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    1. Hope all are well in Klownworld. Looks like the original conspiracy theorist John the Revealator was on the money.

    2. In re: Socrates, Bill Rodgers, the cowboy philosopher said it better.

      “Out of every one hindred, a couple can learn by reading about it, another handful will learn by watching. But the rest of you will have to learn not to pee on the electric fence for yourself.”

  1. It will be interesting to see what happens in VA today. If the forces of darkness are rebuked, it could be a portent for the mid-terms in 2022. Yes, I know and believe we are way beyond voting our way out of this mess. However, all politics is local. Here in Winterfell, we have pro-life, anti-growth, anti-vax, pro-2A white men and women running for the local school boards and city councils. I will have to wait and see if the blowback against RINOS, the local Marxists Infanticide Party, and the (((Puppet Masters))) who are operating behind the scenes and from out-of-state is effective. If it is, the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of caftans will be heard and seen across the Northwest. Bleib ubrig.

    1. “…..the forces of darkness….”
      They’re criminals, child rapists, statist shitbags, communist mutts, seditious and treasonous, nothing more, and should be punished accordingly.
      Stop fabricating enemies of invincibility, intentionally painting yourself into an unwinnable corner.

      1. Johnny Spot: I used the term ” forces of darkness” for the sake of brevity. Your amplification is absolutely accurate and I have dealt with such satanic monsters for many years, both in the Army, as a Peace Officer in SoCal, and in my current job as a substitute teacher. As I posted here awhile back, we are at the point where the only options left will be The Boondock Saints and pipe-hitters. Stay vigilant and prepped. Bleib ubrig.

        1. Hmmm….your statement merits fair consideration. I just don’t see anything otherworldly evil, dark, or satanic about them and their actions. They’re F’ing criminals, nothing more.

        1. I didn’t ask for anyone to name anyone. I’m just fed up with the metaphysical being used(in a defeatist tact) to describe common criminals and their crimes. Yes, I mistakenly tagged DTW’s comment with that sentiment, but I was never at a loss for a “name,” nor requested one.

    2. Dweez,
      And if all the elections are stolen again???
      Everyone will stomp their feet and pout some more, and nothing will happen. They’re all waiting for someone else to come rescue them, just as we saw in NOLA years ago. The survival instinct has been brainwashed out of us. Stupid white people playing (((Bolshevik))) PC games, and they don’t understand the game was rigged against THEM long ago.
      The left is winning, running circles around the conservative fools who won’t stop watching their TV sets, waiting for the arrival of another hero at the polls, any day now, any day now………

      1. Sigh. Du sagst die Wahrheit, mein freund. I realize hope is not a strategy. I will just have to see how things play out here in Hagadoneland before I consider other options of personal defense. I have read internet screed about TPTB relocating the Afghan “refugees” to Wyoming as some kind of “retaliation” due to it being a red state. Is this accurate? Bleib ubrig.

        1. AFAIK: no. And I keep up. That idea has, though, been recently recommended by a “journalist”. Just one shriek in the dark, it has not been picked up, so far.

        2. Dweez,
          Nothing I’m aware of here, however I do know some of the churches (Episcopal) have been actively pushing it for some time. They may show up some day soon, and how hard the pushback is is anyones guess. Every place they dump them, it’s tolerated, even after the crime picks up.
          WTF happened to our Viking blood?

      2. All you do is cry, piss, and moan. I can count on it as sure as the morning sun rises.

  2. Today is All Souls Day. Pray for your dead in the hopes that they have (or will) achieve the beatific vision. Bear in mind, though…. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.

      1. You’re good brother. Important comparison wanted.

        I get it, times are speeding up the remaining days.

  3. Hope you’re doing well, Pete. Doing ok here in Texas, things are getting weirder by the day, but that’s to be expected. The commies is Austin are scared, and buying up every gun and cartridge they can. Everywhere it’s back to rationing of those items, even though there’s been a lot of restraint shown by the public. Commodity prices are causing a minor hysteria at the grocery store, and not a little discomfort. I’ve thought of buying common items as Christmas presents for the cashiers, they’re selling items they can’t afford themselves. Everywhere I see people making do with less, and using substitutions as much as they can. As the cost of living keeps climbing, I’m seeing peoples lives degrading. There are a few beggars on the streets of my town now, a town where median house prices are in the $475,000 range. And the hustlers and grifters are operating more boldly. A dollar fail, or collapse of economy, and this place will become a charnel house. Probably everywhere else too. Me, I’m Mr. Happy. Clown World will be Clown World. Honk honk honk.

    1. Sean, you’re one of the most giving people I know, a wonderful trait.
      Stay safe.

  4. Well hello my fellow goyim. Just another day of being human cattle!
    Over in Tulsa today then OKC the next couple…colder here at 50F than at home in Montana when it’s 20F. Humidity and negroes.

    Also, look for Rebbe Feldbaumsteinberg on Gab.

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