Ukraine 2014

A reader sends:

I guess these have been out for a while, but have only recently been redone with English voice over and subtitles.

The most up-close video of war I’ve ever seen. Because it was obviously shot by participants on the video devices everyone now has (cell phones, cheap digital cameras, etc.)

This seems topical now in two ways. First off, the retard in the White House is sending clear messages to Ukraine that we will support their desire to recover the territory they lost to Russia in 2014. That’s just a crazy thing for them (USA) to be doing.

The Ukrainians fought hard (as you will see in the movie, which is from the Ukrainian point of view) but it was costly. About 10,000 soldiers died in the war – pretty evenly split about 5,000 each to the Russian and Ukraine side. The Ukrainians lost over 300 tanks! This wasn’t a little border dispute, it had major tank battles.

So, for the USA to “help” we would have to send in real US Army mechanized infantry! I guess we did do that in Desert Storm, but the Iraqis famously took off their uniforms and fled rather than fight. The Russians aren’t going to do that in their own backyard.

Another reason to watch it is it pre-figures possible conflict in the USA. The Ukrainians refer to the people they are fighting as insurgents and separatists. So Ukraine was willing to use tanks on their own people to force them to stay in the country. It’s interesting to watch. Ir reminds me of a lot of bullshit sessions over beers with a couple close friends (one a Vietnam vet, the other a retired Major) where we ponder: Which side would the Army be on if Texas (or whichever) decided to split off? Well if they followed the Ukraine model they would throw everything at them. (And Texas et. al don’t have Russia to back stop them.)

Anyway, highly recommended and timely video, gents!