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The IWBA was started by COL Martin Fackler MD who established the Army Wound Ballistics Lab Presidio, California in the 80s and his work caused the complete revaluation of how wounds were viewed by the entire government. The journals were written and distributed about three times a year and they were all scanned for public dissemination.

His work was so appreciated that when the NATO Handbook of Emergency War Surgery was written Fackler wrote the chapter on Missile Caused Wounds.
Google Drive downloads them as a Zip file, which needs an extractor like Winzip, WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Surprised these are still there and the tender hearts at Gurgle haven’t memory-holed the data; there is a motherlode here.

I also recommend three books:

  • Wound Ballistics; Office of the Surgeon General, Dept. Of The Army; First Edition 1962
  • War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Series of Cases, 2003-2007 (Textbooks of Military Medicine)
  • Suture like a Surgeon: A Doctor’s Guide to Surgical Knots and Suturing Techniques used in the Departments of Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Family Medicine

I also recommend Dr. Graverson’s site: https://www.jsomonline.org/index.php


Bill Buppert