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Mr. President of the Republic,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Ministers, Members of Parliament, General Officers, in your ranks and qualities,

We no longer sing the seventh verse of the Marseillaise, known as the “children’s verse”. Yet it is rich in lessons. Let us leave it to him to lavish them on us:

“We will enter the quarry when our elders are no longer there. We will find their dust there, and the traces of their virtues. Much less jealous of surviving them than of sharing their coffin, we will have the sublime pride of avenging them or of following them ”

Our seniors are fighters who deserve to be respected. These are for example the old soldiers whose honor you have trampled on in recent weeks. It is these thousands of servants of France, signatories of a platform of common sense, soldiers who gave their best years to defend our freedom, obeying your orders, to wage your wars or to implement your budget restrictions. , which you soiled while the people of France supported them.

These people who fought against all the enemies of France, you have treated them as factious when their only fault is to love their country and to mourn its visible downfall.

Under these conditions, it is up to us, who have recently entered the career, to enter the arena simply to have the honor of telling the truth.

We are what the newspapers have called “the fire generation”. Men and women, active soldiers, of all armies and of all ranks, of all sensibilities, we love our country. These are our only claims to fame. And if we cannot, by law, express ourselves with our face uncovered, it is just as impossible for us to be silent.

Afghanistan, Mali, the Central African Republic or elsewhere, a number of us have experienced enemy fire. Some have left comrades there. They offered their skin to destroy the Islamism to which you are making concessions on our soil.

Almost all of us have known Operation Sentinel. We saw with our own eyes the abandoned suburbs, the accommodation with delinquency. We have undergone the attempts to instrumentalize several religious communities, for whom France means nothing – nothing but an object of sarcasm, contempt or even hatred.

We marched on July 14th. And this benevolent and diverse crowd, which acclaimed us because we are the emanation of it, we were asked to beware of it for months, by forbidding us to circulate in uniform, by making us potential victims, on a soil that we are nevertheless capable of defending.

Yes, our elders are right about the substance of their text, in its entirety. We see violence in our towns and villages. We see communitarianism taking hold in public space, in public debate. We see hatred for France and its history becoming the norm.

It may not be for the military to say that, you will argue. Quite the contrary: because we are apolitical in our assessments of the situation, it is a professional observation that we deliver. Because this decline, we have seen it in many countries in crisis. It precedes the collapse. It announces chaos and violence, and contrary to what you are asserting here or there, this chaos and this violence will not come from a “military pronunciamento” but from a civil insurrection.

To quibble about the shape of the forum of our elders instead of recognizing the obviousness of their findings, we have to be quite cowardly. To invoke a duty of reserve badly interpreted in order to silence French citizens, one must be very deceitful. To encourage the leading army officers to take a stand and expose themselves, before fiercely sanctioning them as soon as they write anything other than battle stories, you have to be very perverse.

Cowardice, deceit, perversion: such is not our vision of the hierarchy.
On the contrary, the army is, par excellence, the place where we speak truthfully to each other because we commit our lives. It is this confidence in the military institution that we call for.

Yes, if a civil war breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil, because it will be asked to. It is even the definition of civil war. No one can want such a terrible situation, our elders no more than us, but yes, again, civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well.

The cry of alarm from our Elders finally refers to more distant echoes. Our elders are the resistance fighters of 1940, whom people like you very often treated as factious, and who continued the fight while the legalists, transfixed with fear, were already betting on concessions with evil to limit the damage. ; these are the hairy 14, who died for a few meters of land, while you abandon, without reacting, entire districts of our country to the law of the strongest; they are all the dead, famous or anonymous, fallen at the front or after a lifetime of service.

All our elders, those who made our country what it is, who designed its territory, defended its culture, gave or received orders in its language, did they fight for you to let France become a failed state? , who replaces his increasingly obvious sovereign powerlessness with a brutal tyranny against those of his servants who still want to warn him?

Take action, ladies and gentlemen. This time, it is not about custom emotion, ready-made formulas or media coverage. It is not a question of extending your mandates or conquering others. It is about the survival of our country, of your country.

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