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  1. Codrea has been out for a while with family matters. Hope everything is okay over in OH.

  2. Anyone have experience with IVANTACTICAL,com?

    BCE bought an optic and poasted about it, but coming from another Russia I’m leery of shopping.

    1. Got a comment on the sight from a dude who HIGHLY recommended. Got confirmation emails already from them and tracking Numbers, so I’ll let ya know when I get it and review

      1. Thanks meng, it looks like a sweet scope and far more bang for the buck, hehe.

    2. Ivan is GTG. Takes awhile getting out of customs and through ours. Expect 2 months easy. Never had any problems with them you even get a hand written note and a magnet for your safe.

      Armada in RUS….. No fucking way.

  3. Any more false flag kabuki shootings as part of the NDAA passed by the immaculate Chicago Jesus?
    The scams will continue as dumbed down drooling dullards will fall for anything as they darr and derp over telescreens and communicate via emojis.
    With the new math be racist mantra Idiocracy is going to look like a shangri-la utopia as part of the burn it all down better by any means necessary faculty lounge fifth column choom gang long march.

    1. That’s pretty much de rigueur to support the narrative anymore…if your kid were to get put in the school paper for a suspension, they’d list three names…IMHO, they do it now so much, it’s become meaningless.


  4. Prepare!
    Prepare Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Financially.
    Teach and Preach, being dismissed in the short term will still register with some in the long term. They will remember and may even practice what you preached and then, teach others.
    We all initially dismissed the old folks in the past but eventually came around.
    IF we (now the old folks) stop preaching and teaching, the cycle gets broken.
    Oh and be at peace, it bugs those that are pissy and paranoid.

  5. First time replying here. Not good at it. Just wanted to say, glad I found you folks a while back. I’m learning quite a bit and really enjoy your posts/blogs/articles. Really good stuff. I feel better for it.

      1. Pete,
        it works both ways. If it weren’t for Sipsey St. and WRSA, I wouldn’t have made a lot of the progress I’ve made in the last 15+ years. You have enhanced my self growth immensely, as have all the friends and antagonists I’ve had here for over a decade. Even the worst arguments are lessons.
        My thanks and best wishes to all of you. Sig

  6. Ivantactical has worked out great for me the three times I have bought from them.

  7. Hope all are well. Klownworld intensifies. Normies are about to get mind-fucked again. UFO ‘disclosures’ inbound. BLM sitting on $10 billion war chest for riot season. Wrights former teacher was Floyd’s girlfriend. Some ‘coincidence’. Another three named ‘mass’ shooter. Metals and cryptos ready for blastoff. Taiwan on borrowed time. Russia maybe about to say to hell with it – PR is shot anyway. Grab the remaining sane pieces of Ukraine and militarize the Baltic/pipeline. Exciting stuff.

  8. Thanks for posting link to Mike’s Absolved,tis new to me and a interesting read.

    Hope all as well as can be in this world hell bent on seeing how insane it can get.

    1. James,
      Mike’s blog can be found here: https://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/
      He passed away a couple years back, the last few posts were by his son. There is a great wealth of info there. He and David Codrea broke the ATF’s Gunwalker story that Sharyl Attkisson from CBS picked up. He was also the guy that got the window smashing of Democrat offices ball rolling. I really miss that guy.

      1. Thanks for link Never,did read blog till his son shut it down,am familiar with work on F&F/sending mags to behind enemy lines folks/100 heads insurance t-shirts(never got one dammit!) ect.That said,guess I did not visit enough as never came across absolved or not in it’s entirety.

    2. Too bad that there are several chapters that are NOT available;
      wondering what plot elements are missing due to that fact.

      Almost like trying to read, “Two Hundred Years Together”
      and noticing that 7 key chapters are not available in the
      samizat version…but they’re present in the original Russian
      or German print editions.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Nothing much has changed here locally as usual. We just keep on working towards our goals, always busy. The van project is coming along nicely, I’m working on my skills in welding and brazing (which are terrible) and have begun knife making/forging, it is all very cheap-basically free, just gaining knowledge. Appreciate the rare open thread, WRSA is one of the best sources for information, and more importantly context on the whole interwebz, so thanks CA.

    1. Thanks Walter.

      Glad you and yours are slogging away.

      Have feeling that between 4/19 (FBI Mass Murder Day) and May 1st (Bolshie Genocide celebration), the American Reds will look to run up the score.


  10. So, the ‘usual suspects’ (Anglo/Zionists with the Globalist pedo – Rothschild
    Banksters and THEIR related ilk) are using their owned and controlled ‘enemida’
    and owned “corporate employees” (gov – especially their puppets slo-joe ‘The
    PINOUS*’ and his partner in crime “Willy Brown’s Semen Saver”) to do the jaw-jaw!!
    verbal saber rattling for “War with Russia”, making sure that ‘NATO’ is able and
    ready to continually provoke and goad them into a corner..from which no other
    response IS possible or rational but them actively defending themselves.

    ‘NATO’ is not at all what any of us were indoctrinated to believe…

    Please read this essay from investigative journalist and author, Mike King
    about NATO:

    The NATO War-Making Scam


    NATO is NOT and NEVER was a ‘peace-keeping/defensive organization’.
    Mike shows the proof in the above essay.

    Hope that helps to clear up the created indoctrination and crap-a-ganda
    surrounding it and it’s ‘reason to exist’.

    *PINOUS – pResident In Name Only United States
    (Remember, ALL ‘politics’ is nothing more than a tawdry
    Kabuki Theater created to give people the illusion that they
    have ANY say in how things ‘are run’…George Carlin was
    absolutely right in speaking about this – It’s THEIR ‘BIG CLUB’
    and NONE of us are in it!!)

