Open Thread: Supply Chain Issues, Local Food Conditions, And Related Logistics Stuff

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From a reader:

Just went to the grocery store to top up food preps. Still seeing unexplainable shortages.

Bottled water was largely gone. The soups had decent variety but didn’t seem to be anywhere near fully stocked. Some pastas seemed to be a bit limited as well. Generally, with the exception of water, things weren’t out, but just seemed low to me. And I got the last bit of rice based gluten free pasta that they had so it’s now out as well.

Have at it.

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    1. 5X5. Food stuff still fairly available in podunk here. Ammo and weapons still sky high $$ or out. It’s the stupid stuff that’s taking 3X’s as long to order and receive. A decade + of building all stocks and stacking has made it easier to deal with.

    2. Roger. NYC Oblast. No shortage of any necessities except sanity. Had to get workers, certain vehicles.

    3. Yo! Great Lakes Region here–bottled water supply ok–BUT price is sky high. Used to be $2.50 a case, now same case $3.50-$7.00. Plenty of rice, sugar, flour, wheat in 25 lb sacks at COSTCO priced right. Crowds here seem to be buying the gourmet stuff and neglecting basics –THAT will bite them in the arse big time when fun times start.

      Wally World, Meijers, Kroger, all big boxes HAVE grub, but 15-25% increases over last year. Semis OTR running fairly normally here–same with RRY deliveries.

      Ammo? HAH! a box of 50 smoky LRN Remmy 40gr .22LR–I used to buy for .99–now “on sale” for $10, with price listed as $15. Insanity. Same with most bottle-neck rifle rounds and handgun as well (but, 9mm 115gr at 50 cents each.) Powder coming down in price, primers evaporated long ago, plenty ‘o brass handy.

      Folks fleeing the blue hive cities–paying stratospehric prices for a new home out here in “Ruraltania.” Two modest homes down the road–worth mebbe $200-$250K per, BOTH sold for $420+K in bidding wars. wtf? Next county realty appraisal for new tax base here will kill me with this BS.

      Gasoline at less than $3/gal here at COSTCO. Vehicles? Freaking ave pickup trucks, little bit ‘o options, V8, towing package, bling-bling–out the door north of $75k. More insanity–dealers cannot keep these beasts in stock. Retired buddies ‘o mine hired to drive to other states (1,000 mi away) to pick up trucks/cars they have to sell here. All financed looong term.

      90% of my neighbors here clueless as to future. No food, no weapons, no comms, no first aid stuff–hopeless. Gonna primp my place up, sell it, move further out and live among ‘like kind’ ASAP. That is all.

      1. North Georgia here, staples mostly in stock, ammo at gun stores returning but still pricey. One anecdote from wally world, they get 8-10 boxes of 325ct remington .22 LR @ 18.99 weekly. i’ve managed to be lucky enough to come across them 4 times in the last couple of months.

    4. Local Sams and Kroger well stocked, aside from fresh chicken, while there, not much left or selection. Could have been an off moment just after the weekend. Went today to top off. Otherwise very well stocked. Poop paper on pallets 10 feet high. Plenty of most everything.
      What ammo exists is overpriced, except for Cabelas when its in. About normal pricing with a skew high on 9mm.
      Lots of movement of peeps, normal restaurant parking lot capacity, grocery store busy on the usual days. Movie theaters starting to uptick. HomeDepot always hopping. Very few masks, oddly i always see the fat people and immigrants wearing them the most. Hispanics.

      Midwest area i-65 corridor.

    5. picked up 200lbs of beans at the local restaurant supply in vantucky. They and costco seemed to have a lot on their shelves.

      Home Depot was out of homer buckets and one of the workers in the paint area said he had just checked and most of the local HD’s were out as well. Was able to order online – their site claims delivery to store will be this Friday, so that might have just been a local JIT blip.


  1. Bottled water was largely gone.

    Not so in my A.O.

    The soups had decent variety but didn’t seem to be anywhere near fully stocked.

    Can’t remember the last time I bought a can of soup; ours are homemade and canned.

    Some pastas seemed to be a bit limited as well.

    We’re so stocked up on pasta, I think we could exclusively live on it for a year. May have gone a bit overboard, but it stores quite well.

    What is short? Primers. Still haven’t seen a single primer available at my LGS for about 18 months. However, I did recently score a few pounds of various powders I was getting low on.

