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    1. I don’t routinely use the term Biden Occupation Government (or “BOG”) just to piss off libtards, though that is always enjoyable. It’s more important as a habit to keep in mind the essential nature of our situation: we are an occupied nation.

      The Biden Occupation Government is as vicious, evil and repugnant to our nation’s true existence as the hated Vichy government of France was to the French people in WW2.

      Now imagine two groups, in Vichy France. One is a group of collaborationists, the other patriotic Frenchmen appalled by the Nazi backed Vichy regime. For the sake of example, assume both have impeccable credentials as leading citizens, and no history of, or interest in, violence of any sort.

      Think of the two groups as if they had derrived from two formerly similar and friendly civic associations.

      Call the Collaborationists the French Rotary Club and the Resistance Faction the French Lions Club. (With no aspersions intended to the US version of either).

      Now, imagine on two Saturdays in December these groups call the new Vichy Governor of the town. The Rotary Club calls first and says: “Hello Gov. Pierre, we at the Rotary Club would like to have a small demonstration in favor of German-French friendship and cooperation in front of City Hall next Saturday. What do you think?” And of course, not only would they be allowed to have their protest, but the media would come and cover it, the Mayor and Vichy city council would make some approving remarks about it, and the organizers would be rewarded with at least the appreciation of the Regime, if not a case of wine.

      Then, a week after this the Lions club President calls the Mayor, whom he also knows from events in the past. The Lions club President, Louis says: “Hello, Gov. Pierre, we saw that demonstration last week, and we’d like to have one of our own. What do you say, noon on Saturday in front of City Hall, just like the Rotarian event last week?”

      Pierre didn’t get to be the head of the Occupation government in his city by being nice, ethical, truthful or fair. He immediately sees the opportunity, and says to Louis: “Sure, it’s your city too, friend. I know you don’t approve of the Vichy Government, but you can come have your demonstration too. Saturday at noon is fine.”

      Of course when Louis and his Lions Club members show up, a fine upstanding group of men in their fifties, sixties and seventies there is a surprise waiting for them. The SS have been notified, and the French Police as well. No sooner does the first speech begin than an organized mob rushes the protesters, beating them with sticks. They are driven from the plaza, but there is nowhere to run. The Vichy police are already in all the adjoining streets, as the flee they are seized and arrested, thrown into wagons, and taken to the central jail, a dingy 18th century affair, fully deserving of the term dungeon that the locals refer to it with. Once there the worst is yet to come. Enthusiastic SS officers lead in the questioning, which features what they Nazi experts demurely term “enhanced interrogation techniques”. Many of the Lions club members are never seen again by their friends and family.

      Now, reading this you might say: “why would Louis, the Lions Club President be so stupid as to lead his friends into a trap?”

      Well he didn’t see it that way. He’d known Gov. Pierre for years prior to his elevation. He seemed like just another French bureaucrat, not a bad fellow. But evil is often banal in external appearance. Louis would have been put off by the SS Colonel, in his black leather and wool uniform festooned with Swastikas, deaths-heads and pagan runes of all sorts. No one would ever be so stupid as to think one could get a fair shake from such a man. But Gov. Pierre still favored the double-breasted blue pinstripe suits he had always worn.


      We have to all be realistic now. There is no fairness on offer from the Occupation Government. There should be no expectation that because their supporters can do things (even outrageous things, like riot and arson) that we, the legitimate patriotic resistance, will be allowed to do anything similar.

      Our best and only way forward is the two-prong approach developed and used by many liberation movements of philosophically aligned (but not visibly connected) side-by-side organizations.

      One Side: The Guerilla Wing.

      Cellular units organized for resistance operations (of whatever type, from pamphleting, to strikes, to flash protests, to kinetic operations.) None of those doing these things should ever pre-communicate actions with the authorities, just on general principles.

      They (the BOG and the aligned State and local Governments) are an illegitimate, occupation government. You hide from them, run from them, oppose them, fight them directly if you must.

