From An American: Captain Isaac Davis Faces The Storm


I recently set my wheels on the road for a trip through the Communist North East.  

I wanted to see some of these things while travel was still possible and before the Vaxstappo begins asking for your papers to allow you to travel between states.  

One of these stops was in Boston.  Specifically, to see the North Bridge and the Isaac Davis statue.

Sometimes you just get the feeling of how small you are in the moment.  

The visit to the North Bridge was one of those moments for me.  

I could say a whole lot about the pictures.  And I’d spoilt them.  Providence put me there at what I consider to be an amazing moment or two in time.  I know what it meant to me and I’m not telling.  

Every American owes it to Captain Davis to visit at least one time in their lives.  You may not have as powerful a moment as I did, but you owe it to him just the same. 

Real men take up arms when gun grabbers come out.  Why?  Because as we saw in Lexington-just down the road, it’s never just about the guns for the gun grabbers.  They’ll tell you that taking the guns will be sufficient to keep the peace.  Invariably-you’ll find out after the fact that it’s never sufficient to satisfy the beast.

A part of me thought that these were GREAT shots that could be copyrighted and such. 

I’m not going to do that.  I didn’t make the clouds.  I don’t own Isaac Davis.  If anything, I owe him.  

Again, you’ll make your own meaning.  You know how I think, so I don’t need to tell you what’s on my mind.  

WWIDD?  What would Issac Davis Do?