    Otherwise, all secured here. Just put in a new heating/AC unit, so unless they shut the gas off mid-Winter, we shouldn’t have to worry about freezing. However, if they do shut off the gas, I–and just about everyone else in my A.O.–am S.O.L. Have got a decent supply of wood, but not a good ol’ fashion cast iron pot belly stove to burn it in. That’s on my list of things to get.

  2. just went to lazy-boy over the weekend, bought a recliner, 4-6 Months for delivery.. they are made in Tennessee and Mississippi, 4-6 months WTF..

  3. Someone said somewhere that the military have put forth an unofficial directive to get your family matters in order. Others can confirm if true.
    If shortages are appearing with no fanfare as was last year (remember the toilet paper run?) maybe now is the time to also quietly stock up.
    Pro tip: you can’t eat toilet paper and there are plenty of leaves for sanitary purposes; just avoid the poison ivy.

  4. Really?
    What nerve you and bracken have, complaining that free speech’ is being smothered, strangled, killed.

    1. did you see this ? Facebook and tech giants to target attacker manifestos, far-right militias in database. How soon will this expand to any and all postings anywhere save the dark web. They are already trying to silence anyone who tries to inform people about any issues with the vax.

  5. White mountains of eastern AZ. Rolling shortages in foodstuffs and paper goods. Here one week gone the next. Prepper basics have been running thin, not out. Only consistent out the last month has been pasta. Been pretty much wiped out the entire time.
    Wallyworld here has been prepping for supply chain issues. Overheads have been stuffed to the gills I suspect to absorb fluctuations in availability. JIT seems to have gone out the window on the grocery side of the store.

    1. Extreme Western Arizona (can walk down to the Colorado river in less than 10 minutes).

      Gas here is going for about $3.19 a gallon (cash price).
      Food appears to still be relatively well stocked at the local Wally-World,
      Safeway and Food City (aka Bashas); only items that are fluctuating a
      bit are either milk or eggs.

      The canning/food prep area of Wally-World doesn’t seem to be getting ANY
      interest currently…plenty of Ball jars, lids and other necessary items for canning/
      preserving foods.

      With that in mind I found the following instructional videos and books online
      for those that have NEVER ventured into the practice of home canning, specifically
      pressure canning:

      Pressure Canning for Beginners
      (Rose is VERY knowlegable in that she HAS done the science
      and is very clear in her presentation and explanation about
      the how’s & why’s of pressure canning and the ENEMY – Botulism
      and how to prevent it)

      And speaking of Botulism…

      Annihilate Botulism

      Testing the Presto Digital Canner
      (Rose covers ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – she
      gets right to the ‘Ugly’ right up front.

      Comparing the Presto Digital and Instant Pot Max
      for Pressure Canning

      She also has quite a number of videos showing some
      delicious canning projects – have at it!

      And if one prefers the ‘Old Style’ non-digital pressure canner
      here’s a link to that as well (Rose does use all three, depending
      on what she’s putting away):

      Presto 23 Quart Pressure Cooker

      And can’t forget these:

      The Complete Guide to Home Canning

      The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving

      Hope that helps with the ‘Beans’ portion of the equation.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. There is still plenty of product here in Winterfell at the Costco. I’m seeing more empty shelves at Fred Meyer in CDA, but that is because of strikes by local Teamsters in WA at the distribution warehouses. Plenty of firearms available now. 9MM and 5.56 have come down a little in price. Shotgun shells are still scarce. I’m down to once a month range training: handgun and long gun.
    The Sheeple, Normies, and Cucks are still out and about enjoying all of the summer distractions. There is no doubt in my mind about another huge false flag in the offing. TPTB are getting more nervous about the mask pushback. I expect something before the end of August. I hope I am wrong. Keep up your inventories, my friends. Antibiotics, hydroxy, Ivermectin(if you can get it), hygiene items, etc. Keep silent and vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

  7. No problems at the stores near me. NE Illinois. However, read that rubber producers are having trouble getting containers to ship their products internationally. Got 2 new tires last month. Figured I had better get the other two before the next lock down. The price had already gone up $15 per tire in that one month. If you need anything, might want to get it now.

