Open Thread & Return Of “15 Fighters”

Update from Bracken this evening per my email request:

Basically, water desalinization = reverse osmosis = “RO” = pushing dirty/brackish/saline water through a microfilter. (Think about Gore-Tex, the miracle fiber of the 1980s, but using electricity.) The potable water is forced through onto the good side, where you can drink it. The bad side of the filter gets clogged up with varying degrees of crap, so over time the filters must be cleaned and/or replaced. These are factory-made, you cannot duplicate them years into SHTF. When they fail, they are done forever.

And it all takes electricity, except for the manual “life raft” models, where it takes about an hour of hand pumping to obtain one cup of potable water out of sea water. On mega yachts, scaled up, lots of diesel generator electricity is turned into enough fresh water for supermodels to shampoo their hair. In Saudi Arabia, scaled WAY WAY up, (sitting over petroleum lakes), enough fresh water is generated for millions of people. This could be done in California, but only with lots of new nuclear power plants, which they will never build.

This information off the top of my head is all just for a general ballpark understanding of “desal”, meaning desalinization. Dirty salt water takes the most power to convert to potable, with slightly brackish but “clean” river or lake water taking the least. Your RO filters will also last MUCH longer, but as in most things, YMMV. From my POV, IMHO, it’s much better to move to a zip code where you are living right over potable ground water with a simple hand pump well, or at least a water well that is run run off solar power with dedicated old-school batteries.

This is my backyard SHTF water solution, here in North Florida. Potable water is just 40 feet down. I can fill a five gallon bucket with potable water in about a minute, if I move that handle fast. The parts that wear out can be replaced or fabricated at home, unlike high-tech RO filters. This is just my experience, for your accumulation of hopefully helpful information.

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    1. Western Montana:

      Well on property. Water is orange with Iron, but potable. Filtration is a must. Better water may be had at a deeper depth. Pump is electric, but may be replaced relatively easily with a jack pump if called for. The challenge is keeping the well operational in the deep freeze. Workin’ on that.

      Keep Iodine handy, in large quantities. A few drops of liquid Pvodone per quart sterilizes swamp water. Will also keep the thyroid healthy. Will also help protect you from radiological fall out.

      Boiling is best. If you can boil your water you can distill it.

      Collecting rain water is essential. Large cisterns are available cheap. Still gotta deal with birds and bugs. See above about purification.

      You gotta have enough meat. Dry goods are all fine and well, rice and beans and such, but you gotta have protein to go along. Having some laying hens is a good idea.

      The big thing is, you gotta get through the first winter. Its all gravy from there.

      1. Houston, Texas MSA is the nearest city. Moving to rural location halfway between Houston and Dallas.
        Many people here have gone dark, quite a few normies I know are openly talking like “preppers”. Houston is a hell and I never go there. Acquaintance told me a well-known mission downtown has fielded inflammatory CRT video “sermons” at chapel. There are quite a few homeless people staying in parks in their cars and trucks. Some have a bicycle, a dog, a rack of clothing, etc., in the cars.

        I have 3 55-gallon blue potable water barrels, some 3-gallon water bricks, a few Water-Bobs. Just sold house with well and a parallel Simple Pump(tm) down the same 250-foot hole. New house has the same. We have several Katadyn, Aquamira, and MSR backpack filters, some Lifestraws, a Big Berkey with sets of white and black filter elements.

    2. Sitrep nationally is “crossing the red line.”

      Managing Editor of The Atlantic (((David Frum))) has proposed deceiving Americans to get us to give up our guns: He also deceived Americans when he claimed Iraq had WMDs.

      Frum can be contacted at:

      I suggest you tell him “First disarm Israelis. Let’s see how that works out.” You might also mention the irrefutable evidence at

      1. Though at “market prices” (ouch!) SG ammo has plenty of milspec offerings in case lots and plenty of slightly less common cartridges (e.g., 10mm and even 6.5 Grendel at $1.15/rd for steel case!):
        Even Midway USA has a wide selection.
        Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  1. Mass Psychosis or Modern Marxist Materialism along with decades of running away from reality, out of control appetites, distractions and a soft weak whiny feminized populace too afraid of dying to enjoy the gift of life?
    All intentional as part of the Long March toward the global Soviet Great Reset Leap Forward.
    Either drive a rifle or ride a boxcar and everyone will have to choose.

      1. Store in whatever you have that will last. Rust free, BPA free.
        Canteens, stock up before the meltdown.
        No tap water if you live near a CPUSA occupied zone or city.
        We get the five gallon office water cooler stuff two for ten dollars as part of the membership and the HQ is a couple of miles away on US HWY.
        A rural route bud has the olive drab civil defense 55 gallon H2O drums from the duck and cover days.
        What a different society that was and they have a garage full of canned goods, mason jars, country strong people.
        An elementary school desk will save you from the zombie apocalypse and nuclear blast. (sarc)

  2. Middle TN. Life is fairly normal once you get a half hour out of the city. Some food shortages (i.e. used to have a selection of 5 different manufacturers, now there is 1). Gun stores are wack. Crappy inventory and places that used to have good customer service now act like they are doing you favors.