      But expect no mercy or fairness from them, their fake courts, their corrupt party District Attorneys, and their vile media sycophants. One must assume, that regardless of prior club memberships anyone in a position of power in any government in the FUSA is ultimately beholden to the BOG high command.

      Unless they have proven otherwise by providing ongoing support to your rebellion, and even then, be wary of plants and moles and even merely the weak willed, who will perhaps change sides when they are discovered and threatened.

      The Other Side: The Political Wing.

      A pure political and propaganda operation, which can take different forms. But there must be a few people who speak for the Resistance, but at a distance. In some cases these have been constructed as a “Government in Exile”, living in a friendly foreign country (or perhaps in the USA a Dark Red enclave like Idaho). In other cases the operate openly in the Occupied Territores.

      They should clearly say over and over “we seek a political solution. We disavow violence in supporting our cause. We deplore terrrorism and assassination and implore both sides to cease.” The

      The IRA, both the original Zionists and the PLO, Cuban exiles, Mandela’s ANC, even America’s founders all have made good use of the two-tier tactic.

      There always needs to be someone to negotiate with, and that can’t be “Commander Alpha” who has led the guerilla operations for years. It needs to be the other fellow. Israel negotiated with Arafat, not with the guys who attacked the Munich Olympics.

      We lack a political unit right now, and they have importance in articulating the goals of the larger cellular-resistance movement. What is it all about really? As a loosely confederated group of groups we still lack a clear vision, hopefully we can develop one soon. And hopefully someone is able to articulate it, and stand up as the nice looking, reasonable sounding advocate for it. (The continued existence of our people and our Republic as bequeathed to us by our ancestors and founders. Self determination, separation and partition possibly.)

      But a bunch of Tea Party types showing up to “demonstrate” is as foolish and naive as the French Resistance expecting the Vichy government to respect their right to rally against Nazis.

      We are well past that. Especially in places like Washington D.C.

      D.C. needs to be boycotted. No more class trips from Red State 9th grade classes to the rotten core of the Occupation Government. Ideally even companies and truckers would refuse to service people in the D.C. (including the Civil Service infused counties of Virginia and Maryland). Just don’t sell eggs to them anymore.

      Stop thinking what works for the Left – their tactics – can work for us. There is no level playing field in this conflict. We are not one nation, vigorously disputing facts and policies. We are a nation broken and occupied by vile, revolting Communist aligned creepazoids who would just as soon genocide us as see us.

      YES, they have effectively abrogated our right to protest, particularly in their Biden Occupation Controlled Areas. ( the “BOCAs”, another good term to internalize)

      Develop the habit-of mind. Speak often with friends and confidants about the evil of the Biden Occupation Government. (Or “The Blues” if you prefer).

  1. Be aware. Anything you post here will be used against you in a court of law. Its time to use alternative secure coms. Peaceful action is done.

  2. The answer to the questions is Yes.
    The answer to the unasked question is LOCAL, as in local permissive environments.

  3. Feel free to list all times and places where a peaceful public demonstration accomplished…anything positive.
    Show all work.
    Tell us how a really pissed off crowd convinced King George the colonies should be turned loose.
    Then explain which rally it was that either freed the slaves, or successfully defended states’ rights. IDGAF which side you attempt.
    Which rally was it that forced the Kaiser to surrender? Or Hitler? Or Tojo?
    Which protest march ended the Vietnam War?
    How many rallies did it take to accomplish the fall of the Berlin Wall?
    Which one outlawed abortion?
    Which one secured the southern border?
    Lowered taxes?
    Put the currency on a sound financial footing?
    Got the 16th Amendment repealed?
    Eliminated the designated hitter rule?
    Brought back Firefly?
    Got The View cancelled?

    They’re all, nothing but a colossal waste of fucking time, energy, finances, resources, and effort.
    Just a ginormous circle jerk followed by a fiery speech to the all-star choir of whatever movement you’re heading.
    Panhandling would be more honest, and less wasteful all around.

