AmRRON Comm Level

AmCON-2 as of 20210112-1730hrs Zulu 

Due to multiple major social media and mainstream media services purging President Trump’s accounts and the concerted efforts to silence him, his administration, and his supporters, we are increasing the AmCON to Level-2, indicating an ongoing disruption in conventional communications.

Additionally, there is an evident purge of hundreds of entities and individuals who are being purged and deplatformed for expressing conservative, traditional American, Christian, values and views.  This trend appears to be spreading daily, and sometimes hourly.

Action Items for all patriot-oriented citizens:

  1. Conduct Ops Checks of your equipment. Charge all batteries and check fuel
  2. Search for alternative social media applications (such as *Parler, Instagram, Gab, etc)
  3. Develop non-internet communications plans with your friends and family, such as a phone tree, radio communications plans, etc.
  4. Develop secure email accounts, such as Switzerland based or
  5. Explore anonymous and secure non server based internet communications such as Bitmessage, Confidantmail, Qtox, etc.
  6. If you don’t already, begin using a VPN Service, such as NordVPN
  7. Tune in to the scheduled AmRRON Nets to receive the weekly AIB, and other regularly scheduled net.
  8. Practice using your gear and upgrade your communications capabilities to include receiving (at minimum!) digital ham radio modes.

(On the website here, simply type in ‘Digital’ for numerous tutorials and information.

*Parler is in transition away from its Amazon based server to a more free-speech friendly hosting server.

NOTE:  Any digital mode traffic sent out by AmRRON National will include a file hash which will be posted at and elsewhere for you to authenticate the documents you receive **over the air.

**This is why digital capability is so important.  When sent/received using certain modes and methods, a true and authentic copy of the original traffic can be ensured, and ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks and altering of intended traffic can be minimized or eliminated.

Hash File for the AmRRON Intelligence Brief (AIB-20210112) is:



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