Wilder: At The Rubicon


Go read JW’s piece.

Then come back here.

The utterly essential piece that everyone MUST grok is this:

The successful installation of the Biden/Harris cabal of traitors on 20JAN2021 will mean that the Chinese Communist Party has conquered the former USA and all of its military forces without a single kinetic shot being fired.

Read that sentence again and again until both its immediate and downstream consequences are lodged in your brain.

With the exception of Vox Day, JW, and a few others in alt media, no one is talking about the steps that can and must be taken now by President Trump to stop that existential threat to Americans and the world.

As JW points out, Gaius Julius Caesar understood that not only did he, his family, and his civilization face existential threats, but just as importantly: he understood that the Republic which he had served was already dead.

I have never been joking when I have used the term “FUSA”, or “former USA”.

In my book, it ended with the wholly-unjustified Patriot Act and the establishment of the permanent Surveillance State.

What we face in the next few weeks is what happens when domestic and foreign enemies ally with each other to tear down the dominant global power and convert it to their own purposes.

Based on the evidence of ubiquitous corruption in multiple states employing the Dominion voting system and related meatspace electoral frauds, President Trump is wholly justified in declaring martial law in every state where such activities have occurred.

In defense of the United States of America in his role as the Commander-in-Chief of the US military forces, President Trump is also wholly justified in taking whatever military action warranted against the People’s Republic of China and its government, the Chinese Communist Party, and any other nation state, non-governmental organization, or individual acting in concert to effect and/or support the 2020 Presidential Election fraud.

As the date previously scheduled for the transfer of power approaches, we can expect the American Communists to resume their rioting, assaults, arson, and other felonies in support of the joint campaign against the United States and the Trump Administration. Such activity is already being reported as I write this piece:


Given that domestic law enforcement has been handcuffed politically in multiple areas, traditional Americans should be ready, willing, and able to defend the lives and property of their families and neighbors. Traditional Americans should also be completing their storage of foods, fuels, medicines, and other humanitarian supplies not only for their own families, but to support legitimate charitable efforts in their areas.

Like it or not, every one of us reading these words is at war.


Get your affairs in order.

And make sure that you retain as much mobility as possible.

There are lots of people who want to kill you and your kind.

Kill ’em right back.