GVDL: On The Coming Disaster, A Springsteen Song, The Need For Freedom-Oriented Kulturkampf, And The Intellectual Lassitude Of Many Good Folks Who Don’t Yet Understand What Happens Next After The Kerensky/Biden Administration Is Overthrown By Their Own Side



Think hard and honestly about how effective trad Americans have been to date.

For more clarity on what is coming very soon where such things could never happen because of Lee Greenwood and “muh consteetooshun”, read van Creveld’s latest – especially the poem at the end:


Full work:


The good guys are losing.

And the bad guys are just putting on their gear.

The appearance of “Radio Free America” in Red Dawn was not a joke:


Nor is the world going dark as we speak.

I’m in for ten shirts from Gerard.

Matter of fact, I’m in for just about anything else he calls.

We have very little time in which to (finally) get our shit together on this front.

If we want a chance at winning.

No retreat, baby, no surrender.