By Any Means Necessary – Two From TL Davis

Go and read these two pieces from TL; I’d ask you then to come back here:

Bonus reading (likely best after my comments below):

Traditional Americans (save for a very few wise men and women) have been born, raised, matured, and now retired in a very sheltered place.

One that did not demand tooth-and-claw struggle over anything, for all intents and purposes.

As a result, the trad American mindset is one designed for peacetime, prosperity, and propriety.

Born after 1970?

Even softer and more easily terrified, for the most part.

After the upcoming Fourth World War, we can Boomeryak about whether the peaceful America of 1945-1970 led inevitably to the slaughter of the Chinese wars of 2021-2030.

Assume anyone here survives those cataclysms.

In both essays above, TL advances the concept that as part of the war that has already been launched against us by enemies foreign and domestic, Americans should take every opportunity to rattle the cages of the Powers-That-Be, be those occasions by fair means (e.g., phone calls, letters, and traditional constituent behaviors) or foul.

If you ever believe and act upon one single thing you read here at the Mothership, get this straight in your hearts and minds:

Every single WRSA reader and associates represent the kind of people the new Chinese overlords will not tolerate.

You and yours are already involved in the worst war ever in the history of our species – a global war of existential extermination.

To have a chance of surviving this catastrophe, you must begin to think, train, act, and persevere as if you and your people were fighting for your very lives.

Because you are.

Whether you know it or not.

The Chinese overlords and their allies literally have no use for the current populations of not only North America, but Australia and New Zealand as well.

Hence their opening tactic of global mass attack via a low-lethality persistent engineered bioweapon.

With much more to come.

The Chinese are in an existential conflict with the Anglophone victors of WW2 for the arable land, fresh water, and mineral resources of the former British Empire.

They will not stop until they have achieved their goals – or died trying.

You must be ready, willing, and able to assess and use every tool and situation to defeat Xi and his people – be they Han or any other race, and be they PRC officials or Americans from your home town.

Your enemy understands his goals – and plans to achieve them by any means necessary.

Do you?