.
    There are no choices, no options. Regardless of brand of snake oil, there is only one goal.
    An elite using whatever brand is most popular to gain control and rule over everyone else.
    It has always been this way and the people will always believe the illusion.
    You are never truly free unless no one can tell you otherwise.

    This sad truth of human nature will never change and is part of a cycle.
    We are at the juncture where the cycle is nearly complete to either continue as it has for millennia or
    We the People finally break free of masters and illusions and fully embrace the Truth of the Grand Architect of the Universe. So mote it be.

    1. Dweezil the weasel, have a heads up brother, moved into your turf. Like to get you to hooked up, ex jarhead, PI, Early BlackWater contractor, worked personal protection for House of Saudi., knife instructor for Ernie Emerson. Etc etc.

      If your interested, I’ll get you his contact number.


      1. Sounds good, Dirk. Send info thru WRSA hushmail and I will reply. No real snow here in Winterfell just yet. Ice fog and low 20’s. Working seven days a week, subbing and at the other job. Ammo very scarce and pricey. I acquired a SVT-40 from a relative along with lots of yellow-tip ammo. It’s in very good shape and has a custom scope mount with a nice Burris scope. Range time just around the corner. Bleib ubrig, my Oregon friend.

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