8 thoughts on “Bracken On Nashville”

  1. Didn’t the CCCP/USSR fly some elite units into Afghanistan on airliners?

  2. The Christmas Day bombing clearly targeted a building of telecommunications giant AT&T whose Nashville facilities are also believed to serve a major outpost of the US NSA National Security Agency there. The NSA has long been in rivalry with the CIA, and they are likely now on opposing sides in the Trump vs Biden election fraud controversy.


    1. Thanks for that link. That theory makes sense to me. Here is your USA fightcard fight fans:

      CIA + PedoJoe & the Hoe + China + US Chicom coopted pols + Dems and Cuckpublicans + Large portions of standard .mil


      NSA + Socom(hopefully most) + Trump and some loyalist .gov + Russia + We the people (only 1pct will fight but that 1pct is a stone bitch).

      Seriously this is going to be a stone cold shitfest.

  3. What is the possibility of a disgruntled former employee? The warnings to the public and the timing seems to be a more directed attack than a random attack. AT&T has screwed over engineers the last decade and the missing person of interest coupled with trace DNA spells p-o-s-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y.

    The missing person if interest may also have been terminally ill, which is an ideal suicide bomber combination.

    Let’s not get carried away with intrigue (misnomer: conspiracy theories) and unfounded conjecture. If the Deep State wanted something undone, they just flip a switch, wipe a server, etc. They don’t need to bomb anything and anyway; bombing domestically is bad for business.

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