It Came From Science Fiction

body snatchers

As a kid I was fascinated with other-worldly tales, but the first one to really scare me was “The Pedestrian”, 1951, by Ray Bradbury—the story of a guy out walking at night, stopped by an unmanned police vehicle wanting to know why he was not at home watching his ‘viewing screen’. Bradbury had it all right, even driverless cars, and most of all, an understanding that life functions around oppressive control by an elite.

If we view present circumstances as ‘science fiction’, what is the plot for this story? Instigators for the ‘great reset’ (Make Back Better) include well-known Malthusians (who want most of us dead), advocating precipitous actions to reduce global population—now.

We know who these people are—those same ones who devastated Libya, the Middle East, Venezuela, Ukraine. Well-meaning serial killers, who after their first 20,000 murders, seem able to take it in stride—and to set their plan in motion. Just as the Mongols would build a timber wall around existing fortification walls of a city under attack, isolating the inhabitants in terror, the ‘resetters’ took it upon themselves to isolate the world population by raising a ‘wall of fear’ for a virus that amounted to no more than a bad flu.

Using masks that do no good and issuing stay at home orders that kept people indoors (scientists knew we were safer outdoors), commanding obedience for the ‘efficient cause’ of their plan, gene therapy, disguised as vaccines—gene therapy that in previous SARS trials was known to cause blood clots.

An interesting plot twist, because why would a gene-therapy, known to cause blood clots, be rushed to market?

Why would toxicology study protocol, always done before human trials, be abandoned? And why would a ‘vaccine’ with only emergency-use status be promoted as ‘safe’ (an obvious lie), and offered to pregnant woman and children?

In terms of sci-fi population reduction, pregnant women and children would be two important categories.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we have been lied to about the facts of science, suppressed by a coordinated effort on the part of government and WHO/CDC, since 2019. Even now, with their diabolical spokesperson, Fauci, thoroughly discredited, he remains in power while a ‘whitewash’ job is done to resurrect him.

What Bradbury didn’t have was the idea of digital vaccine passports, which are the truly necessary element to this narrative because, from a digital data center, the elite would be able to make us marionettes dance at will.

They are already promoting and bringing out booster shots to deal with viral variants. But the variants are 99.7 similar to Covid 19, making boosters totally unnecessary to mount an immune response.

We are told this is a novel virus. This is not a novel virus—60% similar to the ‘com-mon cold’ and 80% similar to earlier SARS viruses, meaning a great many persons have strong immunity against it—natural immunity, which gets compromised by the ‘jabs’.

Without testing for naturally-occurring antibodies resulting from fighting off earlier viruses, healthy persons are ‘jabbed’ and stripped of natural ability to mount a defense.

Let me reiterate—I write fiction—and this is an exercise in science fiction.

But why, in dealing with this virus are we cajoled into injections that are not vaccines and are unable to eradicate the virus?

Why did they only deal with the part that is the spike protein and not the whole virus?

Going after one aspect, the spike protein, gives the virus time to devise a way around that little wall they put up—extended the life and times of a virus which would have passed through much more quickly if it had been left alone.

From a Bradbury perspective, what is the plot now? Booster shots are not vaccines so what is it about booster shots that could change reality on the cellular level?

Vaccine passports would change cellular reality, but because we have a Bill of Rights. we are the nation who can stop it. Canada and Britain, in fact the entire EU, have no guaranteed rights—they do what they are told.

Given that the viral response is a bunch of tyrannical crap (even without sci-fi), built on lies and PR, we had better use our rights.

If we do not step-up and we get vaccine passports, what then?

As with digitally lock-downed currency, the elite would gain total control.

As political, medical and economic screws tighten, as with taxes, it only gets worse. At first, without your booster appearing on your phone, you don’t fly, then it changes—you can’t get gas or a quart of milk.That’s the good scenario. Since our friends on high can rationalize the murders of 20,000, what happens when they see the need to kill-off another 5 or 6 billion?

No worries—you’re strong and healthy—not one of those ‘dribblers’ with brain clots. You get assigned to a burial detail that spans the globe. One of the fortunates with job security.

Suppose the only persons subsidized are those willing to be chipped. Or worse than that, one of the boosters has the chip (they fail to mention) in it because tyrannical Malthusians differ from others—being up to the task—doing what has to be done.

Is this fiction? The elite know this virus is not acutely lethal yet they spent a fortune promoting fear, while keeping actual facts to themselves in a disinformation campaign.

For the elite to prevail, the gullible need be enlisted as shills, giving the elite ‘immunity’ from the herd. With the virus, if they can get enough of us ‘jabbed’, the rest can be corralled into an ignominious grouping—’anti-vaxxers’—where name calling is all that’s needed.

No matter that you willingly took vaccines for polio and smallpox, you are an anti-vaxxer—one who refuses to acquiesce to dictated, inevitable, cellular data-dumps.

Is this article science fiction?

Do we give the elite the benefit of simply being stupid, taking us forward, technologically, to place from which we cannot get back—where one can never un-vaccinate and may never be free from hideous illness that persists?

Are the elite simply morons who didn’t realize what they were doing? If the answer is yes, is the suppression of gold, the stripping of American rights, and the destruction of our economy, just bad planning by morons.

Or does Ray Bradbury see it otherwise?

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