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    1. Mr. Pete, I genuinely pray for you (and all of us) to have a happier new year than last year. Thank you for ALL your hard work, and frustrations, in keeping this site up for us to interact on. You don’t get paid enough.

      1. I for one second this: have read this blog since sometime around 2009 and appreciate all the hard work, time and effort that must go into it – thank you for what you do. All the best in the coming year time – sad that it has all come to where we are and going but the ‘great majority’ has allowed ‘it’ to happen (lazy, unable to think critically and mostly letting others ‘govern’ for them) and to that end for the few out here that have taken the goings on seriously, it should prove to be interesting to say the least.
        Never in my wildest imagination, did I think it might be necessary to shoot other Americans (not hard in Viet Nam given the nature of war) but here we are: buckle up – a real bumpy road ahead.
        Best to all out there of like minded folks – God bless and keep you and yours safe.

    2. What a year. When WordPress pulled their shit with you I was furious. I’ve throughly enjoyed your site for years and learned so much. I wouldn’t be as involved and aware without ya.
      God bless you, God bless your readers, and may God bless the righteous American republic again.

  1. Happy New Year!

    Let’s see if if 2021 goes down in history as strongly as 1776.

  2. Happy New Year…..

    I, and other physicians who are resisting “The Jab”, are currently under intense peer pressure to submit. We are well aware that this will increase. Coercion will rain down from government (too cowardly to overreach just yet and outright mandate it), professional associations, malpractice carriers, and hospital staffs. A friend is an administrator at our state DOH. The state medical officer (head of DOH) has STRONGLY encouraged all DOH employees to accept the Moderna vaccine. Among the 75 employees subordinate to my friend, only 5 (my friend not included) have agreed to comply. Interesting that the head of a state DOH is pushing vaccine that is yet to be FDA approved.

    I’ve done a bit of query into mRNA vaccines, and it is a murky world, indeed. A number of colleagues have taken it and have experiences ranging from no symptoms to two weeks of ongoing illness.

    From the UK…


    If this is true, that the vaccine sequences originally came from China, consider the strategic potential of tactically transfecting genetic malware into your opponents’ genomes, using your own gain-of-function bioterror weapon to justify it. Remember, the Chinese play the long game, and dovetailing hegemonistic hubris with their own established population control agenda and exploiting the depopulationists to help them carry it out globally works rather well for them.

    I have been caring for my oncology patients nonstop for ten months. Aesop is completely correct that this is a real virus, creating loads of sick and dying, and should be taken seriously. He’s also correct that simple things like handwashing, avoiding crowds, and basic hygiene go a long way, as do things like vitamins C and D and zinc. His tales of overwhelmed EDs and ICUs are real, but the survivability of the virus by age stratification and comorbidities is also real. In essence,, both sides of the virus argument on this hallowed page are correct.. While my 79 year old longtime collaborating radiologist is currently fighting for his life on a ventilator after losing a leg to virally-induced thrombosis, the lives of the vast majority around us are not threatened by infection. Even the vaccines haven’t been shown to reduce transmission; only severity and duration of symptoms…the WHO’s chief science officer is on video admitting it.

    What this bioterror attack by the CCP has shown us is the vulnerability of our healthcare system. An effective attack always exposes the cracks in a defense. The USA has among the lowest number of ICU beds per capita in the developed world. As population has increased, bed capacity has remained largely static. You can thank government and things like certificates of need for that, just like you can thank government and its stifling array of regulations and dumbfounding misinformation for thwarting an effective response by our innovators. Most hospitals are certified for more bed capacity than they have open…couple that with a shallow talent pool and sick or quarantined providers so that said bed capacity cannot be staffed and you have a real problem at hand, magnifying the attack’s effect.

    The attack has also clearly demonstrated directly and indirectly, through the election, who the Chinese have bought off, in our system and internationally; just who the traitors, bootlickers and their useful idiots are in government and business….especially the media. The CCP dedicates a fixed percentage of GDP to buy influence with politicians globally. The Bidens are just the tip of the iceberg. Channeling Elaine Chao and her pet turtle, anyone? All it took for Nuke Em Swallwell was a little poontang. Treason and treachery come cheap for some.

    Lastly, as Jim Bovard suggests, one must consider how little so many of our countrymen value their freedom. Dilute that even more with our influx of Third World’s and 3% seems like setting the bar pretty high. That there are not massive protests not only to counter the tyranny of local, state and national governments and hold China accountable for what it’s done is telling, and troubling. Karen seems to rule the day, the modern Gladys Kravitz.

