5 thoughts on “VA Gov Race: Squirrel!”

  1. So winning is losing and losing is winning? Don’t we already have enough Orwellian doublespeak from the left, do we really need more from the right?

    We lost a great deal through incrementalism and I still think it’s possible to regain some through the same means. It’s a bit unlikely but I’ll not argue against the possibility. I’ve already seen three civil wars first hand, the last thing I want is one here at home.

  2. Not my qoute but spot on.

    “The mail-in ballots WILL Deliver the Win for the Communists”

    Thats where my money lays..
    Faith and Hope are not in my vocab.

    Just my LiFES Experience.
    I have been Hearing the same shit from these pigs for A-looooong time.

    Nothin ever changes.
    They just do biz abit differently.

    The American People Do Not Have what it takes to get rid of the enemy with-in.

    Letting the Enemy Operate Openly and Freely with-in should be your first Clue.

    Till that stupidity stops, we are just on a Hamster Wheel.

    1. Exactly!
      The stupid from the right hurts even more, because we’re counting on these folks to step up and help, instead we deal with idiots who count on their cell phones to do everything for them (wait until they shut off the phones one night). Tell folks to smarten up and they laugh at you, they already know everything, and have the IQ of a porch monkey.
      Blind faith will get you killed, and that is exactly what the right is doing, they still have blind faith in the NRA, voting Republican and Faux News. Those 3 will fix everything, any day now…….Waiting on morons who are waiting on the gov’t to fix itself thru voting harder.
      What could possibly go wrong?

  3. This s–t really amuses me. We had a Presidential election blatantly, in you face, FY rubes, stolen less than a year ago. And people are still going out and pretending this s–t means something? Americans have to be the most stupid M—–f—–s on the face of the Earth.

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