6 thoughts on “ZG Sends: Thank You For Your Service”

    1. I do have to resect the opinion of a man with a 78 page rap sheet.

  1. Try to do a search for this guys name, Layau Eulizier, and see if you can find anything. I can’t find shit on this guy so something stinks. Is this his real name? He is supposedly an Air Force veteran but I think this guy is a plant. Can find nothing on him.

  2. We cannot fix the bad cop vs good cop situation. Neither can .gov. only the police can fix it. By getting rid of the bad cops and courts punishing them. Until then, the beatings will continue. And I do not see this idea being discussed anywhere. And yes, cops are like everyone else, some good and some bad. I know quite a few of them. I don’t like them all. But a few are good men….who agree with my premise. Nobody wants to live in a country with zero police or laws. Nor do they want to live in a country with totalitarian police. Hopefully the police step up and take out the trash.

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