Friday Open Thread: 2021 Meatspace Mosh/Allied Fundraiser Events


Point 1: We are being watched, so don’t be foolish. I hate moderating people who know better.

Point 2: We’re fucked, but not defeated. “Fucked” in this case means plans for the peaceful future ahead have to be postponed until peace – i.e., the absence of general fuckwittery and the hammer vigorously applied to specific outbreaks of such things – is actually achieved in one’s AO.

Point 3: While the enemy has already provided the grounds for counter-revolution, Team Freedom does not yet have its act together.

Point 4: Getting one’s act together in a given AO involves people of like mind meeting in meatspace and beginning to take the measure of one’s peers, followed by necessary next steps.

Point 5: The dirty, rotten, murdering Communist bastards who have conquered the former USA intend to murder us as well, so’s best to get right to it – time has not only flown, but is in fact accelerating.




For each Meatspace Mosh event:

  1. A local reader will volunteer to organize the event, including selection of place/date/time, obtaining of necessary permits, and provision meal basics in conjunction with attendees (think family picnic, with everyone bringing something).
  2. As part of each Mosh, a hat will be passed to raise funds for local pro-freedom causes.
  3. State or local parks are recommended, but private land offered by landowners will also work. Restaurants with outdoor facilities can also provide one-stop event support.
  4. Participants (including speakers) should be local, although outsiders (especially in region) are encouraged to attend.


Event planners will be responsible for dissemination of all information pertaining to each event both locally and elsewhere. Volunteers to assist event planners should contact each other through local means.


Event planners will be responsible for all aspects of each event. WRSA will serve as a central point of coordination. Day-of-event comms will be arranged by the event planner to facilitate link-up.


Have at it.

39 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread: 2021 Meatspace Mosh/Allied Fundraiser Events”

    1. Loud and clear.
      Patcons is where the infiltration started..remember them?

        1. It’s not like picking out fedbois is that hard, people. Maybe I should write a “How to Spot a Fedboi” guide that we can distribute beforehand?

        2. Nothing wrong with folks getting together for a BBQ or coffee as long as they don’t discuss MVB’s “Absolved”. That could get fed conspiracy charges brought.

          But this is what has to be done. Few can go “lone wolf” successfully. If you think you’ll just “go grey” and be left alone, you probably haven’t experienced just how much trouble you can get into by minding your own business – yet.

          Remember, Randy Weaver was minding his own business before the feds took an interest in him.

  1. Greetings from the Island

    the VAST majority of murkins don’t even have a clue that the murka has been taken over, furthermore, they wouldn’t care if they did. i had a talk with a former employee who now heads the SHIRE(pharma) Facility in Altanta . he actually said to me “is it so bad that china runs this country?” that’s how fucked the situation is.. additionally, in the last 10 years, i haven’t seen any indication of any new “fighters” At. All. just more dumber, fatter, OLDER, more dependent bags of shit than ever- including the majority of veterans… no. the prudent thing to do is fade back and let things continue to degrade, and cover your own ass. let the masses of fat n stupid get their reward.. when it’s your time to shoot- SHOOT! with any luck you die on your own terms- not the commies. that is about the best any thinking person can hope for. at least I had a good run while it lasted, I can’t complain about any of it. Life was fucking great for me 🙂 and still i$. i’m ABSOLUTELY glad i don’t have any kids or grand kids to be concerned about. that is totally AWESOME! to the ones who do, i’ll leave this shitshow up to ewes to fix, since it was thosepeople who produced this current crew of worthless communist scum… … no worries, ol tfA-t will return after the great culling to mop up the surviving stragglers who will need to be put down “just to be sure”

    1. i’m (sic) ABSOLUTELY glad i don’t have any kids or grand kids….

      That makes two of us.

      Your degeneracy stops with you.