  8. Hi CA,
    Just a piddling thing here in the depths of flyover county, fresh fruit, especially bananas and oranges, are damn near at the spoilage point when bought from the store. It’s frequent enough that now we’re using a lot more scrutiny where before it wasn’t necessary. It might be a seasonal variance but I don’t recall it happening consistently in the past.

  9. Feed store was out of cat litter yesterday. Plenty of anti-Communist pills though. Haven’t seen a problem with food. Garden is doing well.
    Hay yields were very low; only got 7.5 tons from my guy. Normally get ten. Been buying it where I can.
    Western Montana

    1. Berg,
      Use wood pellets for cat litter, plenty of vids on YT. Safer on lungs too.

      We’ve been under attack by the tourists headed to YellowstoneNP since April, speeding motor homes and traffic is insane, small grocery store is always low, empty on some shelves. Big town 80 mi. away doesn’t appear to suffer any shortages however. Gas and meat prices climbing thru the roof.
      Everyone looking fwd to fall, when weather cools and tourists go away. Never seen such insanity in 27 yrs here, all the locals are irritable this yr.
      Lots of new faces in town, folks buying up anything they can find, just to get out of Kalif. Outlying subdivisions are growing like crazy.

    2. roger on the low yield hay thing. folks are talking about having to sell some of their cattle or they will end up having to buy hay at $50. a roll

      cheapest gas $3.29
      fruits good- but no specials at all yet this summer
      chicken seems to be low at the stores
      beef is quite pricey too- $25ish a steak…
      cannabis stores on every road in town
      plenty of scummy inked fat asses all around
      lot’s of RVs, boats, campers, tourists, typical carefree dumb’d down murkins celebrating their Free Dumb!

      glad i live on an island 🙂

      1. I flew to Iowa this morning-the corn crop here is lookin’ good, and they’re haying the center of the highway. It’s great that they use that grass.

  10. There’s no obvious shortages in my AO to speak of. The variety of pasta on the shelves is definitely less than pre-COVID, and the meat section is never truly full, but there aren’t any gaping holes in the shelves. One thing I have noticed is that my local King Soopers (Kroger regional variant) recently narrowed the aisles and made the shelves taller. My guess is to give the perception of there being more product available than there actually is.

  11. Pik N’ Pak has shortages every day, coffee filters, water, peanut butter, you can see people who could never work a register at the self-checkout lane.
    Surliness increases as the give me convenience or give me gulag crowd knows another shoe is soon to drop.
    The I’d buy that for a dollar store is almost standing room only with paper supplies, pet feed, gone by Tuesday even with a full garb Muslim cashier local who has a hard time with the maths, some orcs were treating her like a stepchild and threw her off so I told her the drawer is everything, who cares what they are saying.
    The face panty sign is down at stores and I’m trans vaxxinated. Any asking of papers please comrade might not end well for petty bureaucrats.
    The Jolly Roger is hoisted and it flies proudly from the mast.

  12. Some ammo is coming back locally in stores. Mountains of 5.56 at the local cabelas this weekend. Win white box, both 55 and 62 grain green tip, fmj. That’s the good news, the bad news is the price is up some ~80%, I think it was ~$8 a box for 20, now it’s $13.99! Not much price difference over that for a 150 round bulk pack at $99.99. I haven’t noticed any real shortages at the grocery store. I agree with the general feeling that many things seem a bit low, it’s seemed like that to me since the beginning of the madness last year. Gas and food prices are definitely up, not a lot but it’s noticeable. So all in all things are still relatively cheap and plentiful for now here in the Sedgwick Co. KS area. It’s been relatively quiet here too, so basically, here it’s same as it ever was. In a side note phase 1 of our van project is done, the seats are in, the bed is built and I installed a 2m Kenwood radio. Everything is tuned up and we’re only at ~$2,000 total invested including the cost of the vehicle. We took a huge trip last month that took us through Colorado and ultimately to Moab, Utah. It was good proof of concept for the van idea, over 2,300 flawless miles! Definitely things are more expensive west of KS, but that’s how it’s always been. We didn’t run into any leftist craziness, of course we avoided shithole Denver. There’s definitely evidence of the globohomo crazies, but nobody bothered us. Mostly nobody wearing masks, no hassles about that. Moab was less expensive vs. Colorado. I plan to investigate the food store situation again tonight so if I notice anything I’ll report back.

