Faction Prequel Update

Hi CA,

The (first) Faction prequel will go to my proofreaders in August, and will be published in late 2021. I am speaking with an artist about painting the cover – think Frazetta-inspired cover in the 60s-80s pulp/action novel vibe, but set during the Spanish Civil War.

Subject: Josef Shea’s entre into the biz via a journalism cover.

Primary focus: Spanish political and ethnic factions and the true history of the war, foundational, meatspace organizing and intelligence, very small unit operations, traditional scouting and patrolling fundamentals, especially at night, offensive grenade design, and 1930s era inter-war weaponry, with a heavy emphasis on the American commercial weapons that would have been better than many military-industrial complex solutions during WWII (and are presently available to you, the reader, in The Burning Twenties).

Thanks, as always, for your support and promotion, brother! We’re going to win.

– Karl Dahl