2 thoughts on “Herschel: WuFlu Vax Problems In This World And Beyond”

  1. Going to avoid it like a thief for as long as I can as I see no benefit in having it.

    If push comes to shove I imagine others with shorter fuses than I will start shootin’ and then it will be open season on everybody.

    My idiot SIL got the shot last week and emailed a pik to my wife of her with her sleeve rolled up and beaming with the stupid “I got vaccined” sticker on her shirt.

    The volume of retards in this country is breathtaking.

    The burn-off will be glorious.

  2. most of the Indians on this island want nothing to do with the white mans poison- they still talk about the free blankets the fuckers gifted them way back when…

    personally, i will not take it either- they can huff n puff all they want, i don’t need their jewbux or VA healthcare…

    fuck the gubbermint
    fuck the poo poo
    fuck the law

    tfA-t is a free man

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