    If you want to all get together, rent a blimp, and piss on the Capitol from above, now you’re talking. That, at least, I could respect.
    Organize naked skydiving that included a pre-flight chug of Metamucil, and organized high-altitude tailpipe squirts on an outdoor White House press conference, and I’d contribute to your bail fund.

    But get a group cluster-f**k together, and organize ten thousand monkeys to fornicate as many footballs, to show TPTB…anything?
    Yeah, have fun storming the castle. Re-arranging my sock drawer scores higher on my “Things To Do” list.

    What a field day for the Heat
    a thousand people in the street
    singing songs and a-carrying signs
    that mostly say “Hooray For Our Side!”

    FFS, Steven Stills – card-carrying prophet of The Movement – figured out the whole charade was nothing but ass-gas in 1966, two years before most of America even gave a sh*t about Vietnam.

    And you still want to play that game 55 years later?
    Get. A. F**king. Clue.

    How many people do you have to protect your house, and your block, from a mob, right now, on five minutes’ notice?
    Who are the Usual Suspects in your county, city, and neighborhood?
    Where do they live?
    Where does their money come from?
    (Why don’t you know any of that, in 99% of all cases?)
    What’s your plan to stop them long before they’re on your front porch?
    (Do you even have one of those?)
    What’s your Alternate plan?
    What’s your Contingency plan?
    What’s your Emergency (“O shit, things have gone all to Hell!“)Plan?
    Don’t have any of those, do you?
    How many months’ food, water, power and fuel, medical supplies, tools, etc. do you have in hand?

    So maybe get all that sh*t in one bag, before you think you have the time, money, gas, and energy to spare to go the local community circle jerk, to piss into the wind.

    Throwing snowballs at sentries in Boston didn’t fight for free speech, let alone freedom, but it got five men killed, for absolutely nothing in return.
    Stop being perpetual f**k-ups, and learn that lesson. We’ve had 245 years, and for far too many people, it still hasn’t sunk in yet.
    You want to have a rally? Get together all the people for whom that penny hasn’t dropped, and have them go punch their history teachers in the mouth, for failing to instill in them that single lesson, to such a monumentally abject level of stupid.

    That’s the only rally worth holding, at this point in current affairs.

    1. and which one of you “patriot resistors” are saying who’s REALLY behind the whole damned thing and always has been throughout history ?

      It’s the FUCKING JEWS

      I agree with you on all points Aesop, but you/we have already lost if you don’t get a fucking real clue on this point. The EVIDENCE is overwhelming.

    2. More cornnuts and beers.

      Start at your fucking hose bibb and look outward. Make your list.

    3. Dharasana Satyagraha.

      Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

      Both brought the British to their knees in India and shaped even the great Winston Churchill’s opinion about his own country’s actions. Yeah, the eventual victors suffered injuries and deaths, but the discussion at hand is what can we do as far as speech and assembly before going to war.

      Vietnam War, USA. Those protests caused the government to end the war even though our soldiers were winning with their hands tied behind their backs. You asked for an example of successful protests, most Americans would say that those protests were successful in achieving a larger objective, even though we don’t agree with that objective.

      Community defense? Jack Lawson’s book purchased here on this site.

      Contingency plans and supplies? Growing larger by the month.

      We haven’t ever learned how to win politically; how to organize or control narratives; how to demonstrate; it’s a function of our preoccupation with doing good things: working, raising children and so on.

      Why so we suck at politics? Why do so many people fall for the pandemic ruse and assist the enemy’s political objectives by doing so?

      Don’t talk about OPSEC; I don’t want that done here. I want us to talk about how we can publicly reclaim our constitutional rights without having to fall into a real trap that is designed to imprison patriots. I have no guilt about challenging the tyrants by calling them out for employing legal and constitutional tactics which have brought them to this point in time, while they have no qualms about denying those same rights to a different group of people today. I’m talking to you, ACLU!

      We have that right and we need not hide in hidden places to have those rights returned to us. You can give up on that, but we need more people to feel the same way.

      We know they are tyrants and they know it. I believe that the tide is shifting in terms of public opinion. So let’s turn up the heat.