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. Please pray for Al Liguori as he is recovering from a near fatal bout with Covid.

  12. Sup dudes. Had a great hike between Whitehall and Boulder today. Great time out in the woods-saw three new gold claims

  13. Thanks CA for all the information, links and the work you do at WRSA. I must refresh this site 25 times a day and read every link in it’s entirety. I don’t poast (as BCE would say) much, but have been following about 5 years now. I have only all who contribute to this platform to Thank. Plenty of us here in Delaware County PA I can assure you.

  14. meh. fuckit. burn it all. let it collapse. whatever. let the niggers have it all. stupid honkys got fat and lazy for the most part. Who Dares Wins so sez the SAS. Murikans dont dare for shit anymore. the future belongs to those who fight. not automatically to any so called good guys. the sun sets on all empires. time for it to set on us. hell of a ride. enjoy the decline! gotta go hang with my boomer homies now! they are right! live like its 1957!

  15. Hi to CA and all.
    Pray all is calm, cool and collected and keeping it that way.
    Stay strong, and those with medical hick-ups to heal in due time.

  16. Hello, dear friends. Just checking in. The situation here in Winterfell is pretty much the same. The masks are off, with the exception of the Karen-controlled school districts. Ammo is available. It is being offered at legalized-extortion prices. There is still plenty of product at Costco and the local markets.
    The mood, however, is changing from muted anger to night letters and kick-back acts of defiance. One fat, old female (((Biden-worshipper))) who flies his flag in front of her house had a trash bag of feces dumped on her front lawn. That story took precedence over the usual puff-pieces presented in the Daily Fish Wrap. Other stories are ignored, but the underground knows.
    I have a feeling the other shoe is about to drop soon. Formosa, Ukraine, or the ramping-up of internal false flags will get the sheeple, normies, and cucks running around in tight little circles emitting high-pitched squeaking noises. “The chair is against the wall.” John has a long moustache.” Stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Tried to meet you at your office. The folks there acted as if I were a double agent. Directed me to a young guy but you don’t write like a kid. Our governor is killing us.

  17. CA – have learned a lot from this site over the last several years. Your efforts are greatly appreciated ! Knowledge is power, and and there is PLENTY of power here.
    Thanks and we’ll see you on the other side….

  18. Good to see the postings. In my area of California, the supply loop is getting lopsided. All of the paint stores are experiencing shortages in the quality paints-for both inside and outside the house. Meat is becoming very pricey, even though we seem to have lots of beef on the hoof at the farm level. Gas has gone up, and I am thankful that I no longer make a 4+ hour round trip to work and home again. Tire stores are experiencing shortages, but the veggies of all kinds are very available and affordable. Milk, eggs, and cheese are plentiful. Canned goods on the shelves but coffee, tea, flour, and sugar are sometimes bare shelves. Not everybody is a Dumocrat in Cali and more and more folks are voicing their irritations. Property prices are through the roof. Housing is so restricted in the Bay Area that folks are up at daybreak to persue rentals-and offering $500 a month OVER the asking price. I now live in an area that I could not afford to move into. The stores are overflowing with customers, spending wads of money (credit cards mostly). They can pressure me all they want, and the daily Liars News Spot covers Covid ad nauseam, but I am still free of the poison jab. No thanks Moderna-Johnson & Johnson-Aztra Zeneca, and others. Prayers for those who have been afflicted-just remember that Ivermectin is your friend. It was 81 today, we will see if any utility company can actually supply electricity to run the AC. I won’t hold my breath. If the Russians decide to nuke us, I hope that they have the District of Criminals location. The Kidsniffer and Kneepads are simply too stupid to keep us out of a war. And their minders need to keep the debtbux rolling in. Thanks to WRSA for the honesty, the depth of news, and reality of the world we live in. You are my first read-everyday!

    1. Things have gone nuts in NW Wyoming too with land prices. Over the last several years we have noticed a huge influx of Dixie here, the last year has been Kalifornicators scarfing up every piece of land available. Noticed it too at the grocery store, new folks who just don’t fit in, total city slickers who look a bit lost (guys wearing pink and red tennis shoes, skin tight pants, etc).
      I had foot surgery in Feb, was forced to take a Covid test before surgery, so I took my dose of Ivermectin a few days before and passed, surgery (neuroma) was easy and total success. My sister in N. Idaho had same thing, same time, now she needed shoulder surgery and was flunked on her Coof test last week, no surgery. WTF? She supposedly had Covid in Nov, passed the test in Feb after the Ivermectin (at my insistence) had foot surgery and now tests Pos Covid (and plays along, they’re the experts) . They do whatever they want with us and play selective games at their leisure. It’s only going to get worse as the sheep get more obedient and fall in line. Denial of services is coming for us all.

  19. Anyone have recommendations on best setup for home-brew lowers, i.e. press vs. an inexpensive mill, and what brands you’ve used.

    I’ve watched vids on this and most of it does not give me the warm-fuzzies with regard to technique.

  20. Considering with sincerity Glen Tate’s admonition to move from Blue states to Red states, tout suite. Wisconsin is, as many Midwest states are PURPLE with Blue hives in the cities that dictate legislation, and surrounded by Red rural area such as the one I live in. Our tribe has looked at dirt in Idaho and Montana, but that dirt is fantastically overpriced. Probably NOT overvalued, considering it it the last redoubt in the country.

  21. Thanks so much CA for keeping this running. Have much missed the comments however do understand the time & energy constraints.

    In other news – very interesting that Tucker Carlson Is So Very Close to unloading on the talmudists; they of course have demonstrated WHO holds sway in the skewsmedia. All that is needed is using their own words, against them.

    As others have noted real estate in North Idaho particularly is insanely priced. No end in sight.

    Thanks for your work, much appreciated.

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