3 thoughts on “Bracken Sends”

  1. i’ve had enough of these BS artists who claim to be “special” most wouldn’t last the night alone on Detroit’s eastside on a saturday night… anybody can be a tough guy with uncle scam backing them up with everything in it’s arsenal- fuck them until they prove they can do anything more than terrorize 3rd world goat herding peasants. cocksuckers haven’t done squat to liberate the oppressed people of murka- remember those folks? the ones who are fleeced to pay for these shitstains . fucking LOSERS

    my cats turds are “special” too- does it get to wear a girl scout bonnet and claim super hero status?

    1. Lol. The legions paid their men penshuns too so they wouldn’t raise their hand against the capital. Still works today.

      1. i was in the process of checking out some items from a SF run site the other day and decided to say fuck them. i’m done supporting any POS veteran who is exploiting their service for profit and so should all of you. these “quiet professional” worthless fucks are most guilty of this. the people should shun these frauds for their failure to uphold the dignity and expectation of their position as exalted murkin supermen. FFS, they enrich themselves training the cops, feds, and other anti-freedom bastards. and of course they have no lack of braggart tales of ‘derring do’ against the worlds poor, ignorant, untrained, but Brave and Honorable civilian peasant militias- may their legacy be tarnished and forgotten by their countrymen and history. i will now go squeeze out a long brown steaming Hero award adorned with yellow liquid foam in their honor.

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