6 thoughts on “Vaxx Madness”

  1. “Who is at risk, the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?”
    “Obviously, the unvaccinated.”
    “So then, if you are vaccinated, and I am not, you are not at risk. So why can’t I come over?”
    “Because you’re unvaccinated.”
    “So then you are at risk?”
    “No, I have the vaccine.”
    It’s not about the vaccine.

  2. “ Some day this COVID nightmare will fade into history and no longer threaten anyone.”

    No, No it won’t.
    Not unless, ALL have bowed.
    Who will bow, and how will you justify it to yourself.

    This isn’t personal, it’s just a “too all” open ended question you should ask yourself.

    They will apply preasure(NUDGE) …
    By any means. That much is obvious.

    And even then…why should they give up that Power?

    It’ll be a few years till the killing starts but they WILL eventually, to deal with people like me and mine.
    It’ll be a fast outright death, BANG, or a slow deliberate torture shut off from the world
    Shit even my wife says no, and she is a reasonable person.


    They Politicized amd Lied threw there teeth about this crap and for that…

    I will never Forgive.
    Or Forget.
    NEVER! They have destroyed a Nation!

    They can take it all, money, job, ability to travel by any mode, shop, doctors, life… but when they come for the person…

    Wind boys, Elevation is elementary.
    Head or Pelvic

    Got Cache?
    Can your ….folks figure out the Code?
    The Grid Square?
    Can you hold your Azimuth in thick brush?

    The older I get, the easier the Acceptence has become.

  3. The son in law is cut from the same self assured, self impressed, self worshiping BS as every other Elite. Sad. Doctors are not God(s), although they would like to be. Hope the daughter wakes up & realizes she is married to a narcissist of the first order.

  4. This situation is a verification of your judgement.

    Have you been surprised by people in your circle? Have you realized you didn’t really know.. the people in your circle?

    This has made the screening process rather easy, for those who see where this is headed, and are paying attention.

    Tick tock

  5. My heart goes out to you, our grandson is 3 and being withheld from us. And it sounds like they’re operating under a totally different understanding of basic fundamentals in both cases. How can anything be settled without agreeing water is wet?

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