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  1. In response to one of the memes:

    “With the exception of Whites, the rule among the peoples of the world, whether residing in their homelands or settled in Western democracies, is ethnocentrism and moral particularism: they stick together and good means what is good for their ethnic group.”

  2. I see the woke mobs in the Blue Hives are rioting. This will be nothing compared to what is going to happen if those two guys in GA get a NG verdict for killing: “…the innocent black jogger.” PT and range time yesterday. PT and gun cleaning today. Get ready to rumble, Blue Staters. I will be watching the festivities via video here in Winterfell. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

    1. All western countries are governed by anti-western entities. Coincidence? I think not. The CIA plays with lots of election computers. World wide.

  3. Well I’m not sure but I wonder if this was a crumb thrown to appease the gun rights advocates; in that BLM would look pretty stupid holding up the three white guys as representative to their movement?

    Or maybe, just maybe, the intention is to use the shooting of these rioters to spur on violence across the nation?

    I guess we’ll see.

    1. You think 12 jurors were ordered to give a not guilty verdict by someone shadowy figure who wanted to toss us a crumb?

      If they’re really that large and in charge, then we might as well give up now. If every single victory we get, few as they are, are just crumbs they toss us, then we are already in prison.

  4. Knight Kyle makes good commies and restores some semblance of hope in the youth.
    Sandmann is another rarity in a sea of useless hiveborg idiots.
    Most of their generation has been raised to burn it all down by any means necessary but the Marxist indoctrination never works on 100% of the skulls full of mush. (H/T-El Rushbo)
    Have you seen the new bar drink meme?
    The Rittenhouse, a chaser followed by three shots.

    1. Do not forget that my generation has been blamed for the destruction since before we could even vote. The state of this country is not on the shoulders of anyone younger than 45.

    2. “Knight Kyle”….really?
      Cultist hero worship is a big part of why America is currently fucked.

      1. Yup, mindless groupies looking for another leader.
        Just look at the money wasted on worthless hats and shirts. They really are clueless.

  5. Those defamation lawsuits can, and should, go beyond the media, to the election campaign of the Dementor in Chief, and him individually, because “I approved this message.” Such things should have consequences.

    1. The only problem with that is, Dopey/Gropey would try to pay him with Crackheads paintings.

  6. I’m 71 and yesterday I found out at 8 AM that I have cancer. I’ve got my pre-elegibility letter from the VA for a hole, grave liner and headstone, I’ve prepaid the local death meister to take care of everything, the only finger the wife will have to lift is to call them and now she can take that around the world cruise she’s always wanted and I……..well I am now a lot more dangerous man than I was Thursday. And I gotta tell the truth. I’m feelin’ really good and invigorated. Get Some!

  7. man, i sure am glad i got my slice of the murkin pie and enjoyed every fucking bite…

    soon the rotting carcass will be nothing more than a pile of picked clean bones

    must suck to have to worry about what happens to the kids, the pretty wife, losing your job and home… 😉

    oh well, tfA-t doesn’t have those petty problems



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    … and maybe John Adams does as well?


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    Alec Baldwin, “kill their wives and children” (1998)



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    Pat Buchanan, The market must work for man, not the other way around (1988)


    … and Fred Reed saying the same thing in 2008


    … and 2010


    The Law Of Unintended Consequences In Action


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    1776 – 2021


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