3 thoughts on “The Future Of Floydism”

  1. Clownworld.

    Chauvin is a shitbag, fuck him.

    So was St. Floyd.
    So were the other shitbag kops watching.

    That situation could have focused on post 9/11 popo training, re: us vs. them, militarization, etc. etc. etc. THAT would have been useful conversation, imagine even beneficial.

    Instead WE let the race baiters take the narrative so we only lost in a way…..again.

    Just to get out in front of the copsuckers AND the haters let me clarify my thoughts/reasoning

    It’s really simple,

    If WE are giving certain folks the ability to shoot and kill people with nothing more than “officer safety” “resisting” whatever.. we have to have controls to limit shitty humans killing citizens. And some police are shitty humans. I am good friends with a couple of feds, several staties, 2 sherriffs and numerous deputies, so I am a long way from a cop hater or sucker. And I’ve had this conversation with every one of them. And they agree believe it or not.

    The issue is imho, people are fucking stupid and swing the needle all the way one direction or the other. And that is a problem.

    Considering that the end game is to federalize all police, hence all this BS narrative. That will destroy our culture.

    But we have done nada to fix it, yet.

    Hopefully it comes around, but the one point I’ve made with the guys I know and shoot with that pisses them off is this.

    The BEST way to fix the bad cop problem is for each dept. to filter and screen AND take out the trash on their own as civilians cannot do it. They have to own it and repair it.

    Just my $1.50 on the matter, fire at will boys.

  2. Our loyal opposition could not have found a better anti-christ, except if they were able to convince people that a standing tall pile of shit was worthy of our adoration. Witness the latest shooting at the “square” of this dead drug addicts altar in Minneapolis, while the cameras were rolling for a media homage to the same dead drug addict. While a nation is run by brain-dead Marxists and looters, you’d have to expect the people they canonize will be savages, animals, and the lowest forms of life. Remember, the object of communist propaganda is humiliation, not to convince or persuade.

  3. I’m one of those throwback Roman Catholics. I know God Almighty IS, has been, and always will be. In my belief system all that we’re witnessing today has been prophesied and foretold in both Old & New Testaments. George Floyd was/is a demon elevated to hero status put forth by Satan to mock the people of America. Currently the people of Brazil are being mocked by Satan by having “Vaccine Saves” projected onto the giant statue of Jesus Christ which stands atop and towers over Rio De Janeiro. This is the time appointed The Evil One. He currently rules Earth and will continue to do so until The Lord God decides his time is finished. I too have an appointed time. As do all that read this.
    Saint Michael Be My Shield In Battle. In Jesus Christ’s Name I Pray.

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