Codevilla: Regime vs. “Regime”

H/t to MB for the latest Codevilla piece:

The strategic problem that the Professor whistles past is simple:

OK, Prof, the trad Americans have now realized, by the force of your arguments, all that you asked here:

Now what?

How – in detail – does one, as you close, “deny [the enemies’] legitimacy, and rebuild the republic amongst those of us who love it”?

The reality is that Maoists own all three branches (four, if you count, as you should, the administrative branch), plus the media, plus the education/indoctrination system, plus the churches, plus the US .mil officer class, plus much of what passes for industry in FUSA2021.

The Dead Elephants have Rinsed Penis:

plus some real-estate guy from NYC who, after having a Presidential re-election blatantly stolen from him and then giving up, now has a good shot at an orange jumpsuit, as Mike explains here:

Burn this harsh reality into your mind if you want to live: