8 thoughts on “Kickoff?”

  1. This is definitely bizarre. Was it the kickoff? Have we not already ‘kicked off’ to some degree or another the past few years? It definitely seems to be an event related to the current political situation. Indeed very weird how they had the audio warning. I tend towards thinking it was perhaps some kind of test? Seems pretty certain that the telco building was the target. Those NSA/Telco buildings are supposed to be stout, hardened against at least indirect nukes. I suppose the big questions are who done it, and why? Seems possible that the perp was trying to draw in LE, and they used a bomb, which kinda seems to fit team commies mo. But I don’t discount the possibility it could be team freedom. Could be .guv false flag? Could be some boog types sowing chaos? I don’t know, but it’s just weird no matter what.

  2. Whodunit and why, these are questions here, Interesting and spicy. The first, I suppose we will never know if they did their job right, irrespective of who’s interest this was in. Seems obvious the target, the polite warning is interesting, and unprecedented perhaps. Was someone doing this as a test? If so now will security be heightened on telco, other CI? If it’s free for or an alphabet boi setup we will probably know soon, otherwise we’ll never know. The Great North American Freedom Games, the most entertaining new sportsing if you know where to look.

  3. Sigh. It would seem the false flags are ratcheting up in preparation for the Golden Golem’s “Rally” on 01/06/2021. Regardless of who/whom perpetrated this “bombing”, us Deplorables will be blamed. And, I will bet anyone here Mr. Pence rolls over and wets himself, certifying The Steal to set himself up for 2o24.
    As the previous photographs posted on this site have shown, Republicans DO thirst for death. And, these so-called “Born Again” Romans 13 robots are the most dangerous of the bunch, next to Mittens and others who clothe themselves with the strange underwear. Finalize whatever preps you have left. Stay vigilant. It’s snow shoveling and range work for me today. Bleib ubrig.

  4. The speaker means to me that this was a way to generate hysteria for something minor, or was some gay boomer shit so no one gets hurt.

  5. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. Where none of the old rules apply. Here in RI. now. I thought NY was FUBAR but this place is mental with the masks etc. At least NY has the wink and nod mentality. The Ar vee thing is best left at least 48 hours to sort the BS from the real. Good start though if it’s legit. The Beast has vulnerability is this area. Cough cough.

  6. He who tries to protect everything, protects nothing – Clausewitz.

    Lets say someones, anybodies target here, target there, infrastructure, utilities, the executive
    out-house. Ensure there are no human or critter casualties. Nationwide, random, no pattern, different means. Some, big baddaboom, others, small baddabing. A wack here, a wack there, maybe throw in a few copy cats or wind-ups that may get caught for show and tell.

    Can you say keystone cops? really show how inept they really are. It’s not too hard if you try, even local (cue Dr. Evil laugh)

    The .gov will create the boogie-man du jour donchaknow.

    And a Happy New Year to all. No pushing or shoving, there will be plenty for everyone 🙂

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