  13. In my barrio in El Norte, the appliance stores (not da chains) have limited supplies. The floors of local appliance stores have “lots” of gaps on the showroom floor. If you need something, the floor model is all we got. Don’t bother asking “how long is the wait time.”

    Planning on doing a house renovation, fuhgeddaboudit. I’ve seen homes where renovations have been moving at a snail’s pace or on hold since March ‘21. Not enough hands and stuff can’t get delivered. Most contractors are telling folks to put their “addition” dreams in a coffin and stop watching Property Brothers. Wanna deck? Fuhgeddaboudit. There are issues sourcing lumber and trex material from maple leaf country.

    Heading to a bar and want a cold one? Better have a Greek attitude and chill. The only gal behind the bar on a Tuesday night has lots of thirsty boyz to tend to. You’ll get your turn to order in about cinco minuto. If you’re ugly, diez minuto.

  14. It might be a good idea to establish a baseline inventory of key items at the store now (casual eyeball not a detailed hand count). That way trends can be observed over time.

    Also today I found out that some car repair parts that I need are backordered at least until September and my preferred brand of work pants are backordered for 4-6 months. It appears that the company’s entire product line is backordered except for a couple of items.

  15. Working at Sherwin Williams now; virtually no paint. The freeze in Texas last insurrection time (January) basically blew the plant up. (It was not insulated.) So, while corporate puts $17 million into rebuilding a new plant, we have mostly no paint, primer, samples, etc…..Contractors come in begging. A lot of folks get real nasty pants and threaten to go to other paint stores. Um…okay, SW makes most of the paint for everybody now…. Crazy times my friends.
    Grocery stores in Folsom are mostly well stocked, but weird things go into shortages. Plenty of steaks at obscene prices in the meat section, but hamburger is at a premium. I am trying to get as much stuff farmer direct as possible. The only farmer’s market that allows me to walk the dogs is in Folsom. I went to the one in Granite Bay yesterday: big sign with life instructions…no dogs, no pets, be careful with strollers and handcarts……I just turned around and left. Every farmer’s market is held outside with temporary booths and little shade. I do not need another 10 commandments to follow before I purchase carrots.
    Home Desperate has 3 of every item. If you are #4 in line-no sun shades for you! Lowes seems to have more stuff.
    There is some chemical in the air….you can literally have no conversation with anyone without first self censoring, reviewing what you want to say, and then running said conversation through a GD woke filter. So I have decided to just piss off everyone that I ever knew or am related to. I cannot make a comment like “Gas was $3.98 a gallon at Sam’s Club! I wish Biden would allow domestic drilling.” BAM! I am marked the enemy and lectured on politics. Well……FU. I am living my best life and if it interferes with your plans-too bad.
    The Republic has fallen. The Chinese are moving in mass into El Dorado, Placer, and Sacramento counties. They have plenty of cash for million dollar homes and all of the pleasures. I have had people drive up with Chinese ID, the driver not speaking any English, and some older woman hops out to get directions. She has an address and it aint some low rent area. They usually drive Mercedes, Cadillacs, or BMWs. They are dressed to the nines with plenty of gold. Don’t start me on the folks from south of Mexico.
    I still intend to survive.

    1. “..Home Desperate has 3 of every item. If you are #4 in line-no sun shades for you! Lowes seems to have more stuff..”

      Stealth Spaniel,

      That’s a big NO on Home Desperate Ghost Rider!

      HD IS very anti-self defense; their workers and managers go full Alabama Chimpout
      if one walks into the store doing open carry (same response if one’s CC’ng and the
      gun is somehow noticed).

      Lowe’s by comparison, has no issue with customers carrying..either openly
      of CC.

      I’ll spend my money at Lowe’s for what I need in such regard.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  16. Not seeing significant shortages of food in Georgia, but prices are going up on meat and some other items.
    Hit Costco this weekend and it was slap full of product.

    Ammo is available, but costly. Favorite brick and mortar store last weekend and I bought 250 rounds of 5.56 green tip. Paid 197.00.
    Hated to pay that price but they had plenty of it and I thought I might as well buy it so I can use some of the cheaper FMJ for training.