    I’ve said for many years that seven decades of increasingly obvious leftist control of education and indoctrination, wanton materialism and spiritual neglect would deliver what exactly Nikita Khruschev foretold when banging his shoe on table. We are there, fellow proles.
    Sooner or later, I will face the choice if taking the jab or continuing to practice my craft. Communism works that way.. Go forth in the New Year, wash your hands and get ready to hoist the black flag. Godspeed to all.

    1. Roger THAT, Doc! Many thanks for this info.

      Time for all of us to really harden our hearts and minds for the upcoming festivities. I mean like “case harden.” Impenetrable exterior with a soft interior.


    2. Dammit.

      How do you people CONTINUE to fall for this shit?

      It is not the chinks, not the russians, not syria, not iran, not putin.

      If the zog authority and media SAY THE SAME THING THEY ARE BOTH LYING.

      STOP IT. Stop buying the not so neatly packaged narrative.

      It is the synagogue of satan, from the beginning.

      LOOK into fauci’s connections to wuhan, look into charles lieber’s connections – WHO is funding all this? WHO is pushing for it?

      Failure to recognize the enemy amongst us GUARANTEES inability to defend.

      “… We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it…”

      Yet the truth it is.

      May it be recognized and accepted.

  3. Well,the holidays are behind us,and a interesting year is ahead of us.

    I feel we will as a country need a lot of penguins in the coming months,best of luck to all of us.

  4. 2020 was NECESSARY. 2020 demonstrated beyond a doubt what the sociopaths intend for us. Half of US voters believe the election was stolen. There should be no doubt that the actions of the politicians throughout the year showed their hand and contributed greatly to this number of sceptics. “Hearts and minds” and all of that.

    2021 is likely to suck still harder. And as we say here, “embrace the suck”.

  5. 2020 was The Good Old Days.

    Kinda sad to see all the clueless folks get all giddy about the new year. As if the economic devastation, loss of liberty, and totalitarian delusions of omnipotence were caused by the calendar. Or as though anything changed at midnight.

  6. Some of you may remember that infamous poster back in the 1960’s that had 10 things to do in the event of a nuclear attack. Remember the last one? Simply put, ” just bend over & kiss your ass goodbye”!

    The same rules could well apply in 2021, minus the very nasty radioactive aftertaste.

    Happy New Year Infidels & Deplorables. Another 12 months of bullshit is about to be dumped on you.

  7. Happy New Year to the few folks here that actually “get it” the rest of you can FOAD.

    you fat ass dog worshiping losers (scout LOL) know who you are.

    poverty must suck during the final collapse of the murkin empire… but you brought it upon yourselves with your nonsense drinking, sports, and your sacrificial contributions- ie. retarded fat children who are absolutely going to betray ewes…

    enjoy your deaths you sniveling cucks

    1. A couple of more questions for Chief Justice John Roberts:

      (1) You are recorded discussing Justice Scalia’s successor before date of his sudden death. How did you know Scalia was going to die?

      (2) Are you a member of any club or cabal requiring minor children as initiation fee?


      par for the course in the Fusan realm of ahthorehtee..

      in the VA last week there were 6 “vets” in the lobby, tfA-t walked in, used the electronic kiosk, then turned and witnessed the most pathetic slothful, obese, disheveled, unshaven excuses for former murkin fighting men (cough cough) two of which appeared to be my age and ALL wearing masks. of course tfA-t was NOT. i greeted the receptionist then faced these bums, scanned and stared at each one and then in a drill instructors deep voice said “I’m disgusted”. no one even looked up from their stupid phones to acknowledge the fact i just insulted everyone of them.. i looked back at the receptionist and she gave me an understanding grin… my name was called and i walked thru the door to get my labs done. the phlebotomist asked if i had a mask? i replied yeah, a bunch, but they make me agitated and upset so i just don’t don’t wear one, and besides, this is all a scam- all was good… my point being- most veterans i have seen have allowed themselves to turn into unhealthy lumps of shit and won’t stand-up anymore than your average civilian sheeple. i just don’t get it. i’m in better form and shape now at 57 than i was as an 18 year old infantryman- i guess i’m just that awesome. can anyone else say this with absolute confidence?

      tfA-t really is the King.

  8. Into another year with the wife and I both fighting COVID. She has pneumonia in both lungs.
    Interesting days ahead, we’re likely to be missing the good old days of 2019 for a long time. The communists believe that now is the time to achieve their agenda and sweep aside a weakening Not-United States.

