Long Post: Is China What We’ve Been Told?


First off, you will need time to read and think about what even the author admits is a long post needing editing.

Secondly, as anyone on the individual freedom path knows, it’s a long way from Garet Garrett to Ronald Reagan to today. If one is intellectually honest, it is clear that everything in the former USA after the Articles of Confederation has been designed to benefit the elites and disenfranchise the individual citizen.

Finally (for now), the globalists behind the WuFlu/DeathShot party very clearly do not have the interests of the average American in mind as they clamp down and impose tyranny across the board based on a “health issue” that we know was overblown from the beginning by serial mad “scientists”.

What other lies are being peddled by TWANLOC*?

*TWANLOC = those who are no longer our countrymen