    Water filtration:

    BO, GHB, and hiking in the middle of nowhere, I like the Lifestraw water bottles, they have a replaceable carbon pre-filter on the base of the filter. I put a coffee filter and rubber band in the bottle to cover it when filling if the water is real cloudy.

    Base camp/home emergency preparedness I like the Sawyer Point One.

  3. North Alabama; mostly normal. Some gaps starting to appear on grocery store shelves, but nothing major at this point. I use a Sawyer Mini for water filtration. I have a 65 gallon rain barrel that my wife uses for watering her patio tomatoes for the last 5 years. I’ve been filtering the rain water to make coffee with and watering the dog for the last 4 years. Also have the 5 gallon set-up by Sawyer for bulk filtering. The important part about the Sawyer’s is cleaning the filter. Back-flush thoroughly after using. I’m using the same filter for 4 years now, and have 6 more filters in reserve. Ammunition through the roof like everywhere else, and availability is not just thin, it’s anorexic. We’ve stocked on everything we can think of. Every nook and cranny has food, medicines, and whatever we think we may need but may not be able to get. There’s an undefined, yet definite tension in the air. Even my wife mentions it when she goes out. It’s like most folks are holding their breath, waiting for……something. Due to medical conditions, I’m not as fit to fight as I once was but I will hold this line as long as I can. My focus is turning toward offering suggestions to friends and neighbors on how they can be prepared. Come what may, the wife and I will be fine, for a couple months, and we’ll adapt to what comes after that if we make it that far.

  4. To do list:
    Get sober…
    Get healthy and fit….
    Get extra sleep, for that extra rest exponentially increases your daily achievements….
    Get right with God…

    1. Kill thine agents of tyranny…..their quisling agents in crime, and all associated shitbags of sedition, treason, and High-Crimes.
      Local, Local, Local!!!

  5. West Central Florida, in the woods. Well on site used daily, we live here, water is potable however we treat with a chlorinator to remove the iron bacteria, then thru a charcoal filter, a hand pump is attached to the system, and a 200 gal storage tank. a 10k diesel genset and a 2000w solar system to run the pump during power outage, among other things like an ice maker and refrigeration. 3 acer stocked pond on site, rain barrels also, Berkey filter to run that thru. Stock pile pool shock to make useable chlorine, been doin that for yrs. Water is the least of our problems when it goes south, Storms NAH, that’s easy. 25 laying hens and 3 roosters, 10000 sq ft garden, enough dry goods for a year or more, canning supplies,
    We ain’t perfect and can’t predict everything but we are ready as we can be.

  6. Mid-southwest New Mexico – right in the middle of a damn desert. A great summer (monsoon season for a change) with green hills and moisten pastures (cattle and horse use). We live in a non-descript out of the way valley with permanent year round water and a shallow water table – who da thunk it? One way in and one way out (could be a benefit or work against us). Thirty miles to the nearest small town and far enough away for large population centers to provide a cushion if things really go south. As others mention, apparent shortages on selected items in the one local ‘big box’ store. Guns and ammo? Forget it – you either have it at this point or you don’t….better to have it and not need it than need it and don’t have it at this point.
    Best to like minded folks out there – we’re going to need it very soon.

  7. ne ohio. dug an acre pond for water. three RO systems. backup generators for well. berkeys for long term power outages. life straws for bags and cars. 55 gallon blue barrels for in home storage.
    rabbits are amazing for small space farming. 4 small cages gets you 20-40 rabbits 3-4x a year. quail are a great alternative to chickens. small cage farming again. no predators. eggs and delicious little meat. my german shepherds get the bulk of their food from rabbits and eggs.

  8. SoCalifrutopia.
    I and an easy 25% of all hospital staff, including the ER, who have refused vaxx, are waiting to hear if we will be granted either religious or medical (dealer’s choice) exemptions, and retain our jobs with the proviso of undergoing a “reasonable accommodation”.
    (Which, at this point, appears to be twice-weekly nasal swabs. Pointless and stupid, but better in the near-term than outright unemployment or permanently decamping to points elsewhere. One fight at a time.)
    A medical exemption would be allergy to vaxx components, or prior survived COVID infection.
    A religious exemption would be that the vaxx violates a long and deeply held moral/religious issue of conscience.
    IANAL, but FWIW, a religious exemption is nigh impossible to dispute or disallow, provided your objection stays on religious/moral/philosophical grounds of conscience, and doesn’t stray into science, mathematics, medical information, etc. Telling someone that your employer has the right to violate your morality is a short recipe for one helluva First Amendment fight, which the employer will ultimately lose, and pay handsomely to so do.
    Doesn’t mean they won’t dare you to try it.
    And the State of CA is driving this bus; the employers didn’t want a mandate, but they’re being given marching orders by Gabbin’ Nuisance and his state agency minions. Which is reason#3,842 for why he’s probably going to be recalled, if the election is fair and honest.
    That said, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that hope.

