34 thoughts on “Open Thread: What Surplus Stores Are Helping You Finish Your Gear Inventories?”

  1. https://colemans.com/ LOTS of British multicam pouches and gear for short $$$. I now have a squad sized element worth of modular gear from there, as well as odd fiddly-bits that you can’t find in other A.O.s.

    “Regular” surplus stores are, for the most part a ripoff. The local store here are complete scam artists.

    1. Very cool. Thanks.

      BTW, do you have on your blog an “armorer’s perspective” on the shit (e.g., buffer springs, etc.) that needs to be replaced (and then resupplied to inventory) to keep both the AR and AK platforms good to go for SPORKY times?

      I can’t be the only one thinking about PMCS while we still can…

        1. keepshooting has always treated me well and their prices have been fair. And they show the actual metric clothing sizes vs S-XL. I wear a 180/104 smock, not some generic size short and wide L.
          swisslink and colemans can get outrageously expensive, they think this shit is collector material instead of surplus. and the fact they paid pennies on the dollar for it shows their greed (check out their field phone prices, you used to get 2/$40).

          Berg, fuck the Nalgene (another over rated expensive product for the tree hugger crowd), put a used Gatorade bottle in instead, I’ve been backpacking for years with 2 Gatorade bottles I fill with my filtered water (one size actually threads into my water filter and they last a very long time). People have to go and buy expensive hiking bottles while they throw away the Gatorade ones, the hardcore backpackers use the real thin plastic bottles and replace when needed. A 28 oz PowerAde fits perfect in the Brit canteen pouch, the Gatorade is a bit tight.

    2. The British and Dutch MOLLE stuff is all top-tier. I bought quite a few of those and put together several mini-kits, basically a pistol belt, a single double mag pouch, and a utility pouch that fits a Nalgene, to hand out to neighbors that ain’t got nothing. It’s dirt cheap, too.
      Another score is getting the US issued six-mag bandoleer, putting four mags and a trauma kit in it. Makes a handy little kit.

      CA, for spare parts, I’ve got extra buffer springs, bolts, bolt carrier groups, bolt repair kits, triggers, lower parts kits, barrels, gas tubes, gas blocks…
      Heck probably 3-4 complete rifles worth of stuff.

    3. Big,thanks for site,I see a lot of stuff on my want/need list,will spend a lot so thanks…….,uh,I guess!

      When saw vehicles and low mile diesel blazers from 80’s was very psyched,then saw sold out,dammit!

  2. Sportsman’s Guide-Military Surplus Catalog has a lot of little goodies to round out my grab-and-go; if something should go bump in the night. However, when I look at the Amerikan house-of-cards economy, I am still putting a lot of debt bucks into food staples, first aid and hygiene supplies, and solar devices. These are still plentiful here in Winterfell.
    Folks up here are still crying the blues about ammo. Nine millimeter cartridges are still going between fifty to seventy cents a round, when you can find it. Twenty-two long rifle is non-existent. Local gun shows are full of scalpers and con artists, selling the gullible 9X18 as 9X19. Black Sheep Sporting Goods in SFO-by-the-lake(Coeur d’Alene) has loads of buckshot.
    And in other news, the sheeple are still out repeating human conduct: “…as in the days of Noah”- H/T to the Gospel of Matthew. The more I see the denial and stupidity of my neighbors, the more I indoctrinate my small tribe on the mortal dangers so close to our home. Stay safe and vigilant, my brothers and sisters. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Yeah brother, we see that here too. I’ve been buying .224 Valkyrie, because it’s on the shelf and relatively cheap at 75 cents a round. Figure I can sell or trade it later, or if things get back to *NoRmAl* I’ll buy a barrel and make a new rifle for it.
      Glad I bought as much ammunition as I did over the last five years, though I wish it was more.

    2. Amen to Sportsman’s Guide. Great source for surplus goodies.

  3. just want to thank Pete and everyone who ever contributed their knowledge base to the site- Mosby, Buppert, and many others had some top shelf shit… tfA-t was always a heartless killing machine he just needed to get back to basics after a long long time of partaking in the finer things in life.. anywaze, been a great learning experience and can’t wait to see the fireworks what ever they may be. especially, Project: Bluebook’s “alien invasion” which should entirely fuck the minds of “believers” of every stripe.. the wise will pay no attention and keep their focus on eliminating targets of opportunity and disrupting the enemies operations.

    at this point, tfA-t has secured every damn thing that he ever thought he needed- it’s getting pretty fucking ridiculous around here these days… as for last minute preps, been topping off the goodwill and friendships with the people around me(vax’d or not) and updating files of known traitors and general assholes who need some kinetic correcting..

    tfA-t will not be denied

    kill everything remotely communist/zombie – tfA-t


    1. Me and some others were just talking about you. Glad you’re still out there!

    2. * Project Blue Beam


      What Is Project Blue Beam?

