From A Reader

Happy New Year…..

I, and other physicians who are resisting “The Jab”, are currently under intense peer pressure to submit. We are well aware that this will increase. Coercion will rain down from government (too cowardly to overreach just yet and outright mandate it), professional associations, malpractice carriers, and hospital staffs. A friend is an administrator at our state DOH. The state medical officer (head of DOH) has STRONGLY encouraged all DOH employees to accept the Moderna vaccine. Among the 75 employees subordinate to my friend, only 5 (my friend not included) have agreed to comply. Interesting that the head of a state DOH is pushing vaccine that is yet to be FDA approved.

I’ve done a bit of query into mRNA vaccines, and it is a murky world, indeed. A number of colleagues have taken it and have experiences ranging from no symptoms to two weeks of ongoing illness.

From the UK…

If this is true, that the vaccine sequences originally came from China, consider the strategic potential of tactically transfecting genetic malware into your opponents’ genomes, using your own gain-of-function bioterror weapon to justify it. Remember, the Chinese play the long game, and dovetailing hegemonistic hubris with their own established population control agenda and exploiting the depopulationists to help them carry it out globally works rather well for them.

I have been caring for my oncology patients nonstop for ten months. Aesop is completely correct that this is a real virus, creating loads of sick and dying, and should be taken seriously. He’s also correct that simple things like handwashing, avoiding crowds, and basic hygiene go a long way, as do things like vitamins C and D and zinc. His tales of overwhelmed EDs and ICUs are real, but the survivability of the virus by age stratification and comorbidities is also real. In essence,, both sides of the virus argument on this hallowed page are correct.. While my 79 year old longtime collaborating radiologist is currently fighting for his life on a ventilator after losing a leg to virally-induced thrombosis, the lives of the vast majority around us are not threatened by infection. Even the vaccines haven’t been shown to reduce transmission; only severity and duration of symptoms…the WHO’s chief science officer is on video admitting it.

What this bioterror attack by the CCP has shown us is the vulnerability of our healthcare system. An effective attack always exposes the cracks in a defense. The USA has among the lowest number of ICU beds per capita in the developed world. As population has increased, bed capacity has remained largely static. You can thank government and things like certificates of need for that, just like you can thank government and its stifling array of regulations and dumbfounding misinformation for thwarting an effective response by our innovators. Most hospitals are certified for more bed capacity than they have open…couple that with a shallow talent pool and sick or quarantined providers so that said bed capacity cannot be staffed and you have a real problem at hand, magnifying the attack’s effect.

The attack has also clearly demonstrated directly and indirectly, through the election, who the Chinese have bought off, in our system and internationally; just who the traitors, bootlickers and their useful idiots are in government and business….especially the media. The CCP dedicates a fixed percentage of GDP to buy influence with politicians globally. The Bidens are just the tip of the iceberg. Channeling Elaine Chao and her pet turtle, anyone? All it took for Nuke Em Swallwell was a little poontang. Treason and treachery come cheap for some.

Lastly, as Jim Bovard suggests, one must consider how little so many of our countrymen value their freedom. Dilute that even more with our influx of Third World’s and 3% seems like setting the bar pretty high. That there are not massive protests not only to counter the tyranny of local, state and national governments and hold China accountable for what it’s done is telling, and troubling. Karen seems to rule the day, the modern Gladys Kravitz.

I’ve said for many years that seven decades of increasingly obvious leftist control of education and indoctrination, wanton materialism and spiritual neglect would deliver what exactly Nikita Khruschev foretold when banging his shoe on table. We are there, fellow proles.

Sooner or later, I will face the choice if taking the jab or continuing to practice my craft. Communism works that way..

Go forth in the New Year, wash your hands and get ready to hoist the black flag. Godspeed to all.