15 Fighters: Open Thread On Building A Viable “Security Post”/COP From Scratch

Lots of open land.

Not a lot of folks.

How do you provide those few folks sustainable positions?

What equipment/materiel do you need to be “acquiring” now?

What is the sequence of construction steps?

Have at it.

Citations will help, whether URLs or author/title old school cites.

Check-ins are also welcome, but usual rules: the Communists are listening.

15 thoughts on “15 Fighters: Open Thread On Building A Viable “Security Post”/COP From Scratch”

  1. The static defense of my property and tribe will ultimately center on situational awareness. Since my back yard backs up to a golf course, my range card has been prepped and I practice with my long guns, weather permitting. Gates and outer doors are locked and hardened. I am never unarmed. I always carry. The barking Swiffer Duster, the barking dust mop and our lab mix are always alerting on strange sounds. Our current storage of needful things would put the most diligent and devout Mormons to shame.
    That being said, our Achilles Heel will be our small numbers. I am hoping, when the balloon goes up, my one brother-in-law will be able to shoot his way out of Boise and get to Kootenai County. The local neighbors are a crapshoot. They are white, polite, and well-armed but are still into the whole normalcy-bias, look-at-my-new toys mindset. My money is on the economy going south before Xmas. But folks have been predicting that since 2008. Right now, it’s all about staying vigilant and evaluating the straws in the wind. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

    1. I hope you haven’t always only shot when weather was permitting.
      Or only with daylight.

      If you aren’t shooting in the rain, wind, cold, snow or in the dark you are on the menu.

      Data is different. everything is different.

      But you do you.

  2. Interested to hear some comments on this. I’ve got the room and fencing, but it’s mostly flatland with a combination of wooded areas and pasture. Main road to property is dirt/gravel county road.

    Via the main entry area, it happens to be good area for a pond. Looking at getting about an acre there converted to force vehicle entry down the entryway/chokepoint. Sensors down that area to detect vehicles (magnetic, deer would constantly set off motion sensors). Near the house, building a crow’s nest on poles to get long range sighting down the entryway. This will be easily concealed, but would need ballistic defense.

    I’d like to have more sensors (seismic) around the periphery, but can’t find a decent cost-effective way to do this…

    1. May I suggest brick mason scaffolding for obsevation towers?
      A friend uses them for hunting.

  3. If you haven’t got an 8000-mile logistics chain for everything from pins and needles to tractors, those camps will be worthless except for the nostalgia factor.

    1) Figure out how many people you can support on a few acres’ worth of arable land.

    2) Figure out how to get the people that would be willing to both work that land, and defend it.

    3) That’s your tribe, and your base.

    4) If you can’t protect it, it ain’t yours.

    5) If it won’t support all of you, without anything but what you hold in it or grow on it, it ain’t enough.

    6) You can’t win a football game by keeping all of your guys sitting on the goal line. You have to make the other side fight and struggle for every yard. Same in real life: you’re going to have to aggressively patrol far afield (think 5-10km, minimum, that you absolutely control), and know what’s going on out to 10-50km, or you’re just going to be a supply point for a bigger, badder group at some point.
    Which means you have to have enough folks to range out that far, and still have enough left behind to raise food, animals, and do other useful work, or defend those who do, safely at the center of that bubble, for months to years, all by your ownselves.

    7) If you can form a patchwork of similarly situated tribes, you have a district.
    If you can patch together networked districts, you have a province.
    Cobble together similarly arranged provinces, and you’re an actual state, in the Machiavellian sense: an independent country.
    You didn’t get to 2021 as a clan or a tribe, and you won’t get past whatever comes next as just a clan or a tribe. So you’d better start figuring out how to grow like-minded friends and allies, because whatever comes next will be remarkably like all of human existence since Grog and Og traded berries and baskets for spears and bows, so they could get some mammoth meat for the campfire, and some sabertooth cat skins for their wimminfolk.
    Human civilization for anyone is always a group effort. Even Robinson Crusoe had Friday.
    Learn. To. Get. Along. With. Other. Like-Minded. Groups.
    Or die in place.
    And it’s not a popularity contest, or an election.
    You’re not recruiting friends. You’re recruiting allies.
    People willing to fight beside you, and even die beside you.
    That’s a lot harder than finding fishing buddies.

    8) Those camps? Hubbed around a dozen professionals from an SF A-team?
    Those 12 guys were intended to be the cadre of advisors for a battalion.
    That’s a great word ,”battalion”: a Battle Lion.
    That means, typically, between 400-1000 guys. But not just “guys”.
    Hard-charging hard dicks.
    Led (advised) by guys who knew how to form them into a force to be reckoned with.
    Roman generals called that a Legion.
    With 1000 hard-charging hard dick warriors, I could take over any state in this country. (Yes, even Texas.) In a week. Anyone with a modicum of tactical art could as well. Even someone with no art could make life so hard for any occupying force they’d wish their mothers had never met their fathers.