    re: Water:
    1) Crown Berkey tabletop purifier. With 8 elements (their largest model), a 24,000 gallon useful filter life. That’s a gallon/day apiece for drinking/cooking for a family of four for over 16 years.
    2) Travel Berkey : 2 elements, 6000 gallons useful life before filter replacement, for in the vehicle/on trips.
    NOTE: Stay away from the plastic Berkeys; buy only stainless steel models. The plastic ones leak, drip, and generally suck.
    3) Katadyn Pocket Water filter
    Ceramic single filter the size of a small thermos, good for over 12,000 gallons. Backpack sized.
    4) Polar Pure iodine water purification maker.
    At the size of a pill bottle, and about twice the cost of a single bottle of 50 tabs of Potable Aqua, the Polar Pure will make dilute iodine purification drops that will purify thousands of gallons more than you ever can with just 50 pills. Unless you’re allergic to iodine/shellfish/etc.

    Pond and well re on the drawing board for long-term solutions.
    For the moment, stored barrels, rain water collection, and a solar still to purify anything wet into pure H2O have to suffice.

    Best wishes.

    1. Appreciate SITREP re both water and “don’t vaxx me, bro” situations.

      The struggle is real, and once the productive part of Neu Joburg secedes this 12/31, SPORKY looms imminent.


      1. Andrew Torba at GAB, allegedly an evangelical, distributed a variety of religious exemption templates, even one customized for Catholics.

        Though the SSPX hierarchy is not in the vanguard of vaccine resistance (like the anti-Pope), many local SSPX priests have given strong sermons against the vaccine and are providing cover letters for your exemption statements. If you need or want such a cover letter, you can ask your closest prior—locations listed here:

        Though there are many problems with the Nuremberg trials, one attorney reports success at a military court martial using the Nuremberg principle.

        The exemption template and a blurb on the Nuremberg principle can be downloaded from my NEWS page:

        None of this is legal advice. Proceed at your own risk.

  9. Winterfell Sitrep: More and more empty shelves and limited choices. Intell suggests shipments are being delayed due to not enough truckers. The CDA Costco still has plenty of product. Storing cases of water in the basement. Have a Big Berkey and back-up filters, plus a large gravity system and a backpacker’s Katydyn(sp?). Local meteorologist, who is the real deal, forecasting a wet Autumn. Plenty of collection opportunities.
    Plenty of handguns and long guns, but ammo is still limited and expensive. Local gun store/indoor shooting range is touting the Mantis system. It allows indoor practice without burning up ammo. No way to simulate recoil, though. Remember to stay away from crowds and STFU. Here in Kootenai County, the snitches are in abundance. Bleib ubrig.

  10. W. Wyoming, we always like to think we live in one of the most isolated pockets of the US.
    Was having a conversation 2 weeks ago with a local deputy and the subject of new arrivals came up (we’re over run with TX, CA, and deep south refugees) including the Indian Res, the MS13 folks are infiltrating heavily over the drug trade and intermarriage is growing past few years. Even seeing more of them in our small town, which is/was 98% white.
    Mentioned this to 2 friends this week, they had no idea what MS13 is, and really could care less. The apathy in general is staggering (liberal and conservative), folks just go on blind and ignorant, until we find ourselves with a bunch of stupid dead white folks. (Mentioned it last year when a bunch of antifa types were hanging out at the coffee shop for a week or so) There’s way too many folks that aren’t ready or aware of what’s coming, and they won’t wake up.

    1. “The apathy in general is staggering (liberal and conservative), folks just go on blind and ignorant…”
      Yep, and stupidly believing in that ballot box, as if it’s God’s providence.

    2. Wydaho. Good well with handpump and an electrical coming. Blue barrels for storage. The locals vary between like-minded through oblivious to the leftards in Jackson. Bought hunting ammo at double old price, two days later out of stock (season started)
      SoCO. Big Berkeys for us and one for the kids. Berkey bottles in the get-home bags. Spare filters. Backpacker-type filter with spares. Steripen in grab n go pack. Tabs in all the vehicles. Blue barrels and jerry cans some full and rotated, others standing by.

    3. NE Ohio cabin, well on site but low flow. Backup rain barrel system for washing and showers. Berkey system and bleach for drinking, plenty of dry goods, canned meat and veggies, flour, etc. Hit the local Wally World and notice bare spots on some shelves and almost a rushed feeling in the air. Expanding the woodshed for winter firewood, primary heat. 9k of solar panels and 8 yellow tops waiting to be wired up to a midnight solar charger and Schneider electric inverter to run and cabin. Just put up a 160m dipole to go with the 10-80 end feed for the ham radios. Not sure what is coming but the wife and I feel something is brewing in the future.