      You know the one thing that is the undoing for collectivists? They played their hand too fast! That’s right, they could have continued the slowly boiling frog for just one more—a half a generation more—of American progressivism and had all that they wanted. But like a pervert who cannot control his impulses, they struck too soon, and they messed with the wrong people: parents!

      It will be their undoing.

      1. I’m accused by NCS of being a Social Media Jerk Off for not bringing any solution to the table, kinda like out good friend tfAt. I’m probably one of the few here ever trained in Counter Guerrilla Warfare at Ft. Bragg, learned a shit ton of good info fron 5th and 7th SFG (along with 2 former SOG intructors) and the key to teaching is having a willing audience (I’ve worked with 1st, 5th, 7th, 10th, and 19th SFG, so I’m no newcomer to their line of work). Ever since Y2K I’ve been trying to get team together, NOBODY is interested, I can divide them into 2 groups, those who think Big Brother is their friend and they will vote their way to freedom, and those who have a policy with the Jesus Insurance Co, reality doesn’t apply to them since they’re waiting for their elevator when things go downhill.
        The few who call themselves militia types in my small town are mental cases, driving around with “look at me” Confederate flags and open carrying in some cheap Uncle Mike thigh rig. I’m pretty astute at finding someone who actually knows their art, have barely met anyone of that description.
        As I said 10 yrs ago and since, you will have to wait for the dust to settle, and what emerges from the ashes is what you will build team from. Until then, nobody really gives a fuck it’s going to collapse, they’re too busy watching football and filling their pie holes. My own sister got vaxxed so she could travel to Europe this summer. Brain dead wannabes are not going to be there when you need them, , they’re 90/10’s, 90% show and 10% go.
        Right now, I’m going to sit back and watch the masses destroy themselves, chasing media squirrels and being lied to by the Boshevik media, and their enablers in the paytriot community. Too fuk’n stupid to know who their real enemy is. As someone just said, the evidence is overwhelming, if you open your eyes and mind. It’s right there in your face, 24/7. But heh, keep playing the denial game, it will serve you well.

        1. ncs is a jesus idiot
          anyone waiting for some fictitious savior to strike down their “evil” enemy is a complete FOOL


          but hey, kneel down like a retard and pray to your imaginary god

          tfA-t will sit back and laugh as your head is lopped off…

      2. Dear Thomas V.,

        And both those named events held an enemy to his own high moral standards.
        Of which your current enemy has none.
        So you’re arguing for a tactic guaranteed to fail, epically.
        Oh, and there’s the “massacre” part, BTW. Volunteering to be one of the thousand honored dead, are you? Or did you mean to volunteer some other thousand schlubs to do the dirty work on your behalf?
        {cf.:Judean People’s Front}
        And which events you cited took place in 1919, and 1930, leading only circuitously if at all to Indian independence only twenty-eight years later, in 1947. Bravo. Well-played.
        Our own Civil War was over in four years. Our War for Independence in seven.
        So you would go for a tactic guaranteed to fail epically, and counsel waiting the time period achieved by multiplying the timespans of the two greatest conflicts on American soil times each other, against an enemy absolutely unmoved by the moral suasion achieved against British colonial rule in India.
        This is basically the Dumb and Dumber Dating Strategy:
        “So you’re saying ‘There’s A Chance!‘”

        The Vietnam protest movement- which already fails the standard on the grounds that it was anything but peaceful – induced no such thing as the ending of the Vietnam War, until we first carpet-bombed North Vietnam to the point of literal non-existence.
        Then they finally fell all over themselves to sue for peace.

        Once we left, the Left hamstrung and removed Nixon, who ended the war, rather than starting it; and seeing their opportunity once he was gone, the Asian communists, as ever, reneged on all their promises, while the Left in this country watched them steamroll South Vietnam, and Cambodia, and begin the Killing Fields in earnest in both countries for the next decade or so. The Vietnam War didn’t end in 1973, or 1975.
        It ended when the last anti-Communist there was killed or sent into exile.
        And Vietnam Syndrome sent this country into a international tailspin that went on for another eight years, prolonged the Cold War by nearly two decades, and invited further communist adventurism from Afghanistan to Africa to most of South and Central America.
        But for Reagan and a Silent Majority’s comeback, we’d have been Venezuela forty years ago, and were certainly well on our way in 1979, with double digit unemployment and inflation.
        You could look it up. While you’re at the dictionary, look up ‘”pyrhhic”.

