Open Thread: Music For Freedom-Fighting, Volume I

Open thread; usual caveat to remember the surveillance climate and good sense.

Situation: The cusp of the Third American Revolution (a/k/a CW2) is upon us.

Mission: Since we can no longer rely on “popular” music to provide the soundtrack for SPORKYtime, let’s get a start on the tunes while comms are still up and dark humor is still just that.

Do include a link to the tune itself; we have a multi-generational coalition, after all.


190 thoughts on “Open Thread: Music For Freedom-Fighting, Volume I”

    1. We do not have a multi generational coalition. We younguns know damn well that the older folks hate our guts and always have since day one. We were blamed for ruining this country before we were old enough to shave. There is no coalition. There is no such thing as an “American” anymore. If, IF, this thing ever kicks off, it’ll be every man for himself.

    1. Puh-leeze. The FF are the biggest commie-lib shit-stains out there. Love their talent. Hate them for everything else. So sad when an artist one loves reveals their politics. Shut up and sing, I always say.

      1. But that’s the best part. ALL of these artists are essentially commies. Many songs are “anti-war” or something to that effect. I say, screw ’em! Do what the commies do, and use their own tactics against them! It’s a form of inversion. Take an “anti-war” song and invert it into a your own pro-war anthem! No artist can tell me how to feel when I play one of their songs. Screw ’em!

      1. that sucks. I’m a big fan of the Foo Fighters…

        hope you’re well 0321

        I’m fit to fight and weigh in at 170 lbs nekked this morning
        ********LEAN MEAN KILLING MACHINE*********

        the irons are fitted with Thermal, NV, and IR laser, and the Machine-MOI is bullet proof

        I’ve been training by hauling standing ash trees/logs out of the swamp and uphill 4 stories for the last month- every day…

        tfA-t is strong like bull and fearless like honey badger

        1. 6′ and 170 myself, 15 lbs heavier than when I got out in ’76 as a tough lean Recon Cpl.
          Planning a 10 day backpack thru YellowstoneNP next August, wanna go?

          Yeah, I liked FF too, but a Bolshie is still a Bolshie, can’t support that bullshit. Too many in my family died fighting the Commies for me to give in now. Ein Volk, ja?

        1. Yes!
          “The song starts off in a soft melodic setting, but it develops through multiple sections into heavier and faster speed metal sounds,[5] leading up to a tapping solo by Kirk Hammett,[6] and a dual guitar section by Hammett and James Hetfield.”
          What an understatement.

      1. And to switch things up a bit…

        CCR: Pagan Baby

        Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil

        The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

        Aerosmith – No More No More

        Bob Seger: Travelin Man / Beautiful Loser (Silver Bullet Live)

        John Fogerty – Rock And Roll Girls

        John Mellencamp – Pink Houses

        Steve Earle – Copperhead Road

  1. London Calling

    Lawyers Guns & money

    Ride of the Valkyries

    Silent Running

    (THIS an example of the finest wrought by European peoples):
    The Four Seasons, A. Vivaldi: Winter – Anastasiya Petryshak

    By GOD We’ll Have Our Home Again

    1. Dude! You just totally listed my combat Playlist from Iraq, in the order I had in on tape. Were you “in country” in early o5?

  2. May I suggest BONNIE BLUE FLAG? I believe it’s time to channel Luke Breckenridge, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Thomas Jonathan Jackson. Or, in my case, Samuel Whittemore. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

      1. So, I just realized that my Boogaloo Jams playlist is over two hours of music, total. I’m gonna have to figure out something to make it readily accessible for people to listen to, because it would be a disservice to everyone just to provide a long list of song titles and thereby obligate everyone to painstakingly look them all up one at a time. I’m gonna see what the upload limit on Gab TV is…

  3. Again….
    The basics.
    Get sober and hang with sober people.
    Get right with God. And our God ain’t no pussy.
    Get with your family.
    Get in shape.
    Get more guns and ammo.
    And remember, we are at war.
    And the only crime in war, is to lose.

  4. Simple Man by Lyrnrd Skynrd
    Flight of the Valkyrie, used in the movie, Apocalypse Now. (The helicopter attack scene.)
    Badlands by Springsteen.
    Voodoo Chile by Hendrix.

  5. Dope-Die Motherfucker Die
    Metallica-Devil’s Dance
    Metallica-Don’t Tread On Me
    AA Bondy-American Hearts
    Godsmack-Crying Like A Bitch
    John Hiatt-It’ll Come To You
    Lincoln Park-Given Up
    Megadeth-Symphony Of Destruction
    Rory Gallagher-Brute Force And Ignorance
    Rory Gallagher-Walking Wounded

  6. BTW…

    That Disney Greta meme……………FUHKING GOLD!!!!
    There is a version with text….