  9. Note to self:
    Prepare mentally, physically, spiritually, financially.
    Shoulda, woulda, coulda was never relevant.
    Adapt but limit submission, think long term but live for the day.
    Get right with God, know when you’re justified to act.
    Push your limits, above all with love of neighbor.
    Teach others especially the most weak and vulnerable, probably under your roof.
    Walk the walk.

  10. Happy New Year, CA. I wish all my fellow posters on this site the best. If it turns out the ongoing Wood/Powell/Guliani(sp?) side show is just that, then those of us cynical and jaded preppers will have to decide how when and where we react to the coming “Dark Winter.”
    I still believe the biggest threats to me and mine lie within five miles of our home. We’re as ready as we can be. I hope the events forecasted in the above Kunstler article are spot on. But, hope is not a tactic or strategy. This corrupt, syphilitic, Godless nation still must answer for the murder of over 60 million of its innocent, unborn citizens. As far as Mordor-On-The-Potomac is concerned: Anathema sit. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

    1. Update: At 1439 hours, 01/01/2021 the Internet news is reporting both houses of CONgress overrode Trump’s veto of the NDAA renewal. Business as usual for those traitors. It would appear that 01/06 will be a done deal for Mr. Dementia and The Call-Girl-IN-Chief. That double-minded back-stabbing “Evangelical” rat bastard Pence will stab the Golden Golem in the back. All Trump has left is the Insurrection Act. Does he have the courage to use it? I will not hold my breath. Bleib ubrig.

  11. Thanks for the hard work. WRSA has turned out to be one of the more informative and practically useful sites on the intertubes during this time of societal unhingement, thanks to a healthy disrespect for mainstream blather. Think critically. Be stoic. Happy New Year.

  12. To quote Pete Townsend from “Tommy” (the album, not the movie):

    “Got a feeling ’21
    Is going to be a good year”

    This is not based in naivety – not at all. It’s based on faith supported by the good words of my wife, who said that 2021 would be a good year for me. (That doesn’t mean easy or necessarily enjoyable – yet good. )
    She is wise in such ways, and I trust her words.

    Now to get back to the important work on infrastructure, stocking supplies, acquiring what can be had now that may be unobtainable later, and sharpening the hatchet.

    I’ll see some of y’all on the other side.

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

  13. IF…..SloJoe is nominated, I predict that there will be a great deal of infighting between the Biden and Harris camps. I expect much backstabbing and intrigue and the politicians will eat each other. Congress will devolve into chaos, nothing is going to happen. Pandemonium will reign supreme. Exchange of pleasantries and fisticuffs occur on the floor. Accusations will fly in all directions worse than those directed at Trump. The monkey feces slinging will be magnificent, worthy of live prime time television to replace WWF and the NFL. The media will report the latest celebrity intrigues as breaking news.
    The military will claim that communications are down, orders not received and memos lost. Broken equipment and lack of parts. Ships colliding and aircraft that can’t fly.
    Certain governors, state reps will pronounce and mandate insane measures that everyone will ignore and no one will enforce.
    Government offices will be run by more incompetents and nothing will get done. Quality on products and services will go to shit and worse. More stimulus money will be helicoptered several times during the year. Inflation will have no ceiling and will be a good time to invest in a wheelbarrow. The dollar will lose it’s reserve status. Gold and silver will be valued in corresponding weight in ammo
    A good time to get shit done while everyone else is chasing rumors and innuendos. It will almost be a free-for-all and may evolve into anything goes. A good time will be had by some wiser and daring folks who will take advantage of the situation and no on will know who’s on 1st.
    In other words it will be a year full of opportunities never before realized.
    So I wish a Happy New Year to all you magnificent sumbitches.

    1. …also, thing of open war with China…..THAT should be interesting if not down right dangerous ……….just saying …………….

  14. Merca went full faggot(15yrs ago anyway) and it appears that aint gonna change anytime soon.

    F! It.
    The whole damn thing is corrupt from the very top to the very bottom. Every party everyone of them(all us agencies).

    Personally, i hope Xi, fucks the lot, from top to bottom, coast to coast, North to South.
    That is the only way to Reclaim America.

    Open the Silo’s launch the damn birds, the sooner the better

  15. Filling up a milk crate with containers for molotov cocktails.
    Nothing in the bottles for now.
    All tactics work both ways. No one is coming to save you and YOU are the cavalry.
    The demockcracy smoke and mirrors train has reached the end of the line.
    Plan accordingly.
    Ann Margret? She has left the building but we do have some hawt Stacy Abrams pin ups for the comrades. Shake it baby!