    I can show it to you on paper too. And it works like that in real life.
    But you need the 12 men (or the 15 Fighters) the other 500-1000 will follow.
    “15 fighters”? Hear me, God: O, Please!

    Lawrence: “50 men…?”
    Ali: “50? Against Aqaba?
    Lawrence: “If 50 men came out of the Nafud, they would be 50 men other men might join.”

    Who would attract the next 10,000.

    Man, that’s an Army.
    Literally, and in fact, for most of recorded human history.

    But that requires leading, and following, and discipline.
    Otherwise, it’s just a mob.
    How’d just a mob work out on Jan. 6th last?
    Not so hot.

    Team. Battalion. Legion. Army.
    Base. Tribe. District. Province. State.
    That’s how civilization sustains, and springs forth.
    Since ever. And ever will be.

    Anyone planning on being Batman In The Boondocks is in for a rude surprise.

    1. Yup, my thoughts exactly……I’ve had some training in setting up guerrilla groups, but it was many decades ago (Ft. Bragg 1975), those CIDG camps may seem like a preppers wet dream, until reality hits you. The Bolsheviks may look stupid (on purpose) but they’re running circles around us with their organization, (ie Antifa), we’re still living in a normie fog, waiting for someone to come rescue us. Wake up call will be a real MF’r for the sleepy right. Pineland Rule #8 is a more viable option.


    2. Most will die …period.

      Weak, sickly, not enough real experience.

      Growing enough food and PRESERVING it will be beyond the grasp of most. An acre per person sorta explains it give or take.

      Got enough heirloom seeds? No, probably not.

      Hows that PH and nutrient count going?

      And, fuck it, people had their chances to learn and practice for decades, the years of plenty. Most chose not to. Ignorance is deadly.

      I’ve said for years now, the first year of a total collapse will be the easiest. It’s after all of the easy food,meds,fuels, clothing,footwear,gear,ammo and tools are gone is when the greatest culling will begin.

      Corn gas is trash. 100% petro gas is better but not forever. It’s a time saver and a work saver but very temporary.

      Ya ain’t seen nuthin yet.

      1. We’re going to see a repeat of the Holodomor, they’ll slowly starve us into submission, they’re already doing it. No need for combat or CIDG camps. They control the gas, now it’s going up in price and down in delivery. The container ships are being deliberately pinched off, all supples across the nation will be doled out a pound a week, no choice in what you get. They own the arms companies, you think Pelosi doesn’t own stock in S&W or FN? They already control us and own everything we use or conbsume.
        They run the show and the dumbmasses still believe what the news tells them, slowly being led into the gulag and no one wants to see the noose tightening around their neck while there’s a gun at their head to take the jab. We live among lazy stupid conservative normies who refuse to believe the gov’t will kill them at the drop of a hat. And then there’s the fools who think we’ll vote our way back to properity, any day now……

  4. We do not live in an open or rural setting. We have (1) solid bugout w/ Rawles level preps, but it’s a 10 hour drive from HQ, so it’s a plan C at best. We live in an established midtown neighborhood in a mid-size flyover city. Typical old suburbs with mature trees. Not the new HOA type suburbs w/ few choke points at ingress/egress, but not gentrified adjacent to high-crime either. (2) large highways are about a mile north and south of us respectively. Our 1950s post-war ranch house is at the top of a 150yd long cul de sac where we have the high ground. (Range cards ready out to 300yds where LOS ends). There are about a dozen homes on our street, each on 1/5 to 1/4 acre. We have hens, some homes have rabbits, and others small gardens or just lawns. There is a good long run of 8ft privacy fencing w/steel posts on 1/2 the blocks backyards, but other side’s backyard is mostly 4ft chain link that is easily jumped from neighboring backyards. Very Alamo in terms of gaps and barely there defense, but we own heavy equipment and bulk fuel we would relocate to our street to prevent theft, vandalism, and use as needed for demo and defense. Anticipate law/fire/EMS to be overwhelmed, understaffed, underqualified, under equipped. Not enough natguard or dotmil to maintain multi-city operations amidst chaos, therefore assume on our own for a while. ID’d (4) potential individual household shtf trigger pullers of varying ability and training with varying BBB stored. Enough for a broke dick fire team or QRF to get started on D-Day. Library of mil manuals for reference, training, and guidance. Bought surplus concertina wire and 3/4″ plywood last year and store it at my shop. Wire goes across entrance to cul de sac and likely ingress points at first real danger. No in or out w/o approval. 24/7 firewatch. Expect some neighbors to protest, but we have numbers and after downrange comes uprange, they will see things differently or hit the road with our blessings. 4x8s over house glass for obvious reasons. Short wave comms stored. Enough to hand out and lose a few. Quad copter UASs to augment STA. Been investing goodwill into my block for 10 years. Mowing lawns, fixing hot water tanks, holding annual block parties. Active in local GOP precinct meetings IDing potential allies and helping make sure the grass roots stay watered. Canvassing your neighborhood as part of a GOP outreach will allow allies to self ID and add to your network’s resiliency. Support is as important as infantry. USGOP may be co-opted, but local GOPs are still very team liberty. Ireland to Iraq teaches us that insurgecy needs non-combat political representation for success. Know your local leaders and potential future leaders. Telling those who will listen to buy and store dry bulk and canned goods for “in case something happens and we need to avoid going out for a while.” It’s not where I want to be when the hammer falls, but it’s likely where we’ll be. Might need to occupy adjacent commercial properties in order to protect our flanks, set up LP-OPs and prevent others from utilizing for same. Need more former 03s and 11Bs. Need legit trigger pullers with training. Simply not enough of us to achieve critical mass right now. Opfor owns comms. Difficult to organize beyond meatspace, but we will improve. Hoping our block isn’t alone. Worried most about food, water, and sanitation. This suburban CP isn’t meant for long-term defense, but more like a storm shelter in a tornado. Our old lives and everything we “had” may be gone, but we survived to rebuild or relocate. If it becomes Sarajevo, then we will eat meagerly, pray hard, live righteously, and serve the Lord until our time has come. When it comes, I’ll see you on the beach.

