DTG: Rucking Basics – Part I


Money quote:

“…So, PT, as harped on and harped on and harped on and harped on here and many, many other places, is the cornerstone of being able to perform during a WROL/SHTF scenario.  Being in shape BEFORE it occurs elevates the odds of making it through the first big die off exponentially, when compared to those who will succumb to heart attacks, strokes, and other debilitating medical events at the outset due to stress, anxiety, depression, and the inability to cope with ‘what is.’

That’s one reason why many people recommend a steady, incrementally challenging program for fitness no matter the age of the person involved with the result being the person is in the best physical condition possible for their personal profile.

Full stop.  No other reasoning necessary for PT…”

Tempus fugit.