  17. Here in Vancouverstan, behind enemy lines next to Greater Portlandistan, things have been …. interesting….for over a year now.
    Had to go into a Wally World on the East side of town a couple weeks ago after having a couple of teeth pulled to get a prescription filled. While I was waiting I went back to the sporting goods section to poke around.
    ZERO guns.
    FOUR boxes of ammo TOTAL.
    All off caliber.
    The Wifely Unit shops at another Wally World, there are 3 within ten miles of each other around here.
    Bottled water low, cat litter and cat food both low.
    Peanut butter scarce. Some frozen food shelves empty.
    In the last year I have managed to find packaged yeast ONE TIME.
    She can’t find Bar S cured hot dogs, period. All their hot dogs are uncured.
    Fresh vegetables always seem to have limited quantities.
    They did have a decent selection of Auguson Farms freeze dried long term foods, the Sheeple don’t even know what that stuff is.
    Gas is up to $3.60 a gallon.
    They are putting up apartment buildings on every square inch of available real estate and I am not even kidding.
    Tearing down entire neighborhoods to do it.
    Housing prices around here can only be described as INSANE. Same for renting.
    $1300 a month for a studio apartment, if you can find one.
    Local cop got shot and killed the other day. Gang Banger.
    You would think Vancouver to be a sleepy little town but it is just across the river from Portland and now we are basically part of Portland except we are in a different state.
    The gangs have come across and we even have our very own chapter of ANTIFA that has been running up and down the I-5 Freeway clear to Seattle and raising hell in all the small towns close to the freeway in between since last Summer. You don’t hear about that because the news won’t report it. Back channel comms is the only reason I know.
    This is already a good place to be from and not to be in.
    I’m stuck here because of the wife and family.
    It sucks.

  18. On the Eastern Edge of the Virginia Piedmont (you can see the Skyshine of Lights in the Swamp on cloudy nights) there are no obvious ‘shortages’ except for Ammo- all the LGS get erratic resupply from wholesalers, you have to ‘know someone’ to find out when a Delivery has been made, “and it’s Gone”.
    Diesel Fuel holding at 3.09, gasoline about the same. No Variations in Price from station to station, they Raise Prices within Hours of each other.
    Grocery Stores are not really Depleted, what it looks like is from Week to Week, they stock different Brands and/or Items. Farmer’s Markets get stuff in and sell out quickly, the first Sweet Corn is on Tables now, at 50% Higher Price than last Year. All Food Prices in the Stores go Up on a Monthly (or more often) basis. ‘Package Shrinkage’ is a big way ‘prices’ are raised, in terms of Unit Value in them.
    More people around here are Stocking Up on just about everything.
    Also, very few are seen wearing Fauci’s Face Diapers, and it seems that very few people (that I know) have taken the (not)vaccine.

  19. Northeast(NH) still decently stocked. Our Aldi’s here, can still get canned vegetables for 44c a can. Canned fruit 98c a can. Fresh fruit is abysmal. Meat is sky-high and crappy. I mostly buy chicken anyway.
    Aldi’s is good for staples, and can be had at a good price consistently. But not in bulk. I haven’t checked bottled water lately, but it was 70c a gallon last I bought some.
    Bought my 1st box of .22 at WM in a year. They had 3 boxes.
    Home prices are ridiculous. My house has doubled in price in a few years. I live in the town with the NH voting “irregularities”, but one of the top school districts(not that I would ever put my kids in a state-school) so the prices will likely remain that way as folks escape NY and Mass for “quaint” New England villages.

  20. People here seem to bit more snarly now, although no one can hold a candle to the remaining Karens. They have that haughty look, which I think is from them smelling vax and covid in the water, and masks again. Store shelves are thinning out again, and trips to multiple stores are often needed. Ammo has kinda sorta returned, prices of course are way up, and believe it or not, gun parts have returned, and prices reasonable. Bottled water is abundant, gas has leveled off, but appliances and tires are getting hard to find. Haven’t seen vax squads locally, but Dallas and Ft. Worth have them out and prowling, so we’ll prolly see them here before long. Meanwhile, PT, Preps and Training continue. I still am rather hostile to communists.