        Just because the Left refuses to own that outcome to this day doesn’t make it a success. And just because you see those demonstrations as peaceful – when in fact they were the most violent time in America since the Civil War – doesn’t make it so.

        Move Gandhian non-violent protest to Berlin circa 1938, or Moscow 1955, and tell the class how it works out for Mahatma’s followers then.

        And better luck running the kind of bombing and terror campaign witnessed in America from 1966-1980 or so. I’m sure the FBI and the rest of the three-letter-agency soup won’t hunt you down like rabid dogs for trying to replicate that little effort.

        But hey, best wishes with organizing public rallies. And by all means, VOTE MOAR HARDER! because that’ll definitely work for ya.

        Like is has so far. How was 2020 for you? Elections turn out like you’d hoped, did they?

        The sooner people wrap their heads around the idea that the only way this is ever actually resolved is shooting the motherfuckers responsible in the face, the sooner we stop fingerfucking around with the dumbass and half-ass attempts to get there on the cheap. Then we can discuss whether that lemon is worth the squeeze, or not. But imagining you’re going to rally and vote your way out of the socialist nightmare being inflicted upon us is nothing but a fool’s errand. Whether you’re just the guy to do that, I leave to you. I don’t know you, so I cannot say.

        But thanks for highlighting, underlining, and using a bullhorn to explain why peaceful protest is a total and utter waste of anyone’s time.

        The only solution to the current situation is the Carthaginian Solution, Circa the Third Punic War.

        Look up the Fourth Punic War for reference.

  4. Sand in the gears.

    Small scale protests with short notice.
    — They can’t counter protest what they cannot react to in their OODA loop.

    Target local centers of the tyranny

    Show up protest and move on before they can react.

    Organize locally

    1. PROTESTS are a WASTE of time. It’s the worst kind, of all the kinds, of impotent LARPing there is.

  5. Meet up with good folks?
    Training with good folks?
    Keep it simple

  6. So Robert has demonstrated exactly what the original quote was about and throttled his free speech. We are all in the Gulag Archipelago now.

    Not ad hom’ing Robert, but readers here should understand we are already categorized and collated into neat little .gov categories. Falling back on “muh anonymity” shows a failure to understand just how far gone things are. The “Yon Principle” (adjust your paradigm) applies.

  7. There is no point massing bodies. I must be taken for granted they will be inflitrated. Also, the powers that be lie about demonstrations and don’t take them seriously (as needed feedback) anyway. We can complain they took away our right to assembly, or we can learn to assemble and to press forward with our cause another way.

  8. There is a reason protests on our side won’t work.

    The Febs won’t shoot BLM, PANTIFA or any other Black Block organization because they are the foot soldiers for the deep state.

    Us, on the other hand, would get mowed down like grass…

    1. Antifa (white commie Inc), BLM, and all the assorted woke avengers don’t protest, THEY RIOT, regularly practicing the ancient art of scorched earth while street fighting.

  9. Australians have been marching and protesting for months, their government is now rounding people up with the military and placing them into quarantine camps.

    Playing in the streets accomplishes little, if you feel the need for it, play on home turf.

    1. Americans can play in the street according to the Second Amendment., not to mention the Rittenhouse verdict. Self defense is not a crime and cannot—repeat—cannot be a crime. Now, back to flexing those First Amendment muscles. It’s legal, so expose tyranny. Is it too late? I wouldn’t be commenting here if I believed that.

      PanFaWar . Can we stop it? 🙏

  10. Even if what transpired 06JAN21 (at the Capitol) had not been a fedgov entrapment party, any and all PROTESTS are a WASTE of time. It’s the worst kind, of all the kinds, of impotent LARPing there is.

