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      1. Question: Does it work the same way when reversed?
        Shooting from ground level at a target that is at an
        angle above your position?

        Is there a chart for that?….

        Asking for a friend….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. My apologies, just read the 2nd article that was linked.

          Had sent out the first reply as I was on my way to work and hadn’t read it yet.

          A quick sit-rep from my AO; spoke with the couple that own the mobile home park where I live, the wife told me that about 40% of the tenants on site have taken the ‘jab’ in one form or another and are still acting like frightened rabbits. She and her husband absolutely refuse to get any form of it and refuse to require any tenants to do so; it’s a personal individual choice as they see it. They know the truth about it, especially where HCQ and Ivermectin with Zinc, K2, Vitamins D, C and E and B complex are concerned.

          NorthGunner- The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        2. The chart would look exactly the same!

          In the absence of a chart (but the presence of a calculator), you can simple multiply the LOS distance by the cosine of the angle to your target.

        3. As to my understanding, according to Ultimate Sniper John Pilaster, yes– it’s the same. A yard going up hill is the same distance as a yard going down hill.

    1. Que pasa mi amigo?

      Es tu & la familia muy bien en el Norte?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  1. This is very much on topic, given the discussion. Coming soon to degraded Republic near you. We’re next…At the moment, it’s a matter of what’s finally going to break the untenable center: https://rumble.com/c/RebelNews

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    so i secured a pvs/14 w3 optic with rifle mount

    looking for good $ on a steiner ir laser


    tic fucking tock

    1. tfA-t,

      You might want to check out this little gem. Rugged, compact, less expensive and way more powerful. Burn their damn eyeballs out of ya can’t shoot em …. just yet.

      Only thing it’s missing is IR flood but that can get you killed just a quickly as a white light discharge at the wrong time.



      1. ……don’t know if you checked it out but the Steiner has a two position laser / IR that is the same…… very powerful ……………these look good but not available …..the Steiner is available…..good luck on whatever you choose

    2. usnightvision.com has some steiner otal-c units for $550. Good company to deal with.

  3. As the country continues to degenerate, as the world continues to burn, well, really not much has changed in my AO. We did a little decentralized protesting. I certainly cannot take credit for it being my original idea, I saw some others doing the same thing a few weeks beforehand. Basically just found a hi viz spot to set up along the highway, made some signs (Honk for Freedom, Biden is a Murderer, Do Not Comply etc.) . Spent about $10 on poster board and markers. We can get our message out to hundreds or thousands, at the time and place of our choosing. There are multiple good spots to do this in my AO so we can be unpredictable. I think the response was mostly positive, I dare say overwhelmingly positive. Definitely angered/triggered a few cosmics. It was fun, legal, cops didn’t harass us although we broke no laws, actually picked up some trash and left the place cleaner than when we came. Perhaps good practice for getting out there and doing something, infil and exfil, stuff like that. Fwiw it was FUN! I’ll grant that as far as I can tell antifa or revolutionary communist opposition is low in my AO. I don’t know if it’s a good strategy for everyone, but for us it seems good, being out on the corner, ‘showing the flag’ as the old goombah’s would say. Don’t know if this will work for everyone, but if nothing else I’m determined to do more than bitch about stuff on the internet. It’s something easy, cheap, simple and can improve morale for team freedom, let’s people know there’s more of us out here. Perhaps if they see enough of us it’ll demoralize team commie too. CA Thank you for running the best site on the internet, you are much appreciated.

  4. cosine indicator on your stick is smart.

    Knowing WHY it matters is good. OPFOR knows AND practices it.

    If you don’t understand these things, you are behind the curve and dead when OPFOR goes kinetic.

    Don’t rely on batteries. It’s easy, but knowing with your grey matter only dies when you do.

    Jess sayin’

  5. RE: slope table

    Please keep in mind that a 10% slope, which I’d consider a very steep hill, is only about 6 degrees of angle, and at slopes below that, correction becomes somewhat academic. It’s very easy to overestimate how steep a grade is by merely walking it, in my experience.

  6. I just noticed, and should point out, that the diagram at the top is incorrect. The angle identified as “30 degrees” is probably 60 degrees. I believe the angle you should be calculating upon is INDEED 30 degrees, but is the angle of depression (from horizontal down to your line of sight). Not the angle from a plumb line to the line of sight.

  7. Strongly recommend consider getting an analog firing solution calculator.
    Mil-Dot Master is great tool for ranging and high angle yardage adjustment. Only thing you need is an internal thread from a piece of 550 and a spent casing with the primer knocked out. Back of the calc will give you the angle, front has yardage adjustments. Foolproof and never runs out of batteries.

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