5 thoughts on “Wilder: The Left – Scarier Than You Think”

  1. Their day they fear will come, they think they are untouchable, their day will come…

    1. From here on, their days can become measured in their own exponential fears.

      Each day as the evil-doers continue their insanity through criminal, tyrannical actions, there are more and more people who have changed their views on what is and what is not acceptable. The insular bubble that has protected the evil-doers in the past is eroding. Soon, it will disintegrate. Those who were once trusted, or assumed to be comrades-in-cause, will turn on the evil-doers. Will it be the domino-effect as they are offered-up one-after-another as godless sacrifices? Or will it be more of a series of lone wolf strategies? Used to be that the evil-doers only feared Epstein, the Clintons, and the grand blackmailer, Obama. As the evil-doers continue to push intentional chaos and destruction on Americans, the backlash could get up-close-and-personal. The pain of tyrannical destruction won’t escape those in their ‘working circle.’ Won’t be long before they might be need to worrying about their chefs, their chauffeur, the waiters, their security guards, housekeepers, neighbors, the gardeners, the friends.

  2. I have encountered some of the lefts’ more violent people, albeit from the sidelines, here in Texas. Don’t forget your Sun-Tzu. You MUST know your enemy as well as yourself. Figuring they are a bunch of soy-bois is going to be a fatal mistake. Think Zulu Dawn with the Zulus armed with modern by todays standard weapons. Different feeling now, eh? It is well known that they do not attack in ones or twos or threes, but fifty or more at a time. Numbers boosts their mobs confidence, as well as their effectiveness. It also instills terror in any observers or survivors. It would do well to organize. What will your little 3-5 man patrol do when it encounters a 30-60 man group like that?

    1. What will your little 3-5 man patrol do when it encounters a 30-60 man group like that?

      ah, move the selector switch to semi, squeeze trigger and that little 3-5 man group will cut that mob down in shreds for $1000. Alex?

      30 round mags x 3-5 is a whole lot of love headed outbound…

      tfA-t will have his 300 million murkin KIA as sure as the sun rises in the east 🙂

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