    2. Miss your wisdom, but 300 million was charitable on your part.

  2. 5×5

    I do already have some ideas in place for a DSR midwest/meatspace mosh for the South Central KS area, really for any KS or nearby people to attend. I know a good location, there’s a free range nearby, it’s secluded and quiet. It’s an idea I’d like to pursue, I’ve wanted to do this for a few years, or at least marinated the notion on my brain. Comms to me are kind of spotty right now, E mail is down, sort of, you could DM me on twitter or leave a comment at my blog, recognizing of course that none of these including my e mail are secure in the least. So I suppose any KS people leave a comment if you’re interested, or if you have a better, more organized plan in place. CA I recall a while back the possibility of a DSR Nor Tex being floated anything more on that? Another option or possibility for us here would be a cruise night a la the old street races (no racing of course) aka like some of the Trump cruises with cars/trucks/flags except this would be different in that I of course want to promote the whole TINVOWOOT ‘no one is coming to save you reality, no more hopium we only do Fukitol here. Some comms are already in place via the local amrron net although I realize this only goes so far and doesn’t work for everyone. Perhaps my idea for a meet and cruise could be accomplished in the next couple of weeks, say anyone who reads this and wants to join meet up in the big parking lot behind the QT at Pawnee and Meridian (old village flea mkt.) next Saturday at 7pm CDST? I saw a dude last weekend rolling a Toyota pickup with a big Pirate flag which gave me the idea. He had a PA system on the truck which makes me want to get one for the van. Anyway just some ideas, Meatspace Mosh I like it. I definitely want to be there for one or even host. Not sure a poor like me is the right guy but who else is going to? Thanks CA

  3. Are we really any less infiltrated online already? Get out there and network with like minded folks and don’t be stupid. Anyone who shows up pushing doing anything illegal is a cop. As you said we must press on.

  4. We are being watched, so don’t be foolish.

    Um, we’ve always been ‘watched.’

  5. What can one say except: Alea iacta est. As far my A/O is concerned, Winterfell would be an iffy place to start anything, as there are still way too many fat and happy cucks, sheeple, and normies. I have been able to size up a couple of folks outside of my immediate tribe. Other than that, I just watch, wait, prep, and plan.
    Broken record time: NOTHING will happen until the debt bucks are worthless. The skyrocketing costs of building materials has not stopped anything up here, vis-a-vis new housing construction. The migration from the Blue Hives is continuing unabated. And legions of these traitors are bringing their syphilitic thinking with them. Their targets are the “Public Schools.” They are hitting the bullseyes. Sad that(H/T to my brother, Lineman). Bleib ubrig, my friends.

    1. Public skrewels – those .gov run centers for childhood indoctrination – at least there’ll be another opportunity to vote down in PF – at which point the usual suspects will blame whitey fer bein’ so mean. Really, the only time a vote means something, although the growing mass of supporters
      reduces effectiveness more so these days.

  6. Wife and I are RV’ers so it’s been a significant concern that we are in it alone. Good patriots are so closed off that we can’t even have a beer together without an air of suspicion.
    We are near Columbia, SC for the next several months. All goofy conspiracy shite aside, I would like to meet. It all starts with a handshake.

  7. Flaccid patcons by any other name are still ‘flaccid patcons’, as is MOAR voting and sElections.

      1. Nah, I’ve correctly assessed the strategic reality that exists, as a result of the wholesale failure to tactically deal in reality, especially since 2015 at a minimum.
        Those who are honest know, it goes back wayyyyy further than that.
        A hint: ‘You Wanted Your 1850 Moment?’

        1. Got a write-up on that you’d share?

          Not being a dick; sincerely interested.

          My guess is that we are more in alignment than you would imagine.

          Consider the request, please.

  8. If you plan on acting it’s best to do so alone. One area the Feds are past masters at is infiltrating
    Patriot groups and wreaking havoc….followed by setting people up for manufactured charges and
    staged show trials. Unless you are dealing with someone you have known a LONG TIME….and even that’s no guarantee….the odds are any group you get involved with will have MULTIPLE plants in it.

    1. We do not meet to act together, we do so to share ideas together. Only act with people you met in meatspace first. I will detail this more in my up and coming “how to spot a fedboi” guide.

  9. Figure yourselves considered criminals by the government, already. They may kick in your door at any time. They may already have a warrant issued for you. And the next rookie that pulls you over tries to arrest you. You have few options. None of them offer a future. Submit or resist. Like the man said, liberty or death.

  10. The Gift of “discerning of Spirits” has been helpful in our group from the founding back in the days when Barry and Rahmbo were hitting the bath house every Monday . A small diminutive little gal with autism from a botched abortion attempt on her life takes your hand and looks into your heart. If she starts weeping the Death Angel calls . The Irish are weird like that sometimes . Saint Michael smiles .

