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Part 1:

There are always tipping points. The powers that been seem utterly intent on testing how far they can yank this. I won’t say you’re wrong to be skeptical and pessimistic. (If we can call people being reticent to “war-war” pessimistic? Ha!).

Folks are reluctant – in the extreme – to throw their lives and comforts away, and I concede most will sit on the fence – through any indignity – waiting to see which side prevails.

But it doesn’t take “most folks” to knock a pear over. And defiance spreads. It spreads faster if FedGovCo starts stomping on people and overreacting. Look how quickly Bundy Ranch almost zipped out of control. That entire mess was one negligent discharge away from Lexington 2.0. Blatantly stealing national elections is that times fifty-million… and more cats know about it and have skin in the game.

To enjoy mass support, a revolt needs to have a legitimate grievance – something egregious most folks can sympathize with. It also has to enrage people on a moral level – beyond what than they can’t bury in escapism and creature comforts…

…well, you don’t get much more sympathetic than “stealing elections.” And the powers that be have Bubba’s undivided attention now – and not in a good way. All the energy that was going into Sports (ratings dead), Movies (pandemic dead), and Video Games (SJW infected and dying), is getting channeled into Joe-Six-Pack contemplating who he needs to shoot to stop Tranny-Story-Hour and get his kid’s football season running again.

The small creature comforts tip the scales in the end. And those are being strangled by the fools who benefit most from them. The accumulation of one-thousand slights adds up over time. Every cruel cut and overreach remembered – until no amount of escapism, avoidance and appeasement can suppress the anger. Particularly when the left’s cultists have made those avenues deliberately unbearable.

Part 2:

For years, our government has played a game – a “neat trick” on us. They “flip” the coin, and get it to land on its side. Then they use the threat it tipping to scare folks into gobbling their left and right flavored sh*t-burgers. Every two years, they rile us up, and spook people into supporting garbage neo-cons and neo-libs.

They were satisfied with this arrangement until now. Impatience and greed got the better of them – and they chose to flick the coin on its left side. Forever. All the pent up anxiety, frustration and fear they carefully nurtured is going to boil over. Their arrogance has blinded them – and their madness has convinced them they they can get away with it.

I believe our “civic-masters” have made a terrible error. They witlessly kicked off an existential struggle with the worker ants – and what begins with a few skirmishes will spiral further and further out of control until the entire colony gets dragged into it. In a panic, the powers behind the throne will throw their own followers into the meat-grinder – and we’ll have something which looks like Yugoslavia and Rwanda’s mutant love-child. (With a dash of IRA for color).

The bedlam will defy description in its awfulness. And yet… for all of its horrors, it will be better than than allowing absolute despots to plunder us, strip us of agency, force us to suckle cockroach milk while they forevermore treat us like stupid, disobedient cattle.