    “Ya’ll finna gestroy da earf”


    1. “For What It’s Worth” is another commie song, but it’s good. As is “Ohio”:

      Yes, another commiesucker song. But, it’s even better to take their commie songs and invert them to YOUR songs, having whatever meaning you want to attach to it. Slap them in their faces! Screw the commie artists!

      Speaking of which, invert this song, Fortunate Son, into an anti-commie anthem, and you’ll really have their heads spinning!

  7. Timely, as I’m working on an Apple Music playlist called (for now) “War Face.”

    It has some of the songs mentioned here, plus some other choice tunes:

    War Pigs: Black Sabbath
    Street Fighting Man: Stones*
    I Won’t Back Down: Tom Petty
    Gimme Back My Bullets: Skynyrd
    Cleaning my Gun: Mark Knopfler
    All Along The Watchtower: Hendrix
    Fortunate Son: Creedence
    Sunday Bloody Sunday: U2
    No More Mr. Nice Guy: Alice Cooper
    Back in The Saddle: Aerosmith
    Live and Let Die: Guns&Roses / Wings
    Born in the USA: Springsteen

    * BTW for this and the aforementioned “Sympathy for The Devil” I suggest the live versions from Get Your Ya Ya’s Out. Especially for SFTD. It is a bit more intense than the studio version and has some scorching guitar leads and drum licks traded back and forth by Taylor and Watts, with some Richards spice as well.

    Enjoy and motivate.

  8. Forgot Uncle Ted!

    Stormtroopers : Ted Nugent
    Hell Stranglehold too, because awesome.


  9. Bruce Cockburn (pronounced Cōburn), “If I Had A Rocket Launcher” (1984)

    Yeah, Bruce was a supporter of the communists in Central America at the time. But how many songs about blowin’ up s*** with rocket launchers are there?

    Here comes the helicopter — second time today
    Everybody scatters and hopes it goes away
    How many kids they’ve murdered only God can say
    If I had a rocket launcher … I’d make somebody pay

    I don’t believe in guarded borders and I don’t believe in hate
    I don’t believe in generals or their stinking torture states
    And when I talk with the survivors of things too sickening to relate
    If I had a rocket launcher … I would retaliate

    On the Rio Lacantun, one hundred thousand wait
    To fall down from starvation — or some less humane fate
    Cry for Guatemala, with a corpse in every gate
    If I had a rocket launcher … I would not hesitate

    I want to raise every voice — at least I’ve got to try
    Every time I think about it water rises to my eyes.
    Situation desperate, echoes of the victims cry
    If I had a rocket launcher … Some son of a bitch would die

  10. Well,will start with me favorite band Tull and the tune”The Third Hoorah”off of the album 1974’s Warchild:

    I will also choose a tune from thje early 90 by Crue,”Primal Scream”

    There are a lot of songs out there that get me chewing on concrete and sticking me tongue in light sockets and just ready to do whatever,these are just a sample.

    Some damn good choices so far from the posters,we can all kick back with a beer and a good soundtrack when the hard work is done.

  11. The cusp of CW2 is not upon us. We’ve been saying it’s literally just moments away for decades now. The enemy is too smart to engage us directly, and we are too weak to engage them at all. They control every institution, and we control nothing. The battle is done.

    1. The battle is within themselves. The marxists will eat themselves.

      “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected .”
      ― Sun Tzu

    1. > The Doors- The End

      I’m in here getting weaker, while Charlie is out there getting stronger.

  12. “Surprise, Surprise”- Cop Shoot Cop from “Ask Questions Later” on YouTube.

  13. Hatebreed – Live for This.

    Lamb of God – Anything from Ashes of the Wake.

    Soulfly – Jumpdafuckup.

  14. Wagner-Sigfrieds Funeral March
    “Gotterdammerung Act 3”
    Fear- Let’s Have a War
    Naked Raygun-Never Follow
    Circle Jerks-Forced Labor
    Nine Inch Nails-We’re In This Together
    Nine Inch Nails-The Day the World Went Away
    Bjork-Army of Me
    Iggy and the Stooges-Search and Destroy
    Ministry-Bad Blood
    Metric-Speed the Collapse

