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    1. Tula 115gr steel case and Happy Valley green to reds are always a bargain for the open bolt light shows. Beats the crap out of M62s but they drop out at about 150. (sigh)

      1. Nah dude I really like the Geco 124gr FMJs. It likes being fed a native blend.

  1. Follow your instinct it was put there for a reason.
    Choose wisely the hill to charge up as it could be the last.
    Evil always consumes itself and emperor Xhou Bai Den’s handlers are no exception.

    1. Better to make the bolshi bastards choose to die on THEIR hill.

      Turn the ‘Alinsky/Frankfurt School’ rules back on them…only fair!

      Don’t forget to collect up all their dropped gear, if it’s worthy

      Personally, I’d bring my ‘Serbian Beauty’ Zastava M70 with
      the PA 3x ACSS sight to the party with Bernaul’s Golden Bear
      124gr pills.

      Bolshi’s being a royal pain to you and yours?…Give them the
      pill from the Purple Box…may even drop a nexxium cultist
      in their socks!!

      NorthGunner – Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. As much as I would like it to be, I can’t imagine this is a pitched battle in the opening of the second revolutionary war. If it is…I hate to say they’re probably doing it wrong. Hope everyone is well!

    1. “I can’t imagine this is a pitched battle in the opening of the second revolutionary war. If it is…I hate to say they’re probably doing it wrong.”
      How would you know? You’re not a participant and most certainly not there.

  3. we’re all waiting… hell, it’s gonna start somewhere; the border is as good as anywhere. Let’s win.

  4. I was a BP Agent down there, not unheard of to have cross border gun battles between cartel and military (mexican) had more than a few automatic tracer rounds overhead while working the brush down there close to the Rio. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Don’t know who’s shooting at who yet, better wait for more gooder intel.
    Something I see here in Wyoming, the feds seem to be ‘allowing’ the cartels to infiltrate, been going on for years, the indians have intermarried on account of the drugs. We will soon see why this was allowed to happen, sorta like shipping Somalis to Neu Scandinavia.
    Anythinbg to give the feds an excuse…………

    1. Hey Leatherneck, good to read from you.
      Gather more nuts for the winter &
      Stay Strong

    2. You’ll know it’s on there in your AO when you start seeing
      the tribals cruising around with their MS13 inlaws in Nissans
      and Tahoes sporting AK’s and mounting heavies in the truck

      Tribals/Cartel meztisos running tacticals in the heartland….

      Bet the tourist season to the parks and such will drop
      through the floor once that happens…especially when
      the tourists become targets for drivebys and worse..
      especially if they’re young and attractive college co-eds
      (the visiting obese, tatted, neon-haired femi-bolshi
      ditchpigs will just get lit up and left to burn..not a bad
      thing necessarily..same for their neckbearded smiley face
      mangina soyboi male frendz).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Could be a fight between US forces and Mexican drug cartels, or drug cartels fighting each like they did in March of this year. How old is this exchange? Remember this could be a FedPoast and they might even use old footage to make false flag more believable.

  7. Too much fur in the wound to see what’s going on. Maybe not a US matter?
    What is a US matter is that now only 38% of Americans surveyed believe FJB is doing a good job. That means that statistically, 38% of Americans are profoundly retarded.
    Prepare accordingly.

  8. COVID cases are ramping up here in Winterfell(Kootenai County, ID). I caught the bug when I did a substitute teaching gig prior to Labor Day W/E. Ended up in ICU for 4 days and the COVID Ward for 4 more. I’m on the mend. Kootenai Hospital is so overwhelmed they have Army nurses TDY from Fort Carson, and FEMA contract nurses from as far away as NC. I was treated like the King of England. These medical folks are long-suffering heroes and heroines. They medics have figured out the kids are the carriers, since they have healthy immune systems and do not realize they have it.
    FWIW, I was gob smacked because of my age(74) and a compromised immune system due to psoriatic arthritis. I followed all the protocols and advice(still taking the selenium, Teef), but it still did me in. So the culling continues, and herd immunity here is growing. That is just the way of things. And, for the record, DWEEZIL will not take the stick. I would wager a year from now, those who drank the Leviathan’s Kool Ade will be dropping dead in the streets. Stay vigilant, keep prepping, I believe we are on the cusp of a WROL-Bosnia x Rwanda-Bandenkrieg-Purge situation. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

    1. Dweez,
      As my father used to say in the Fsllschimjager before a jump, hals und beinbruch mein freund!
      I had the crud last year after foot surgery, think I was one of the first coof patients here. Was sick for 8 weeks, including the foot rash and loss of taste, took some Ivermectin this Jan before my 2nd foot surgery and passed with flying colors.
      I made that observation also about the kids killing off their grandparents, schools are germ factories and grammy can’t resist a vist from the little germ carriers. Folks don’t get it, they will play the fedgov games, they will kill themselves off and not care a wit, as long as they can still visit family, and oblivious they did it to themselves.

      1. Done and thank you again for all the information. Stay safe. Watch your six!

        1. Don’t forget to stock up on both HQC and Ivermectin and all
          the other proper things (Zinc, Quercetin, Vit.s D, C, B complex,
          A, E and Iron.

          The Zelenko Protocol

          Here’s info on Ivermectrin and other items:



          Note that both list that Quercetin and Ivermectin can interact with each other
          if taken at the same time:

          “Due to the possible drug interaction between quercetin and ivermectin (may increase ivermectin levels), these drugs should not be taken simultaneously (i.e. should be staggered morning and night).
          Ivermectin is also lipophilic and therefore, bioavailability is maximised on a full stomach; or best to be taken with meal.”