  11. I had a job in the 90’s where I interfaced with middle/upper mgmt. for fortune 50 companies. Some of the greatest minds in business at the time.

    I noticed a pattern in those that were the most intelligent:

    1) Define and examine the big picture – macro environment analysis.
    2) Define the critical components and variables that make that big picture work – how things work now – micro environment analysis.
    3) Define and analyze how you want things to work differently/better. Define goals – specifically not generally.
    4) Define and articulate what aspect of the big picture need to be addressed to to meet those goals.
    5) Reexamine the relationship between #1 and #2 to flush out which components/variables that make the big picture need to be addressed. And how.
    6) Develop a strategy to modify the components/variables that need to be addressed to meet the goals.
    7) Share the big picture/desired goals and current situation, and what variables/components need to be addressed, with those who will execute said strategic changes, and ask them for feedback/help/advice for how to achieve the goal and apply the strategic changes (to ensure all those from the top to bottom are on the same page and have ownership).
    8) Coordinate changes of components/variables with #1 in the driver’s seat.
    9) Execute changes, employ the strategy to meet goals and/or changes tweak or reinvent #2.
    10) Examine results, tweak #1 and #2 (if needed) with those in #7. Make changes with the proper expert advice and experience.
    11) Re-execute. Continue steps over and over with the agreed goals driving the process.

    We all may think we agree on most of #1 (there is a bigger spread amongst Trad Real Heritage Americans here than you think), but it should be settled by all involved before going on to step 2.

    And then onto step 3 – the most difficult – which will bring more disparity and need close leadership AND management to keep cohesion, and will be difficult. This is where a well defined step #1 and ownership of all parties makes the difference.

    Then onto the remaining steps.

    1. That’s true for construction, but it works orders of magnitude better when you’re working on the task of deconstruction.

      Detail the single points of failure, then exploit them.

      OPSEC hasn’t improved since “Three can keep a secret, if two are dead.”

      If you would understand the position you’re in, sit down and watch A Man For All Seasons.
      Then take to heart the words: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
      No victory laps; no cock-a-doodle-dooing. Just do it.

      No one in the history of the world has ever stopped nor can stop that.
      And considering that reality scares hell out of Leviathan.

  12. The famous Adam Smith quote dates from 1782.

    “If we go on at this rate, the nation must be ruined.”

    Smith replied: “Be assured, my young friend, that there is a great deal of ruin in a nation” (Adam Smith, Correspondence of Adam Smith, 1977): p 262, note 3, from Sinclair, Corr., i. 390-1).

    So, now we are going to see how much ruin is in our nation. I feel I have some experience with this:

    After the Detroit riots in 1967 some people felt the city was ruined. The destruction was extensive, the vibe was worse. The liberals were sure we could “rebuild it better”.

    But we were only at the first circle of destruction. The 1970s brought the heroin gangs (the Errol Flynn’s on the East Side, Pony Down on the West Side) and the Flynn’s set a template for the even larger, more powerful crack gangs of the 1980s: the Young Boys Inc, the Chambers Brothers. These gangs corrupted the police, up to the chief, who was eventually convicted of embezzeling over $1 million dollars.

    The long time mayor was a nutcase; the sort of quasi black-nationalist Coleman Young who was blatantly racist and greeted the press at one event with “Howdy motherfuckers”.

    The gas crisis came, the car factories closed, the shops that supplied them closed, then the supermarkets closed, the pizza parlors closed, movie theaters long gone. You’ve probably seen the pictures.

    Bankruptcy came in 2013. A lot of elderly city workers would have lost their pensions except for the brilliant negotiating tactic the black leaders of Detroit came up with. They held the world class art collection of the Detroit Institute of Art hostage, threatening to sell it to the highest bidder as part of the bankruptcy resolution.

    Eventually a consortium of the well heeled establishment foundations, led by the Ford Foundation, made a deal to ransom the Art Institute and it’s collection for $600 million. It is now a private entity.

    Banks took a $200 million haircut on a $285 million portfolio of loans. Ouch. (They had signed deals with a more recent mayor, Kwame Kirkpatrick, who is still serving his prison term for embezzlement)

    Bond holders did a bit better: 74 cents on the dollar.

