GVDL: “Freedom Pockets” And Other Good Stuff

Comment at https://americandigest.org/bill-whittle-no-retreat-baby-no-surrender/; do read all of the comments, and watch Whittle if you can bear it.

IMHO, the push by Whittle and others for more engagement in politics is misplaced.

Why would you play the con man’s own game?

Lack of imagination?

Like being robbed?

Unable to associate outcome with initiation?

Unwilling to face the fact that the GOP at all levels is nothing but gutless grifters trying to become full-fledged Reds?

All of that is not to say to dispense with surveillance of local politics.

Along with any tactical/operational necessities stemming therefrom.

The Bad People want you to play their game – because they know how to beat you every freaking time.

The Good But Dumb People (GBDP) want you to play the Bad People’s game – because, being Dumb, it is all they know. The GBDP demonstrate their intellectual deficits with a sincere but wildly deranged belief that if we “vote harderer”, Americans can beat the now-permanent electronic rigging of the ballot box.

How cute.

The Smart People recognize that the civics lessons they learned as children no longer apply in Clown World, and that the best move to make is to disengage (except for surveillance) from the current madness.

Aesop illustrates:


The surveillance aspect is needed to create the accountability files needed to discourage local Karens and Mitts from letting their authoritarian flag fly too vigorously.

Mrs. Crabapple may be the School Board chairperson, but she is not impervious to thermal and kinetic energy.

After a few such lessons, your own “freedom pocket” will start to flourish in the spirit of the Gadsden flag.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Or listen to the electorals like Whittle and do what they say.

I just thought you were smarter than that.