  21. We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.
    Diesel — us$3.45, spotty available.
    Without fuel, our local-owned grocery stores are TU.
    Simultaneously, our chillers are packed with processed produce, goat, swine, but retail purchasers are going for canned instead of fresh.
    Our farm has a couple-three dozen workkampers in various types of RecreationVehicles and home-made ExpeditionVehicles.
    Our little community is tight, potlatches twice a day.
    After some dope-fiends breached our perimeter June 9th 10am and assaulted two of us and caused thousands in damages, every dang one of us is heeled 24/7.
    LawEnforcementOfficials detained two breachers, but released them “…before the paperwork is done…”
    The prosecutor is delaying to “…determine if it ‘meets the threshold’…”
    We increased the number of rough dogs on-site.
    I participated in Dog Handler school at the cop-shop in Fort Sam.
    On top of everything else, my gig is bringing newcomers into our pack.
    Conclusion — we are on our own.
    Corollary — why have the government agents?

    1. organic= term used by food snobs to show their elite status in choosing ‘special’ foods.

      I have 1 sister and 2 ex-friends I’ve thrown away because they won’t stop saying organic, 1 of whom goes to the store to buy ‘organic’ coffee rather than drink what’s in my coffemaker. I’d call that rude to the extreme, wouldn’t you?
      What ever happened to old fashioned farming???

      Used to milk goats 55 yrs ago at old Mrs. Loberg’s farm in CD’A, ID, must have been organic before it became snob popular.

  22. bottom line.. GM dealer only had TWO new rides on the lot- back then.

    i ended up buying my current 18′ lease suv that was up in june.

    only had 15k on it and it’s a turbo-something they aren’t offering on the “new” models.. it’s now worth 7k more than the pay off.

    bottom line.. GM dealer only had TWO new comparable rides on the lot back then, both lesser vehicles than mine- yeah it’s the stix…………………

    i heard they have been jabbing the animals too. always touch all meat with a magnet and steel to test for graphene oxide.

    fucking creepy article i read today….

  23. Across the river from Phil:
    Here in Portlandistan (The Belly of the Beast) my wife has found several local stores that deal in ‘overstocked’ merchandise. That’s the stuff that has a “sell by” date either recently passed or soon to be reached. They deal in a lot of fresh (?) veggies and off-brand canned goods. She buys 30 or 40 pounds of green pears at 39 cents a pound, ripens them in Kraft paper bags and then cans them. When the lockdown started they had 10 lb bags of shredded cheese, onions and frozen beef patties at ridiculously low prices. Some she canned, some she dried and some she cooked and then canned. McDonald’s and Burger King were left sucking the ‘hind tit’ at our house!
    Years ago I bought a pressure canner at a local thrift store and put a new gauge and gasket on it. Total cost of $23! Since then she’s picked up another canner of the same make and size plus a somewhat newer and larger unit that she uses at least once a week. Lately, she’s been teaching other people how to preserve food by canning and drying.
    There’s plenty of food all around us if we just open our eyes. Nearly every block in this residential neighborhood has some sort of fruit tree that no one utilizes. Just on our block we have several varieties of apples, some plums, figs and peaches. Most of that perfectly good fruit is raked up and tossed into garbage cans.
    In addition, she used to dig up dandilions as weeds. Now she picks the young, tender leaves for salads, plucks the flowers and processes them into a fabulous jelly and even roasts the roots like tiny parsnips!
    For those of you who aren’t familiar with that, look up ‘Wild Lettuce” on the internet and prepare to be gob-stopped.

    1. Ever hear of “dandelion and hot bacon dressing”? My mom is gone or I’d get you the recipe.

  24. Was in “town” this weekend, new wood stove from Spo-compton, monthly re-supply at Win-co CDA, mostly stocked shelves with big(10′) holes here and there across the board, most aisles, got what we needed but did have to shift brands to do so, sporadic and pricey ammo available at the two local/regional sporting goods retailers($100/100rds UMC .45) got one because of the “limit,” would’ve bought both that were on the shelf if they let me. At home much the same, only expect to pay 10%-15% or more for most everything on the list, on line 9mm and 5.56 have come down to the “new” reasonable, occasionally .308, this is where we are, it will not get any better unless we decide to make it better ourselves.

  25. Greetings from the Steel City -now home to law firms and healthcare conglomerates- While dealing with higher prices for food (grocery bill is up about 40% from last summer), seem to be able to get what I need. Almost had a fit last week when I put $35.00 into my Chevy Aveo – since 2005 I have never put more than $30 in that car, but now we have an our own despot is Harrisburg, I guess I need to pay for the empty public transportation driving past my house.

