RFK Jr In Milan 13NOV2021


As the vaxx deaths climb over the next months, the wheels will be coming off the bus everywhere this totalitarian madness has been attempted.

Most terribly, the legislatures and the courts around the world will not enforce justice on the mass-murdering doctors and bureaucrats – for the judiciaries and the political “representatives” are part of the same evil scheme.

Murder will be punished.

The cover-ups of those murders will be punished.

The spreading of disinformation in support of those murders will be punished.

Those business men and women who designed and marketed these deadly vaccines will be punished.

Those whose jobs it was to prevent such occurrences and yet failed to act will be punished.

Those who understood the full scope of this global conspiracy and reveled in the Great Reset to be brought by all of this pain and suffering and death?

They too will be punished.

On this planet, in this life.

Count on it.