    1. It works. Ask the other guys. Our problem is we aren’t wired the way they are, or maybe we’re lazy, or maybe not plain nuts.

        Antifa (white commie Inc), BLM, and the assortment of woke avengers don’t protest, THEY RIOT, regularly practicing the ancient art of scorched earth while street fighting.
        A required and necessary force of arms, applied to a specific problem, in the right place, at the right time, is what yields results, NOT PROTESTS.

      2. No, they don’t, and if you imagine otherwise, you’re not tall enough for this discussion.
        You’re trying to get where you want to be by lazy thinking and lazy reasoning, and imagining that dilettantes ever accomplished anything worthwhile, or ever could.

        No one ever slouched their way to liberty, and rallies, as Jaques has noted, are nothing but trying to LARP your way to freedom.

        Think harder. Or, at all.

  11. Just do the opposite of what they say. Buy what they don’t want you to and sell what they don’t want. Same with vax, green nonsense etc.
    The beast is flailing and desperate to install the Matrix before their old system collapses. Hold the line lads – no stupid prizes.
    No matter how many books the revisionists write, Germany will always be wrong for swinging first.

  12. if you or your group have, or are in debt, you have no standing to be free and enjoy liberty

    if you can’t control your own gayborhoods, you certainly can’t control the local gubmint

    tfA-t says- lay low and let the other guy waste his time, resources, and efforts

    because you won’t make one iota of difference to what is coming other than advance your own demise

    your gaybors are wearing masks and rolling their sleeves up again to take the commies death poison

    are these the folks you would risk your life and freedom for?

    don’t be a statistic, there is no stopping anything- you simply can’t compete with Gates, Schawb, and Soros- they have more $ than all of us put together…

    money talks and bullshit walks- start walking

    must suck to have a wife and kids right about now 🙂


    1. Why did the listerine drinkers take your firewood? I thought you were all buddies, drank coffee together and such.

      Thanks for the great financial advice Mr Ramsey. Money sure will be important when they come to administer your mandatory jab. Your firewood buddies know the way to your place and will pick it clean once your gone. All that will remain will be these thin trails on the internet of you getting your chops smacked and your ass turning red.

      As ever, eat some shit you weak ass pogue.
      His grace, the Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe.

        1. Some folks really can’t wrap their mind around mental freedom, the act of ignoring control freaks, and sheep who need to follow a shepherd.
          I like solitude, mental and physical. Spending the day in the dark woods, and the only tracks you find are grizzly and moose, that’s living. Hanging out with other sheep……baaaaaad.

          1. Agreed

            I find most peepul entirely distracting and irritating

            They are the very definition of ignorant and boring

            There’s so much to be said for quiet and stillness- something those with families will never understand or enjoy. Instead they get the daily grind of others noise, problems, failure, and disappointment- year in year out

            No wonder men die at earlier ages than wahman, it’s because they have had enough..

            Most will NEVER master their own lives, they are too busy cleaning up the disasters of their spouses and spawns…

            tfA-t is a Master at life- skilled beyond words

            Been there- DONE that

            Pete, please forward my addy to 0321

    2. The real criminals need to pay for what they’ve done, and I’m not even referring to any of the scamdemic shit. What, they just keep getting a pass, as always.

  13. Well, we sure are in a shit-mess. I’ve got no solutions. Couple ideas — one, a slow way, the other the fast train:

    Shut it all down. Emergency services, transportation, defense, food production, manufacturing (what’s left), energy production, everything.

    If the coastal cities want to rule over the rest of the country by dictate then let them eat covid.

    The covidian cult can provide for their own needs. Fook ’em.

    Time to answer the call for a 2 tier society.

    Producers stick together and say NO to mandates. Blue hives, MSM, colleges, woke-corps can go fook themselves. OR,

    B) The shit-cauldron keeps boiling up and eventually overflows and gets kinetic at some point and at some locale. Boiling hot shit spreads mighty quick.