    That aside, my better half owns a toy store, and given the shortages and monthly price increases she is seeing, if you need to buy for kids, grandkids or even toys for tots, this Christmas go shopping now! Even the American made stuff is hard to get, Chinese stuff she gets maybe 2 /3rds of each order and European stuff is a total crap shoot.

  26. SE Wisco…
    Foodstuffs are well stocked but rotating and more expensive. Gas @ $3.09.
    All signs point to near future Weimar.
    Whatever major fuckery comes next (September???) , you can bet on the retards making their panic runs.
    Do whatever you have to do RIGHT NOW to top off. Minus the whole house gen and pot belly stove, (7500 w portable and fireplace) we are quietly bulging at the seams and enjoying Summer. Don’t fear “debt” at this point. The whole shitshow is going down in flames.
    Let’s win.

  27. Reporting from south west central New Mexico (desert area). Live in an area with year round water source and in a farming/ranching (small) community. Nearest town 15 miles away (small) with one local market and one wally world: mostly well stocked weekly and prices holding steady (some product portions are getting smaller). Fuel stable ($3.09/gal. diesel and gas varies by octane). Our small community has attracted several new residents (with inflated dwelling prices – older homes) from much larger areas but to date, most (with the exception of one ass hole) attempt to ‘fit in’ and keep to themselves. We remain well stocked with food and daily ‘necessities’ with a well (and long term) ‘stay at home plan’: we want for not much except for peace and quiet. Living in an out of the way place (87939 zip – look it up) with limited access is a blessing especially with some land, animals, work implements and the ability to both protect ourselves and do the work necessary to ‘get by’ when (not if) things hit the bottom (remember, the bus went over the side some time ago and we remain in the free fall waiting, waiting and waiting …..).
    Best of luck to all out there …. as they said in the movie, “…strength and honor”.

  28. Was given about 900 watts worth of new photovoltaic panels, all of
    them with shattered glass, BUT… still produce about the same power
    (maybe 5% less), so encapsulated them with a silicone based resin and
    now look great, plus protected from water & stuff from damaging the
    cells over time. Next is framing them together and wiring into portable in case
    bad weather comes around to store until bad storms pass through.
    Might even rig into accordion fold out/in.

    Eyes Right…

  29. Location: N. Central Coast of Gulf of Mexico two blocks from the water.
    Prices: Up on EVERYTHING. And oh BTW it’s probably NOT coming down soon and IF IT DOES look out below it’ll be the greatest depression.
    Food: rolling outages of a few things at the BIG BOX stores. The local groceries are mostly stocked but big holes for long periods in the freezer case. Laid in two more months of basics to the larder already on hand.
    Ammo: decent availability but at crazy prices.
    Guns: NO .45 pistols avail. 9mm and .380 a few in the case. .40SW pistols well stocked. Plenty of wheel guns and NO 10mm. Great selection of bolt guns at decent prices. ARs are in stock but at HIGH prices. Cheap ARs can’t be found. Mags in short supply locally.
    Gas prices are ok at under $3/gal. 3 new neighborhood developments are going in. Not sure just where the guy is getting the wood and bricks. Small developers are slowing down dramatically in NEW builds and the price of a new house is well over $325k. No idea what the rental market is like.
    Added two more people to the local protection and prepping team. Not many peeps with masks but the fat and elderly are still hanging on that fallacy. Got enough of the team with HTs so finally implemented a PACE comm plan for the team.

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop and the communists in charge to bring in their full blown medical tyranny or worse.

    Grey Ghost

  30. SoFla, shelves generally full. Shortages only on a few frozen items like the frozen yogurt bars the wife likes. A sign said they are having “production problems” but I suspect they are re-tooling to make a smaller product at a higher price. Did anyone else notice that after the toilet paper “shortage” the new rolls were narrower in width and sheets were thinner? This was very noticeable in Charmins’ product. I’m betting this will happen to other products over the next few months.

  31. I live in New England. Went to the grocery store yesterday evening. As I’m driving into the parking lot, I look across to the other side and the air is hazy. So much so that the sun was a dull orange disk. I get out of the car and the air smells like a dozen campfires have just been doused with water. No firetrucks racing around. I don’t think it’s local, but… When I get home I check the local to news, nothing on a large local fire. I get to a national site which tells me that there are several large fires burning in Canada hundreds of miles away that are a possible source.

    Grocery store fully stocked, no apparent shortages. Price of beef is unobtainium.

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