  11. Eastern TN. Small town. Folks reliably anti-commie around here. Most gun friendly place I have ever been, which includes Texas and Utah. Local networks strong and improving, and local cops not a bunch of trolls.

    For water: 265 gallon tank kept indoors and filled with tap water, rotated every 6 months. For us this is about a month supply. Secondary supply is rainwater collection, which is modified large trash cans with spillover into the standard rainwater drainage. Have pool shock, the camp-sized Sawyer (virus sized) high volume filter plus Berkey filters. We use the Sawyer minis for backpacking, etc with good results. Can also use solar oven to pasteurize water—it will kill almost all bacteria and viruses, but won’t fix chemical contamination.

  12. We have a couple Lifestraw Mission gravity filters with 12 liter bag. What is unique about this filter is that it also filters out viruses, down to .02 microns. It weighs about a pound in a half. They are on sale this weekend. A filter with the larger 12 liter bag is about $95.00 USD.

    We have two 1 micron whole house 10″ filters in line. 50 filters are about 75 bucks on Ebay. It makes the R/O filter last a long time.

  13. N Tx – stable supply lines
    Not many shortages, ex ammo
    Surface and rain water + storage
    Big Berkey at home
    Sawyers/Lifestraws for travel

  14. Remember, Obama put this little gem in place. And it’s still in effect. If your zip code is too white, then the gov will send you the appropriate number of non whites. Mostly migrants. Tomah Wisconsin is set to get a shit load of Afghans. Other than that, NE Illinois is starting to get more ammo. Plenty of hand guns. Lock and load.

    1. Would be interested in a quick source-link to your data RE Tomah. Talking ACTUAL relocation vs. those passing through the relocation processing at the base. (Cumulative total currently at 9k, with 4-8 737’s/day.)

      I like the looks of those Waterbricks. Spare well available to good deep water.

  15. Northern New England chiming in,water,Bison pump will draw to 500+ feet/barrels of fresh water/usual small filters for packs ect./pool shock for cleaning up if fire a no go.

    The stores at moment seem well supplied for most part,still as always add to goods/rotate out and use older stuff.

    I am a coffee nut(OK,addict!)and keep hearing of price increases,keep buying more and again rotating

    I do some buys from local farmers,recently went in on a whole cow with 2 others,want to keep them employed and happy.

    Many around here listened when I said buy up at beginning of flu,thus,local stores or online food for sporting goods not a issue,I also pushed the 7.62X39 while still reasonably priced,again,folks listened and now are thankful.

    Best of luck to all and help those you can that deserve help .

  16. Six high tunnels, 32’x 72′, in cukes, pickles, tomatoes, beans, cabbage, brassicas, kale, pumpkin and garlic. Outside garden only potatoes on account of the moose. They don’t like potatoe leaves.
    Developed spring with excavator. Dug 10′ pools for greenhouse water. Stays full and running year round. Clear, clean water.
    On Kenai peninsula along Kachemak coast. Salmon run, all five, from June through October. Winters long and cold, Alaskan way. No purple haired pussies here…cold and dark keeps them away.
    What is coming will be like a ‘shrug of the shoulders’ in this part of the world…we’re used to hardships.

  17. Colorado Springs Co. No new mask mandate from the state-yet. Give Gov. sodomite a chance he is a developing tyrant with delusions of national office[president]. On a well and have a creek 1 lot over. Big berkey, life straw for travel. Guns yes, ammo spotty and pricey. Some supply issue’s bare shelves at both wally and chains like King Soopers/Safeway. MOST are asleep or deliberately ignorant. All expect return to normal just around the corner. Good luck with that.

  18. Kentuckiana
    Got a 55 gal plastic drum and some downspout hardware for if that is necessary. Got a few gallons in an aquatainer and some more water in the car. Couple of Sawyer minis in go bags and a Just Water filter I can set up in a 5 gal bucket. I live on swampy ground. If necessary I could dig for water and find it within 2 feet of the surface, but my plan is to set up the barrel. Maybe I need some Flex Tape for if someone shoots at it.

    Because of being a swamp dweller, I generally don’t ever have to water my garden. There was an exception one year when there was a drought. I have found hellbenders, some kind of black snakes, frogs, and yard crawdads at my place.

  19. Utah, Salt Lake Valley.
    Mostly normal here, but wow, how has my definition of that changed. Sporadic shortages of food stuffs, sheeple driving alone in masks, gas prices sky high and being over run by California refugees.
    Little rain to capture for the garden. We’re on the bench so if water gets cut we can last 30 days on storage but then we’re f#cked!
    Berkey filters are our go to. Get the priming pump for your filters. You won’t regret it.

  20. Central KY here, almost in the mountains. Most folks around here are liberty oriented, unlike in the urban areas. Population density is much more spread out, the sounds of gunfire echo in the hills on a regular basis. “The sound of freedom, dammit”. The city folks who try to live out here don’t usually last long with the relative isolation.
    Water stores are about 3 months worth in varied containers, we get good rainfall here so rain catchment isn’t really an issue. Also have CeraGrav ceramic filters and a couple of lifestraws on hand.