      According to Serge Monast, the four-step project designed by NASA and the United Nations would allow these organizations to accomplish what he believed to be their ultimate goal of creating a New Age Religion led by the Antichrist in order to start a New World Order dictatorship.


      1. Well, as always, covid has shown us people will believe anything. You and I first called out the BS from the minute it started as a psyop from the USA, still looks like we started it after all. Fauci and Gates took it to China, turned it loose and now we want war with China for the plandemic. And the masses went along with it, just hope all their kids don’t get drafted to feed the meat grinder.

        Some of us will always be like George Carlin, don’t believe a fuk’n thing from anybody because we figured out we’d been lied to about everything anyway.

        And then we have the folks who still support the cops and think the form letter they got from their congresscritter is the real deal, he still likes me. Selling folks religion is easy, if they don’t like one brand, there’s a hundred more to choose from. And eventually they find one that fits, even if it involves some gov’t help in the form of AI and special effects.

        I don’t think the masses will ever wake up, they’re herd critters by design, and need someone to lead them around and tell them what to do. Just look around you at all the people who have to hire consultants to do their thinking for them, for even the simplest task. The cattle are too dumb to figure a way out of the corral on their own. And as such, will remain cattle.

        Good luck tfA-t. You’re still one of the wild ones.

    3. horry chit, tfAt- you ol’ crazy annoying and sometimes correct motherfucker… Lineman and I were talking just yesterday about you, and whether you were still alive, and around – and still had your scalp, ha ha. Long time, brother; take care and watch your six. It is a bit of comfort to know some of us who’ve been around hereabouts for a long while are still around.

    4. t fat!!! you my nigga! great to see you on here again! best of luck up there! JPT

  4. wephaus.com for hard to find euro stuff, been reliable
    adams ordnance https://aoarmysurplus.com/ have to call, his site sucks, met at a trade show, good guy
    majors surplus https://majorsurplus.com/ out of Kali i think, 3outof5 stars for price and service
    on ebay, reliable sellers: tacticaltraders, vandrl, thunderheadoutfitters, bradleysmilitarysurplus, madoo7max

  5. Everyone has stated my go to ones.

    I will throw in Charlie’s Surplus (if he’s still open) and the Army Navy Store. Oh, and American Science and Surplus has some mil stuff but a lot of other stuff.

    1. CharliesSurplus fraudulently sold me 2 Chinese copies of the US Molle sleep system. I hope he died.

  6. Then again, now that some garage sales/estate sales/flea makets etc., are beginning to
    spring up again (in some places), time to look around.

    Stomach In – Chin Up

    Hey, have any of you noticed how many people have lost their chins by
    wearing those masks? Freakin’ weird 🙂

  7. Yep my go to is Colemans too. Over the years I have spent a fair amount of cash there. Cots, stretchers, bed pans, urinals, SS mess trays, gear, gear, and more gear. The stuff that is hokie I send back. But they get some cool European military clothing that one would trade for while overseas and training or deployed with others. Lots of the stuff is NOS too.


    1. yeh Cavguy its my go to too , fast shipping and most of the milstuff is more expensive than others , but mostly its new old stock in great condition , they were the last to have Polish Lavuu tents in the US , old school canvas poncho pyramid tents ! in Brand spanking new unissued condition! they went fast . I also have ordered from Military Mart in the UK they ship Fedx and you get your order in less than a week full tracking too, I think I bought the last swedish M40 stainless steel mess kit in the UK from them in new condition. The Advantage of ordering From Colmans is I can get my order in 3 Days. They are only 1 state away.

      You know things are in terminal phase when T-Fat gets serious , bad things are coming and you should look at those links he posted about “Project BlueBeam ” the PTB had this plan in the 1960’s if the Vietnam war protests got out of hand , thats how they we going to handle it. All the hype lately in the (Ministry of propaganda ) I mean the MSNM points to this as a probability. This is my fear this is going to be their new Covid go to. Expect anything .

      On the custom Gear front check out Centerline Systems reasonable gear for everyday use , guy is a vet and former contractor his gear is durable and just works ! highly recommended .
      Fast and light in interesting times, and avoid crowds.

      Well its time to sharpen the Randall .

      Good luck guys , fortune favors the prepared .
      Rig for Red.


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