  16. CA,
    Thanks for letting me TRY to get the CWN up and running. It didn’t work out so well but thanks for the opportunity. That experience has led me to learn and work morse code. It was on my bucket list.

    As the country ramps up to even higher tensions and eventually a SPICY HOT time. Remember three things, 1) Give no quarter and ask for none, 2) fight smarter and harder and 3) Don’t lose.

    .Gov battlespace prep begins in MD.

    God Speed to all.

    Grey Ghost

  17. Haven’t worn a face diaper since May or early June, can’t remember. I go to public places all the time. If you can’t violate this retarded “mask mandate” shit how in fucks name do you intend to fight when they come to jab you and your kids? That timeline is RAPIDLY approaching. Take of your fucking mask you coward motherfuckers. Really and truly. I’ve seen people freeze up in bad situations but not on this scale. The majority of our country is standing on the sidewalk watching someone get raped across the street. Wake the fuck up before it’s to late. Hesitation is going to get people killed.

    New normal is a code for assrape. DO YOU WANT TO BE ASSRAPED? Are your kids proud of you cucking to the mask Karens? Find like minded folks and begin associating most riki tik. No one is coming to save you. No one.

    God bless you fucking assholes on this site. I have complete faith that some of you will rack up some scalps in the coming festivities. It warms my heart.

    Was at Bupperts the other day and he recommended some tunes. Wardruna Ragnarok. Very good for morale. If you’re not on Gab you’re uninformed and wrong.

    Thanks CA, Godspeed!

    1. Brother Tom, I want to say, Bravo! You have hit the nail square on the head. 16 penny, 2 hits, sunk like a Jap carrier!

      Fuck yeah, bro!


  18. Since we’re in another civil war, economic and political warfare advice.

    When you watch CNN, and support their sponsors, you’re giving to the enemy.

    When you donate money to the liberally maintained Wikipedia, you’re giving to the enemy.

    When you subscribe to Disney Plus, you’re giving to the enemy.

    When you use the google search engine you’re giving to the enemy.

    When you vote in elections that Democrats are cheating in, and “winning,” you are giving credibility to those elections. Only when we boycott fake elections, and they have close to zero percent of us voting in their sham elections, will that credibility vanish, just like the ‘kill me last’ fake conservative politicians that sided with them in 2020 will vanish.

  19. I keep having 2 thoughts on the new year. Whoever translated the Myan calendar made a mistake 2012-2021. The old saying of “out of the frying pan and into the fire”. I do know we sure do live in INTERESTING times.

  20. Flew from MDW to ATL this afternoon. Cabin was almost entirely filled with diversity.

    Cabin crew had to stop their safety routine to demand that whoever was smoking pot stop immediately.

    Shit you not.

    Flight carried on. Will never make that mistake again.

    It seems to me the chaos is advanced much more than is obvious to most.

  21. All,
    I would like to wish all of you here a better 2021. I know that the odds of that are poor, but maybe a good attitude might bring about some sense of betterment and that might just make for a good day here and there. One can hope.

    Both Parents sick with the ‘rona, mom will probably be ok, dad is in very grave condition. Kind of gives a perspective on things, knowhattamean?

    So, forgive me if I show some animus towards the fuckers that lock us down and stick needles in us, force us to wear panties on our face for the good of the whole, shame us for trying to act like free men, then you fucking get sick anyway. It kicked my ass twice, first when I got it, and then when I figured out that before it made me sick it got to my folks. From me…

    So here is to 2020. laid off, sick as dogs, broke dick everything, and to top it off, commies decide to go for broke. Oh man, I hates me some commies. Fucking pure vile bad evil thoughts hate. From the pit of my stomach hate. The kind of hate that consumes a man, and makes him wish bad things on his foes hate. Hate like if one were to admit to me of being a commie, it would take every fiber of my being to not do it right fucking there hate.

    I mentioned that I hate communists, right?

    Gonna be good hunting from here on out, amigos! I love you fuckers! All y’all. Salt of the earth, all y’all.

    Hold hard. Aim small. Take ten with you. And never forget, Ye are my countrymen!

    And if so inclined, prayers for my folks will not be forgotten. They did not deserve this. GOD Bless all of you. I truly hope that you and your kin prevail!

    CA, thanks for the open comments. I hope to see you again, soon.


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