Thanksgiving Meme Dump And Open Thread

Thanks to everyone for your readership and contributions both this year and throughout the years.

May next year bring us more Normie awakenings, more Commie overreach and failures, and a growing acceptance that the factions across the former USA can no longer live with each other.


20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Meme Dump And Open Thread”

  1. Have a peaceful Thanksgiving comrades! A day of respite perhaps. Dont let the bastards fuck it up.


  2. I’m driving from Calif. to Memphis, haven’t celebrated a holiday in over 15 years. Don’t miss it, but I do miss time with friends and family.

  3. Currently with the family at their abode. Wearing my M&P 45 Shield and two spare mags concealed. There will be no successful violent acts perpetrated here.

  4. tfA-t is all knowing and All Great

    he has foretold of the Great Cull of 300 million useless-as-fuck murkin losers- and he will be proven correct yet again…

    woe and sorrow on those who doubted and mocked his visions

    300 million spike proteins injected and progressing nicely 🙂

    truly a day to Give Thanks for his insights

    He has spoken

    1. Yup, one giant political circle jerk and the masses still haven’t figured it out yet. Most of them refuse to believe they’re being played. And still let themselves be led around by the nose, by their false prophets.
      You called it, dead on.
      Get my email from Pete.

    2. Stopped at a CostCo in Wisconsin and the muffin nuckers wanted me masked at the cashier, been in the store over an hour and lots of dirty looks from the older boomers and greatest gens. couldn’t believe everybody had a fricken mask. California 50% maskensitis but not “required.”
      Ignore all this vaxx port nonsense, it’s to shut down the “supply chain,” communications and transportation.
      Thank you tfA-t

  5. Have a good day off from the madness. Back at it tomorrow. Believe it or not we won all the arguments – the tricky part will be manifesting it in the real world.

  6. Sir,

    I want to take this opportunity to wish for you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving !

    It is difficult for me to fathom how quickly the years have passed since I discovered your blog. Your perseverance maintaining WRSA is quite the accomplishment.

    Thank you for all you have done over the years.

      1. Same here Pete, thanks for years of awakening, from Sipsey St. to Worland, you’ve been a light in the dark for many of us.
        Hope you have a tight AO.

  7. Certainly been interesting “face to face debating” this
    past year 🙂
    Happy ThanksGiving to you all and His Comfort & Patience
    be with each of you.

    Eyes Right…

  8. CA,
    Hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving along with everyone else here. Thanks for your perseverance in keeping WRSA “in the fight” during the dark days after Sipsey St. and all the normies thinking they were voting their way out of this shit.

    All the best. Keep up the great work.

    Grey Ghost


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