Advice For The Road To DC

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Strong recommendations:

1) Have proper footwear and clothing to be on foot for the full day; be self-sustaining on food and water as well, knowing that toilets will not be available.

2) Carry paper maps of the area and a compass, or a standalone GPS unit; Google maps requires cell signal, nu?

3) Note the bridge crossings; plan your infil/exfil based on starting outside of the assembly area at the Ellipse – far, far outside.

4) Assume there will not be comms of any sort; you will NOT be able to call for help. Individuals and small teams should consider falling in with folks of like-mind on your approach and departure. Old-school AM/FM transistor radios plus earpieces might also be a good idea.

5) Make sure you have batteries and maybe even a spare data card for your cameras.

6) Heads on swivels; threat level is FRISKY/SPICY, including not only the likely attacks by AntiFa and BLM gangs, but also the ambient bioweapons threat courtesy of Dementia Joe’s Chink boss and their American collaborators.

7) Current WX forecast looks decent; keep an eye there and make changes accordingly.

8. Most importantly, be not afraid. Help each other. Share what you have if you can. We Deplorables only have each other for support and joint effort – from this day to the final victory.

9. Know that each of you are a part of history – the largest gathering of trad Americans in the history of our country. Godspeed to all.

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