  21. NE Ohio cabin, well on site but low flow. Backup rain barrel system for washing and showers. Berkey system and bleach for drinking, plenty of dry goods, canned meat and veggies, flour, etc. Hit the local Wally World and notice bare spots on some shelves and almost a rushed feeling in the air. Expanding the woodshed for winter firewood, primary heat. 9k of solar panels and 8 yellow tops waiting to be wired up to a midnight solar charger and Schneider electric inverter to run and cabin. Just put up a 160m dipole to go with the 10-80 end feed for the ham radios. Not sure what is coming but the wife and I feel something is brewing in the future.

  22. Outskirts of Minneapolis. Lots of violence in the city, but we are pretty quiet here, so far. Seems like some are traveling from Chicago to cut their teeth on some Minnesota nice; I wonder how long it will take for the “niceness” to wear off; maybe never.

    I have a life straw, a can of beans with two GI openers, remember “2 is 1 and 1 is none”. Also have a fruit cake from a few christmases ago, probably will be good well into the next century.

    Bring it on.

    Sorry, I have more, but wanted to play off of the most excellent preps I’ve read about so far.

  23. Central KS.
    Well with potable water
    Electric and hand pumps on hand
    Lifestraw filters for family and spares
    Set up plastic barrels to collect condensation from AC unit
    Moderate amount of gaps on grocery store shelves, sugar missing last week
    Most calibers of ammo in stock

  24. Middlings O-HI-O area. Our local “defense group” had our usual bi-monthly firepit last evening. 30+ in group–a local Service Director, Twp Trustee, fireman, lawyer, nurse, electrician, many HAMs, pipefitters, few farmers, auto mechanics, factory workers, desk jobbers, stay at home wives. Half the guys are ex-mil with a recently retired Armorer to boot. Ages 16-82.

    BTW–all cell phones, iPads are locked into a Faraday Cage off premises for meeting. Location, date, time of meeting sent out via coded email.

    Biggest take away I got–OH farmers said their hay was being sold and shipped north to MN, WI, and MI for ranchers there fattening herds prior to mass sell offs/slaughter. Expect Winter meat shortages–buy meat now.

    Water–gents–we got the stuff coming outta our ears. Lake Erie, inland lakes, rivers, ponds, seeps, springs, plus a record year for rainfall. Backwash of hurricanes nearly drowning us.

    Food-plentiful and the price is right. Big grocers and warehouses, like COSTCO, stocked up–a 50 lb sack of white rice $17. Folgers coffee 52 oz at $7 on sale. Store branded can food 2/$1.

    Ammo and guns, what can I say–the usual nutzo. So, we swap among ourselves –brass, powder, primers. Some have NODS some don’t. Local prop owner allows us his field for range time.

    Highlight of evening–our Nurse passed out a detailed 4 page blurb on Med Supplies ya gotta have. A follow up was the correct (and incorrect use of Israel bandages and tourniquets.) Placement? hell, I just rubber band it to my farside AR15 stock to keep it handy.

    Comms? We have “Advanced Class HAMs,” with flamethrower wattage–everyone in the group sports a $25 Baofeng at least. Most have mobile sets. Again, time/date for chats are sent out via code only know to members. A designated channel is set for SHTF, alternates “B,” and “C” channels as well.

    Me–I gotta re-adjust my zeroes for any ‘uphill’ shots as well as ‘dowen hill’ shots, as my bug-in site is particularly set on a wierd topography.

    Advice to all: STAY FROSTY! You can feel the tenseness in the air, just like when you’re caught out in an open field in an effing fierce thunderstorm and you sense that big-assed bolt of lightning is ’bout ready to strike.

    Keep your wits about you, Bros!

    Many thanks, as always, CA!

  25. We’re on a small farm in West Central Kentucky. The general population locally is more concerned with day to day business than any of the political shenanigans that be upsetting much of the rest. Me? It upsets me, but that just cause I’m paying attention. But local folks not so much. They just don’t care.
    Farm work helps a man understand his limitations, and accept his limited authority in this world, and the brevity of our visit.

    A neighbor up the road died at the end of the month in an accident. He was 50. He helped us with hay when we first moved here, and were just starting out. Our Border Collie was from his dogs litter.
    Farming is somewhat dangerous regardless of the size of the farm. Equipment is unforgiving and surprisingly quick to end you.

    There’s lots of life on a farm, and lots of death.
    To live I must eat, to eat I must kill. Its not the supermarket where no animals need to die for the meat case to get filled. And so we face that reality maybe in a different way than those who don’t hunt or fish, or farm.

    Bozo the clown and the three ring dee cee circus is discussed, Certainly at the local guns store…mostly in four letter words and generous hand gestures. But at the end of the day nobody really gets too wound about it. Its theater for retards. Decisions are made at a much higher level than these political media whores, its too stupid.