    1. ^^^^ This. Shut it all down. Truckers. Stop trucking everything. Food and fuel to start. TPTB and their lackeys in the MSM have been lying to us for weeks about empty shelves in stores. Make it reality. Imagine how the blue hive tyrants will quell unrest when, after 3-4 days without food, their citizens drag them out of city hall or the governor’s mansion and tar and feather them.

      There’s all kinds of sand in the gears actions that can be taken to let the various .gov organizations know that The People aren’t putting up with their BS any longer. Just don’t destroy a lot of the basic infrastructure. Make it non-functional and difficult to figure out what to fix to get it working again.

      1. I grew up in the 1960s watching this kind of stuff on TV every evening. I especially remember Vietnam. It was the first “televised war” with real-time nightly body counts. That was when the “hippies”, i.e. “liberal progressives”, or whatever bullshit name you want to use, discovered the power of the media and took over the institutions. As Bracken would say, the Long March through the institutions. I will never forget that evil SOB Walter Cronkite “the most trusted man in America” who later said after retiring, “I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.”. He was the voice of America for many years. Respected and trusted. Working for the enemy the entire time. The number one lesson from that period? “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

  14. Ye of little vision…..

    There is plenty of reasons to still mass bodies.
    They are training exercises.
    They are establishing a pattern that our enemies will watch, follow and go exactly where we want them when we decide to transition from shaping to decisive.
    They are intel collection magnets. NOT for our enemies, but for us.
    They build our skills in organization, vetting, mobilization and security.

    The protest itself, yeah its not going to move the needle with those political animals, but the purpose is much deeper than you think and you should start seeing it that way.

    1. And each one – even the most “cucked” to some eyes – is a chance for newbs to actually step off the porch – a little bit.

      Stress inoculation is a REALLY BIG thing.

      1. There is no either/or in yours, and Grenadier1’s thinking. Yes, both/and, but that means thinking with both sides of the brain. Thank you, sir.

    2. Yes, there must be some validity for exercising those First Amendment rights, and you mention something that I had not thought of . Thank you for including that.

    3. Grenadier 1, well said. My wife got involved with the groups battling the (actual) vaccines in NY 5 years ago. Filled up the State house in Albany a few times hounding the critters there. Out of 19 million people in NY it was always roughly 50% Hasid Jews demonstrating up there. If some goyim jew experts came in comparable numbers this crap would never have got this far. Zev Zelenko is not an outlier – these people are relentless.
      We made solid contacts with people then giving us the wherewithal to battle the current ‘mandates’. My daughter after 2 months of wrangling , got a religious exemption out of a NYC based college which everyone said ‘couldn’t be done’. The involvement in civic action had us well prepared for the covid psyop. Whatever works – everybody can do something. The USSR fizzled with relatively little war. Are we such savages that we can’t do things smart rather than hard?

    4. No, not “is”.

      Can be.

      To be such would have required about another 120 IQ points apiece for the organizers of any of the last 5 failed rallies.
      Starting with doing all the multiple things in advance they failed to do, because some jackass got the half-bright idea that “protests work!”, as if magic was involved. You’re trying to apply rules of three-dimensional chess to people with checkers strategy minds.

      They didn’t even have their own shit in one bag, let alone think to use their LARPs for intel collection, and a literal encyclopedia of doxxed libtards for public or private dissemination.
      That they could have, but didn’t, only underlines their manifest failures.

      And CA, stress inoculation is a thing, but it tends to fail when the initial stressor is a punch in the face.
      As Moldylocks learned to her chagrin. She is now an ex-rallier, for that very reason.

      I would not repeat the experiment in reverse, for any potential candidates.
      The model you want is Red Flag, where you learn how not to fail by failing without actually becoming a casualty, and learning from those mistakes.
      Not by the model of an enforced visit to the DC federal jail, where you get suckered into interminable months in the New Gulag without bail, followed by a show trial, and a ruined life.
      Those people aren’t “inoculated”, they’re the political version of VAERS quadriplegics, stroke, and heart attack victims.


