3 thoughts on “TL Davis: The Militarization Of Illegal Immigration”

  1. I dont know if this is even…legal or how they could do it.
    Not that it matters to the DemoKrauts.

    Here it is.

    Xiden and The Dumpster…
    Thru XO, sweep ALL there gun control threw. Bam. DONE.

    There is NO Better Time than NOW.
    There isn’t a whole lot.
    And there is Nothin to run too there.
    Placing orders is..50/50 at best.
    The timing is absolutely perfect. Imo.

    There GC wishes are beyond extensive. Hell, you wouldnt even be able to order parts according to there words.

    Ammo online-gone


    4473 for all of it

    Just a passin uneducated thought.

    1. re: DemoKrauts
      You’re not up on your history, the Krauts fought the Bolsheviks, Hitler was the greatest anti-communist that ever lived. You’re obviously schooled by American TV, run by the Bolsheviks, hence your lack of any actual history knowledge.
      By the time most of you have had your throats slit by your handlers, it will be too late to go back and study who runs this nations media and schools.
      Laugh at the Krauts all you want, they stood and fought the communists like men, here you embrace the Bolshevikls.

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