    As for preparedness? The whole bug could hit the windshield tomorrow and these boys would hardly skip a beat. They grow their own food. LOTS of it. They know how butcher, how to package and how to preserve. They have always cooked and canned their harvest, and prefer it that way.

    Water? You can drink the spring, which feeds a creek on our land, and I did for years, but since now Howard’s cows can get to it its prolly not a good idea. Katadyn Ceradyn filters, though, can manage that theat. I have several. Don’t know if you can still even get those, but they’re big filters like the Berkeys, just plastic, not in stainless. We do have a couple other spring fed fish ponds, which are crystal clear. But better safe than sorry when it comes to water.

    Iodine tabs are great, but in a social breakdown you may want to remember the old Clorox rules, 8 drops for cloudy, 4 drops for clear, and wait 30 minutes. The chlorine in the water will eventually cause heart disease, but not nearly as fast as dysentery will kill you.

    Speaking of dysentery, if you have water purification tablets in your kit, you should also have some Emeset. Emeset-8 for example, in case the shit does hit the…. well the hydraulic farts.. uh..and hydraulic burps…. uh.. happen.
    That shit can kill you.

    Look at or for supply.

  26. Land, lots of land to grow food for generations. Having a good well or water source……priceless

    1. Ask folks how that worked out for them during the great depression, the banksters bought up everything for back taxes.
      When your bank account is frozen and they won’t issue credit to losers, your land is theirs.
      Wake the fuck up. Even if you own it free and clear, they will cook up a scheme to take it away, and send the sheriff to seize it. You die and they win. Land is not freedom when fighting against a crooked deck.
      But hey, go for it……

      1. I suggest that when we are writing the new rules: no taxes except a voluntary head tax that is affordable (maybe equivalent to 3 grams of gold per year, ~$193.38 today) and the same for everyone. You pay the same tax, you get the same (1) vote. If you don’t pay the tax, you don’t vote. If the population stays the same at about 300,000,000± we’d have about a $60B annual budget for all levels of government. Maybe that funds too much government.

        No (((central banks)))!

  27. West Central Illinois

    Creek on property is running low, but still running. Plenty of water stored for use in gallon jugs, with bottle water supplemented. Thinking about more bottled water.

    We have several portable water filters made by Seychelle, LifeStraw, and some others I can’t remember.

    Ammo situation is getting back to normal. The LGS has raised the limit from three to twelve boxes. Firearm selection for buyers is decent but not what it used to be.

    Working as a retail associate, have been noticing an increase in shortages again. This coupled with a dramatic increase in prices, decrease in sizes of products without change in price, delayed deliveries and fewer people working, will make for an interesting upcoming holiday season.

  28. Rv’er here outside of Colimbia, SC.
    76 gallons of water in the fresh water tank when static. Small Sawyer filters that fit on a Nalgene, good for 1000 gallons as well.
    Masking and general anxiety is isolated to the liberal parts of town. Stopped by an indoor range today, limited guns and ammo but it was a very small place with good, patriots in the lobby. Palmetto Sate Armery is here so stock is usually stable.
    The native folks have the South Carolina, 1st to secede mentality in public and it shows.

  29. the peepul are even dumber now than they were yesterday..

    the stewpit never ends and only gets worse by the moment…

    why do these useless eaters even bother to procreate????

    their spawn are almost always dumb, rotten, lazy, arrogant, inconsiderate, and destructive….

    what is fucking wrong with the murkins? serious question……….

    tfA-t hates the murkin peepul to death, it would be a wonderful land if they all just died…..

    1. 5×5 buddy.
      The entire culture today is based on white ghetto trash, prove me wrong.
      Turn on a TV, go out to eat or try having a conversation with someone, white fucking ghetto trash is what you get back. No manners, no attention span, no sense of proper English and 99.9% of the time they answer their phone while talking to you. Too dumb to even change a tire or have any survival instinct.
      Let it all burn down, that’s how you purify and start over. What crawls out of the ashes is what you build tribe with, on the other side. 50% of the folks you’re relying on won’t be there when you need them, they’re all hot air.

  30. South Mississippi.
    Close brush with Hurricane Ida. Wind 40-45 gusting 55 for about 18 hours. 7-8 inches of rain in the same time frame. Main grid power did NOT go down but have a genset backup good for 7 days off of NG grid.

    Food. Local grocery store on 2 Sept. Massive holes on the shelves. Largest I have ever seen. Between the food stamp army and the SE Louisiana folk coming over for food and water shelves were decimated. We will see IF it stays that way. BIG box stores (Sams Costco) had a few holes but not like the local stores.

    GunsNAmmo. Plenty of shotguns, boltguns and the expensive ARs. Handguns still a bit in short supply. Ammo is in limited supply and high cost. Online has better deals and quantities on ammo.