          Interesting how the parasite class is having their owned
          media (both print and visual) ramp up the attacks on both
          Ivermectin, HCQ and other useful modes of treatment while
          tripiling down on “The vaccines are safe and effective – do
          your part and get yours today!!” propaganda……

          They especially loathe Dr. Simone Gold and other Drs.
          associated with her along with truth telling researchers.

          Spew-Tube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki had this to say about
          the decision to remove any/all ‘covid anti-vaxx videos’
          from the site:

          “We feel this is the responsible thing to do with our platform,” said CEO Susan Wojcicki. “People can now visit YouTube and visit the Stephen Colbert ‘Vax-Scene’ video as many times as they want! Isn’t that great! What a cute and hilarious video! We hope this will encourage many more people to get vaccinated.”


          Stay away from the jab!!

          Hope that helps.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Healing your way DWEEZIL.

      Found that besides Vit C, D3, Zink etc, additional Glutathione & NAC do great.

      Get & Stay Strong…

      Hi there CA

        1. Hola Compadre, come estas?

          Here’s info on NAC:


          N-Acetylcysteine to Combat COVID-19: An Evidence Review

          scroll down to the section “Evidence and Discussions –
          N-Acetylcysteine, a Forgotten Immune-Modulating Agent”
          for the specifics.

          NAC’s Crucial Role in Preventing and Treating COVID-19

          I was also going to share an article in Newsweek titled, “Top Supplements
          to Help Battle Covid-19” but it looks like NW’s bigwigs didn’t like truth being
          told so they dissapeared it entirely. Here’s their response:

          “This story did not meet Newsweek’s editorial standards and has been unpublished.”

          It doesn’t even exist in a cached version.

          The cdc/fda and other parasite class tentacles don’t want
          folks to know about NAC or supplementation – they WANT
          us to be sick or dead, which is why their owned media MUST
          censor and discredit any truth that they can wherever they
          can to keep folks ignorant and compliant to them.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. so i got a ATN pvs-14 gen3 w

    there are 2 tiny black spots in the field of view..

    send back ?

    i also got the Steiner DBAL-1-2 green visible and IR laser

    i have so much stuff, it takes months to years to open and use most of my things, but these only took a week to get going on…

    so about those tiny black spots…

    1. Normal artifact brother. Different grades and companies allow for differing amounts of artifact. My ATN PVS-14 WP has a very small distortion on one part of the outer end.

    2. Normal artifact brother. Different grades and companies allow for differing amounts of artifact. My ATN PVS-14 WP has a very small distortion on one part of the outer end. Depending on the size and how much it bugs you, decide to keep or exchange them.

    3. its normal unless they are huge in the center of vision I would keep , Its an artifact of the Tube manufacturing process , I have an ITT made PVS 14 Gen 3 thin Film set and I have 2 specks on one of the tubs, functions fine 10 years later , FYI don’t mount that on a weapon larger than .223 or the recoil impulse will kill the tubes fast. tfA-t and everyone else here , keep stocking up on all essentials time is short and the window for Mail order resupply is RAPIDLY closing . Look into a (Portable) canvas Hot Tent too if you have to ” Forest Brother” it. Essentials, Water , Shelter , Food , Defense and Gear to live in a third world grid down environment, be prepared to be on your own for an extended period. Lots of activity behind the scenes going on. It’s no longer Theoretical, its not if , but when. use your judgement , Time to grab your gun and bring in the cat.

        1. usually a canvas tent with a portable wood stove , Canvas for durability under long term adverse conditions . there are some small one and two man tents out there with stove jacks for the in tent wood stove . better than freezing to death in below freezing temps . That and a MSS (military sleep system) and you are golden , only drawback is they are on the heavy side . Pomoly has a pretty decent tent (Yarn solo canvas) yes they are made in the PRC but are good quality. Seek Outside and Kifaru makes a Silnylon version of the Pyramid Tent US made and a few others you can google. Portable wood stoves made of titanium are common for use in these tents those weigh less than 5 lbs with the flue that rolls up for storage. Heavier tent systems are ok if car , truck, Pulk (sled) or modified Garden cart transported. ,

        2. Camping with a “Hot Tent” is good…
          Camping with a “Hot Tent Tot in the ‘Hot Tent'”..No Bueno!!

          They’re NOT house trained and they can go angry squirrley
          at the drop of a hat….

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. It’s good to see most of the “old gang” back again. I am a big rig driver and can see a lot of the country. Some places had continual shortages, some had continual plenty-ages back in 2020. Liberal strongholds had plenty as did D.o.D. sites.

    Scheel’s no longer has purchase limits on BLOAT’s but higher prices than Cabbies’. Onliners have stock available, but…membership warehouse stores are getting concerned. Staples are still avail. as well as alcohol.

  11. PS, wore fake mask in truckstop/ casino NM Indian Rez establishment, can’t believe I got away twith that obvious act of defiance; dirty looks from sheoples.

  12. So, has yesterday’s (Roma, TX) REDCON-1 been memory holed as an embarrassingly misinterpreted ‘much ado about nothing’?
    It appears so, given the content of discussion all after Anon’s comment (at 15:49), regarding the NG’s state of dress and a complete loss of interest and updates from original sources.

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