5 thoughts on “Kunstler: Clusterfuck Nation – Are You Ready For It?”

  1. I learned not to stand around talking about what a clusterfuck we had going on, a long time ago. I found that it makes you an easy target, and your enemies will be close by listening for some tidbit to harm you with later. Ready? No, we are never ready. We are however, prepared. And one very important prep is flexibility. When something happens, or nothing happens, we move in turn to either, with a measured response. So, you just noticed a clusterfuck. Keep your mouth shut and begin figuring out your response. And remember, all plans will require fine tuning, and an after action report.

  2. Trump’s pardon, 2 days back, of his vastly crooked bro-in-law (((Charles Kushner))) is the sort of thing one gets from a Prez on the way out, not one who is making a serious attempt to spend another 4 years in DC. What we are getting from Trump on the way out is what we got on the way in: performance art with no substance. As to Biden being literally a Chicom agent? I don’t think so….he’s just a cut-rate crook now going senile. And the Chinese have been gloming onto huge chunks of the former America – everything from the Panama Canal to Long Beach harbor – for decades now. On 6 Jan. Pence will do the usual, and on 20 Jan. Biden, that is his Hollywood Jew-lawyer minder (((Doug Emhoff))) will become the actual and effective Prez. Essentially replacing Trump’s Wall Street Jew-minder, son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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