    Water. Water cisterns for rain catch. Alexa pure 4 filter aluminum tank for inside the homestead. Lifestraw for travel. Iodine for purification. Working on a small/medium sized desalinization device. Hey 2/3 of the earth’s surface is saltwater.

    Grey Ghost

    1. Katadyn makes the go-to desalinators.
      Included in every shipboard ditch bag, from civvie to dot-mil.
      Pricey, but sturdy, and lifesaving.
      Small one is fine for individual use, the large one is overkill unless you have a baseball team in your liferaft, but they’re both 5 stars.
      Little one: $1200
      Big one: $2400

      Anyone in walking distance to saltwater should own one of them.

      Otherwise, solar still desalinators work fine, if the sun is shining.
      When Camp Snoopy is launched, hard structure glass solar stills are a belt-and-suspenders-and-paracord guarantee.


  31. Central NC – residing 75% in our suburban house, 25% in the country homestead on long held family land (CA remembers the spot – “Hickory Hill” from when we held pow-wows there). In the midst of an (accelerating) transition from suburban home to country homestead for “retirement” times. Still lots to do to make homestead “ready” for full time living.

    Half time retirement job at local university, which requires either Shot Proof or weekly testing. I work 100% remote so I applied for and GOT an exemption. No shot, no testing, no on site.

    Suburban house too close to Raleigh/Durham/ChapelHellHole, which is doing well economically and is mostly full of city id-juts, homestead 45 min or so from each. A bit closer to Berkeley East (Chapel Hill). Still mostly good country folks, albeit a bit polluted with lefty hippies and some Hispanics who vote for WrongFolks religiously. (Wrongfolks control almost all local offices.) Otherwise the Hispanics are also good country folk, by and large. So a mixed bag but MUCH preferable to the city fools…

    Water is an issue. The land has a slow but dependable spring, but it’s a good ways away (downhill) from the house, which is on a knoll. Definitely planning on rain harvest, directly via above ground tanks and in ground via small retention ponds (cascading downhill permaculture style). Also plan to have an estimate for a well – but it could range from $5,000 (lucky if this low) to $50,000 (bad luck potential with lots of rocks and having to go an extra few hundred feet…). Filtering is via the poor man’s Berkey (Sawyer 0.02 micron and food grade buckets). Also Sawyer minis for cars and packs.

    Shooting situation good. 500m power line range and neighbors are used to hearing me shoot. Have not bought much ammo in years – stocked up when cheap 5-7 years back.

    Feel like I’m in the last leg of a long race and I have a good bit to catch up…but I’m running like a MFer!

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

  32. SE PRofNY

    Hit hard by remnants of Ida. Neighborhood hit by flooding, 3-4 ft geysers displaced manhole covers. Sump overwhelmed by volume. Water reached 4’2″ in basement, killed power there before outlets submerged. Items marketed as waterproof containers where not. Most gear and storage lost to contamination.
    Local stores void of cleaning supplies, fans, dehumidifiers of any sort.

  33. Near Va/Ky/Tn border.

    Covid is bad here. The ICU staffing ratios are insane. Communists are getting more strident, crime is way way up, localities running out of funds.

    Re: water, sawyer minis in the BOB. I keep some Aquatabs in my wallet just in case.

  34. Refrigiration being taken care of via PV, battery storage, and inverter, not to mention
    additional needs.
    Water storage too by containing as water flows, but ground well necessary with hand pump installed
    to come.
    Stocking up for munchies slowly but surely.
    A few years ago bought 5 gallon bucket of activated carbon. mesh size good for air and water
    filtration using “by any means necessary” to acoomplish. Use you imagination and handy dandy
    More have done and to do, but most importantly to me, is get right with God, strengthen Spiritually,
    and try to be able to discern events and people on what comes out of their mouths as they either
    get stronger or weaker. and try to motivate or just leave their free will
    take them where it may. Try to help, counsel etc….. but remember that some people are
    “not right in their heads” 🙂

    People that are alike, like each other…..

    Much more could be shared, and as you know, nothing like eye to eye, face to face in
    action & meatspace.

  35. South Central KS checking in. It is very quiet here. We went to troll the supposed protest for the $1k a plate Mike Pompeo dinner, but literally only 2 cosmic leftist commies showed up (Dennis and Karen?) and a couple of LP party people also looking to troll. Saw some people on the highway walkway overpass with some signs, Honk for Freedom and something anti Bill Gates. The majority aren’t masking, people are done with covid restrictions around here. Even at business, I really do get the feeling that any more restrictions, there will be pushback. We may go do our own Honk for Freedom sign on the overpass, let others know they’re not alone in meatspace.

    We don’t have anything really special at all as far as water, we have a Sawyer filter. City water, no well access. We have water bricks, they are Aquatainers, 7.5 Gal I think. Got a few of those, they fit in the van in the gear storage area too, store in the pantry. So I’d like more of those and a couple more filters. And perhaps a lifestraw or two also. The WaterBob looks cool, good idea although no personal experience. There is a river pretty close worst case. We can always filter and boil, or use a little bleach to purify water. We need more, of everything, of course.