  5. Something real bad is coming. Real soon. At this moment, I consider myself to be dead. I can’t be killed. I don’t fear that. It gives me strength. Until the struggle is over, I am dead. Only victory can bring me back to life. That mindset has worked for me in the past.

  6. They’re making money hand over fist, selling us powder and primers which will never be used, they starve or vax us to death without a shot being fired.
    Learn to expect the unexpected, a helicopter at 3am with crop dusting sprayers, poisons appearing out of nowhere, like on your food or in your water supply.
    Everybody is waiting to play Rambo, and it will never happen, because they’re one move ahead of you, you push and there’s no resistance. They hit you with something you never expected, like sound weapons. Or weather, it never stops raining, then what?
    This isn’t 1963 Vietnam, CIDG camps won’t work in the world of satellites and smart bombs either. You lay one sandbag and they’ve zeroed in already. And even IF FedGov collapses, there will be warlords who can. Not trying to piss on your prepper wet dream, but you need to wake up to shit outside your box of thinking.

  7. Aesop tells a nice Big-Government-by-Norman-Rockwell fairy tale, but the logistical reality is that any fighting group larger than a street gang must be supplied from taxes. So job one is to become an organized CRIMINAL gang and learn how to lie to your neighbors so you can steal from them at gunpoint, while only resulting in a small percentage of liberty-lovers you can afford to kill.

  8. I don’t know how many will stand for freedom and the constitution and fight. Having spoken with friends and acquaintances who are very pro gun, have lots of guns, but a lot would be unwilling to fight for their country. They want to “bug out” but have not come to the logical conclusion that eventually, they will come for them too. Idiots and as far as I’m concerned, a bunch of traitors and yellow bellied pussies.

  9. After the theft of a presidential election, and our host slithering into a hole, with his east coast associates, I was done,,,, butt hurt isn’t nearly the rage I felt, the contempt towards you guys, for hiding, talking even more shit, my shit was loaded, my legal affairs handled, I was going to “ Get Some”.

    Anddddd crickets, the silence was deafening. All the sudden you all became righteous citizens.

    Nuff said. IF, you didn’t have your bullets primers casings ten years ago, lots of em you fucking deserve what you got.

    IF, you were not prepared for five years of strife, your fucked.

    As SigPro observes, you shoot only in sunshine, your fucked. Rain, cold, other elements are effecting your ballistics.

    If you intend to defend your home, in a city, of any size, without second and third hides holes, your fucked. Your stores need to be not were you site now, but where you will end up.

    Many here are in fortifiable areas, you fellas innWyoming, Montana, eastern Wa, S Oregon, the mid west, are golden, chalked full of like minded peeps.

    Each of us has a different standard on how much is enough. Here for example we/ I have 100 000 primers Plus, between small large and mag. Enough brass for maybe 20000 roll your owns, and equally important the equipment remake em. I’ve been buying primers for 25 years, along with 125 pounds of powder, most specific to my calibers, but other powder to share with my ranch crew.

    If your shits in a paid storage area, your fucked, better get their ahead of THEM.

    The ranch topped of all fuel Saturday, 10.000 gallons of D 10.000 gallons of gas. The boys see the future, more importantly they have the ability to store huge amounts for the tractors.

    Lastly Drones, their cheap now. My first was two k, I’m finding them for a couple hundred, extra batteries, important. Force multipliers, in twenty minutes, can cover what a man would have to walk all day.

    Surfing is the first priority, keeping your peeps alive. You decide to hunt folks, that’s a completely different mission, as is Site Security.

    Lastly game cameras, are cheep now, used wisely invaluable. City, or,sticks, a few of these simple tools again force multipliers.


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