One thought on “EMP/CME: Some Protective Measures”

  1. Just remember that if an EMP or a HEMP is set off, it won’t just be a one time attack.
    The attack will be done over and over and over again,over a period of time-,days,weeks, months,in order to defeat whatever equipment protections you have prepared for.
    You will need MULTIPLES of your electrical and electronic equipment stored in Faraday cages for long-term use,because subsequent and ongoing EMPs will destroy equipment that you have opened up and taken out to use.
    If for example you have 4 cheap handheld radios for communications you better go out and buy 20 more of them because you are going to need them.
    Same for generators,L.E.D. flashlights,radios, solar cells,etc.,etc.,etc.

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