  36. From the so blue that we’re almost purple northwest burbs of Chicago: we are back on full mask mandate for all indoor settings and our Gov. Prickster is salivating over his fat jowls to put us back into full lockdown. Went for a walk through the woods today at a local forest preserve. About 70% of the people were masked up on a beautiful, sunny and breezy day and a number of them were terrified of anyone coming near them. Went to Costco for the TP run and noticed they only had a few packages of Kirkland TP and nothing else. They did have giant jugs of yellow Lysol all purpose cleaner and cleaner with chlorine bleach, which has been in short supply here since covid began. People were loading up as many cases of bottled water as their carts could hold and frantically grabbing them and glaring at anyone coming down the aisle. One guy had bought 8 shelving units. Another guy was buying 15 giant jars of olives, 10 huge boxes of canning jars, and massive amounts of coffee. Spices have been greatly reduced to just the basics. No oregano, basil, bay leaves, etc. like they’ve always had. The fall/winter clothes area looked like a plague of locusts had descended upon it, there were so many people frantically pawing at clothes. Some people were literally running through the store and most looked incredibly tense and distressed. The vitamin/supplement area has been shrunk down and consolidated with the snacks. I would suggest health wise that if you need glasses/contacts, eye exam, dental, physical to get Rx renewed, perhaps hip/knee surgery, etc. -basically any type of maintenance medical care to make sure you are in good shape—to get it ASAP, as medical care is starting to be restricted to the vaxxed or a negative covid test by some doctors in the area. Local gun shop is starting to get some more ammo in, but it is there and gone. Neighbor who suddenly lost his wife in May, just lost his grandmother this week, confiding that he has been to multiple funerals of friends in the past 3 months. Didn’t have the heart to ask if they were covid deaths or vaccinated, but for a guy who probably is about 45, he is way too young to have so many losses.

  37. Washington State, the good part.

    Municipal water source, but 75 gallons stored in barrels and changed regularly, plus untold smaller containers at main location and several other remote locations. Two Big Berkey’s for filtration; one large plastic rain barrel setup for slow sand filtration when needed. On site storage with some warning includes a 5000 gallon above ground swimming pool that will fit within the workshop, catching rainwater through gutters on both sides of the building, with preliminary filtration outside the building. With a half-days’ work, the post filtration water can be plumbed into the home water system. Still working on a battery bank to power the pumps with some panels on the roof.

    1/4 acre vegetable garden, many fruit trees. 500 quarts of stored fruit and veggies, home canned, 100 quarts of canned meat. Fifty or sixty pounds of dried meat, stored in vacuum bags. Aiming to add chickens and rabbits back to the property; we had them years back and then life got in the way. Onsite and off-site storage of food, ammunition, firearms, clothing, fuel. Home can be heated with NG or wood comfortably for quite a while. Five cords of wood in the woodshed near the house; five more in the covered shed further out and the woodlot takes care of the rest. Saws include several chainsaws, bowsaws, and one-and two-man olde school misery whips. (crosscut saws, for those not in the woods).

    Multiple AR’s, several that are identical, several are heavy barrel with quality optics. Bolt actions as well in multiples with quality optics, identical; sidearms are .45ACP. Small cal. rifles are 10/22’s and Ruger Mark 4’s. Remington and Mossberg shotguns. Fifty thousand rounds of ammunition. Ten mags per AR. Several plate carrier setups on the rack.

    We won’t go into other equipment and spares. Suffice it to say, “lots.”

  38. Outside Satan’s Butthole aka Portland. Currently living on a rural property with a well, garden and orchard.
    Started backpacking again. Had a sobering experience on a coastal trail-it’s basically a rainforest. Water wasn’t easy to come by up in the higher elevations. It’s been a very dry year. I have Sawyers and Lifestraws but I’ve been using my old PŪr hiker pro, pumping into an MSR Dromedary bag. It’s a bit laborious but I know it’ll work. Gravity filters are also a great way to process water quick. I use a Pro Pure model with ceramic filters at home and have a portable gravity filter for backpacking that I haven’t used yet.

    I’ve been using colloidal silver and iodine to keep water fresh when stored through the summer heat. It kills the crud in the containers. Tastes pretty good.
    Rainy season is gonna start soon so that’s always an option. Keeping critters out may be an issue but a simple tarp collection into 5 gallon buckets seems easy enough. Need to stack more filters of various kinds. A UV pen might be a good thing to have…

  39. For water treatment, storage, and distribution, as well as other key items such as disposal of the dead, shelter, etc., I’d highly recommend “Engineering in Emergencies, 2nd Edition” by Jan Davis and Robert Lambert. The book is geared around setting up refugee camps and other similar circumstances with limited support and resources. Some of the projects are large, while others can be scaled. Even the simple ones will help with pretreatment, lowering the risk in case treatment fails and prolonging the life of treatment filters as well as improving taste.

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