  15. Music for CW2
    Reckoning Day, Megadeth
    Native Son, John Hiatt
    Rise, Pantera (because Pantera had like 3 songs that were in the soundtrack for DOOM)
    No One To Depend On, Santana
    One Day Tomorrow, Edgar Winter (because you need a goal)
    IGY, Donald Fagen. What a beautiful world this will be.
    New Frontier, Donald Fagen. We’ve got to have some music …in the bunker
    Sons of 1984, Todd Rundgren. (Never forget that you people asked for this.)
    Goodnight Saigon(live), Billy Joel.
    The Pump, Jeff Beck. I always envision K2 mountain climbers on the outro of this song.
    Buckaroo, Buck Owens. Because we need a touchstone to Idiocracy.
    Trouble Every Day, Frank Zappa (from the Roxy and Elsewhere album)
    Don’t Take Me Alive, Steely Dan
    When The World Is Running Down, The Police
    Invisible Sun, The Police
    Europa, Santana. Because there’s a time to cry
    New Country, Jean Luc Ponty

    The Weight, The Band

    That ought to do for now.

  16. dying fetus – nothing left to pray for

    “Nothing Left To Pray For”

    Windswept wasteland
    Underneath a Balkan sky
    U.N. Peace plan?
    Just another fucking lie
    Why can’t we just kill them all
    My contempt is so deep, so strong
    5 fucking years through the blood
    And the tears
    The fuckers hitting us time to fuck
    Them all back
    No N.A.T.O., no peace, just total
    Fucking death
    Just killing and dying and
    Slaughter and pain
    We become what you hate
    We can not be expected to exist
    With them
    Beneath the cross slaves will pray
    No return to the past blood is on
    Our hands
    Burn their homes rape their lands
    Forced into the Adriatic, save our lives
    Europe is unconscious
    What the fuck are “Peace Troops” for?
    Time stands so still
    Gone, erased, and god forsaken
    Peace, a parable of war
    Now we wait for retribution
    God will punish them in time
    Spread the war from Croatia into Belgrade
    Kill and fucking kill some more
    Have we reached the ending?
    Nothing’s left alive
    And our fucking nation
    Will never survive
    God left us wanting
    (War that never ceased)
    What we never could have
    (Everlasting peace)
    3 fucking races
    (Religious enmity)
    One fucking land
    (For eternity)

  17. dying fetus
    “Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog”

    kill your mother and rape your dog!
    fuck these corporations and their fucking record stores,
    I don’t want my fucking paycheck feeding money whores
    these bastards flood the market with their fabricated shit,
    and laugh as this pathetic fucking music gets them rich…
    stay the fuck, right out of my life,
    I don’t need your, fucking advice,
    you don’t know what, our shit is all about,
    so don’t even try to figure it out,
    fuck your spice girls and your fucking pearl jam,
    its all a bunch a shit, I say, fuck it,
    fuck your dave matthews and your fucking rem,
    you god damned bitch, fucking clueless

  18. Pete @WRSA, sorry to change subject, but before comments end; these people who are fighting the school boards and hospitals, the ones speaking out against workplace vaxxing and being harassed, like the lady in VA who exposed the porn in the school books (she had to vacate her house due to threats), they need bodyguards.
    This is what the younger vets should be doing, protecting the whistle blowers from Boshie retribution. Professional SF type help, not just bubba with a gun.

  19. I will never forget on morning being on patrol in Baqubah Iraq. We got into a fire fight and the crazy ass gunner we had turned on “Dope’s, Die Mother Fucker” So yeah, that song was blazing in our truck and our CVC helmets…it was kinda epic.

  20. Mike + The Mechanics, “Silent Running” (1985)

    Take the children and yourself
    And hide out in the cellar
    By now the fighting will be close at hand

    Don’t believe the church and state
    And everything they tell you
    Believe in me, I’m with the high command

    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
    Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

    There’s a gun and ammunition
    Just inside the doorway
    Use it only in emergency

    Better you should pray to God
    The Father and the Spirit
    Will guide you and protect from up here

    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
    Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

    Swear allegiance to the flag
    Whatever flag they offer
    Never hint at what you really feel

    Teach the children quietly
    For some day sons and daughters
    Will rise up and fight while we stood still

    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
    Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

  21. Dire Straits, “Ride Across the River”, from ‘Brothers in Arms’ (1985)

    I’m a soldier of freedom in the army of the man
    Ah we are the chosen, we’re the partisan
    Well the cause it is noble and the cause it is just
    We are ready to pay with our lives if we must

    Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
    Ride across the river to the other side

    Now I’m a soldier of fortune, I’m a dog of war
    And we don’t give a damn who the killing is for
    Yeah it’s the same old story with a different name
    Death or glory, it’s the killing game

    Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
    Ride across the river to the other side

    Oh nothing gonna stop them as the day follows the night
    Right become a wrong, the left become the right
    And they sing as they march with their flags unfurled
    Today in the mountains, tomorrow the world

    Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
    Ride across the river to the other side

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