    Is Detroit finally turning around? We’ve all seen the false revivals every decade, like clockwork. There are some signs of life, but any revival will be of a drastically downsized city, which is unlikely to ever equal the splendor that was created in the first 1/2 of the 20th Century. Even the “Fabulous Ruins of Detroit” are gradually being demolished, not necessarily to make room for anything, just to get rid or the dangerous arson-prone eyesores infected with the crack heads and junkies that are the heirs of the city.

    I’m in the Portland, OR area now and I feel like Cassandra: “Yes, it can and will happen here!” When ordinary people, “soccer moms” can’t drive their kids safely from point A to B that’s the end of it. People start to move, then it’s a wave, and soon you have more empty buildings than plausible startups or renters. There is no going back once the wave hits.

    Of course Detroit collapsed as a city in a State and Nation that were not collapsing. Now things are much more dramatic. The States themselves are bankrupt, and FedGov under the Biden Occupation Government will in turn destroy the currency to keep places like Detroit, Chicago and yes, Portland afloat. It’s clearly not sustainable… but still.

    There is a lot of ruin in a nation. I give us roughly 30 years of continuous decline – ala Detroit – and then a bottom-ringing wake-up in the gutter event.

    You know, you see a guy you knew at 25 who took the wrong direction. Finally, he got it together by age 55 and got off crack. His teeth are gone, but he got some decent dentures, the smile is fake but pleasing as long he remembers the polygrip.

    That’s the best case scenario for us circa 2050.

    1. flynns, chambers, young boys – CHECK

      but you forgot the latin counts..

      Eastsider here and a veteran of the 80’s drug wars

      kwame is FREE thanks to Drumpf! and the D is a no go zone for YT

      if i ever get back down there i still wouldn’t venture south of 8 mile

  13. RE: Impromptu Roadblocks

    Best to avoid them, even if it means breaking some traffic rules like illegal U-turn as soon as you see them. The kiddies just want to boost their egos by making people “comply”, if there is no danger to you if you find another route. Don’t get ego-invested in proving you own the streets, or that law and order will prevail. We’re well past this now. Act like you were driving in Lagos or San Salvador. Keep your head down and reverse out at the first sign of serious opposition blockades.

    The idea of driving over them is bad. Terrible. Sure, they probably deserve it, but it’s not about them, it’s about YOU.

    The name to remember is James Fields who is doing double life sentences (State and Fed), + another 441 years for doing *exactly* what some people are suggesting is a good plan. At this point we know for sure that it is not.

    Just because the Portland Police don’t bother to interfere with the BLM/antifa mob setting up roadblocks DOES NOT MEAN they will ignore you if you hit or kill someone with your car. Fields got a jury trial — we’ve all seen what those are worth. Fields had apparently drawn pictures of Nazi’s in junior high, so he got life without parole. What’s in your wallet (er Stasi file).

    Shooting them will probably go even worse. The correct response is to back up, and get the hell out of there.

  14. In the quiet words of the recently deceased (after vax) wRaPpER, DMX:
    “We Right Here”

    Grey man goes “BOO” and that right soon.

    Local, local, local.

    SPORKY is where you live.


    PS- Picked up a true, dual-purpose cycle.
    Easy load on trailer hitch ramp parallel to tailgate.
    Logistics matter.
    Aftermarket gas tank = 200+ miles into innawoods… food for thought.
    Wisco frens, I’m in S.E.

  15. I agree that the three most important words are local, local, local.

    Somewhere I heard that 4th of July celebrations will no longer be allowed.

    So my question to the patriots of this country;


    Well in my small rural community I remember some great get togethers for the 4th. Money was raised to buy fireworks, people got together to watch those fireworks, BBQ’s, etc

    You know what? That is what I will be starting to work on as of tomorrow! There’s plenty of time to make this year’s 4th of July be one to remember.

    Just think; you work with your neighbors to pull this off, a great 4th celebration which could lead to working together in the future on other things that could be even more important to your local community.

    Be very careful when you deal with fireworks; It only takes a spark to start a fire, don’t ya know?

  16. A meet-up in Alaska…Kachemak Bay. Homer area. Homer ring a bell anyone ?
    Sounds dreamy. Would love to put faces to names.
    Just so you know, the spooks can show up anywhere, even Homer.
    But logistics….so far away. It might not even be possible if 14 day quarantine is still in effect.

    But then there’s;

    Halibut fishing
    Silver salmon fishing
    Did I say halibut fishing…

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