  15. Demonstrations unless they are Mass civil disobedience are useless. I mean the kind of numbers that surround the military…Unless you have that what’s the use? We’ve seen the tyrants steamroll over demonstrators like the WW1 vets for 100 years to no effect.

    However if we sit back and just let them crash is and kill millions of us we have failed as a civilization. The govt minions in your AO are known and very toothless compared to DC. What if only DC remained of Federal power?

    In my life personally, if someone openly stated they wanted to hurt me and kill me and were taking the steps to doing just that I wouldn’t and have not retreated or sat back and let it occur. I put a stop to it. It’s time to nut up. What, did you think you were all gonna live forever? It either gets bloody with a lot of ours and all of theirs or none of theirs and all of ours. It’s time to choose.

  16. At this point in time, talk and debate are useless. Always refer back to some of the observations posted on this site: THE PEOPLE WHO WISH TO DESTROY YOU HAVE NAMES AND ADDRESSES. THE GREATEST DANGERS YOU FACE AT THE MOMENT ARE WITHIN FIVE MILES OF YOUR HOME. Plan accordingly. Read or re-read CIVIL WAR TWO – Thomas Chittum. Plan accoridngly. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Sehr gut Dweez,
      Pete has given us proper intructions for yrs, and no one takes Johan Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote to heart.
      The sweeping must begin in front of your own door. What could be any simpler?
      Absofuk’nlutely no reason to drive hours to attend rallies and end up being photographed 20-30x by traffic cameras, sweep locally. It’s a filty dirty environment.

  17. not one of you fuckers named the (((real enemy))) nor even hinted at it.

    It’s not possible to win this war without knowing who’s behind all this mess.

    Nail is already in our coffins due to this lack of understanding.

    1. You’re new here, many of us have named the Bolshevik jew as the enemy of white Christianity, the masses won’t listen. They’re under the spell of the Bolshevik revisionists and media.
      Sucks to be them.

      1. Even worse for many white Christians is that they’ve bought the
        Scofield Bible hoax hook line and sinker and as such, they’ve been
        completely hoodwinked into the indoctrinated crapaganda that
        the jews and the Rothschild’s corporate/military terrorist colony
        ‘israel’ are their greatest friends.

        For those who don’t know about this, here’s some links:

        The Greatest Hoax – Cyrus Scofeld: Who Was He?

        John Hagee, the Scofield Bible, and the Israel Delusion

        Such Christians may want to know where they stand in regard to the jews Noahide Laws…

        The Noahide Laws: Zionism Exposed

        Jewish Noahide Laws Passed by Congress Are for Beheading Christians – Brutal Proof

        At least the moslems (the jews middle eastern cousins) are for the most part open
        and honest about their thoughts and feelings regarding infidels.

        For the newbies here, be advised that the Globalist jewish banksters HAVE been running
        America for quite some time and the bolshevists/zionists (especially antifa and burn-loot & murder) ARE their footsoldiers…all protected by THEIR enforcement tentacles such as the ‘Just Us’ dept and FBI and state and local badged orcs and orcettes.

        There is no ‘democrat’ vs. ‘republican’, it’s ALL Uniparty via their contrived Kabuki political Theater yet the great majority of the NPC’s/normie Hu-Lemming sheeple still believe the indoctrinated ‘narrative’ and dutifully enter the theater tent to grant unthinking legitimacy to the Globalist bankster parasite class’s owned corporate employees once every two or four years under the deceived illusion that they’re making a ‘difference’

        Dr. Carroll Quigley in his “Tragedy & Hope” proved them wrong but for the most part
        the NPC’s/normie Hu-Lemming sheeple don’t know about him nor have they read his
        book…if they read at all…


        The great 2010 payt-REEEE-O-t larpfest in Richmond VA showed how successful
        that was…and the Uniparty playing out it’s game last November should have been
        a cold slap of reality in the NPC’s/normies faces…especially since the enemy owned
        media in the form of ‘Time Magazine’ threw the truth in their faces for all to see.

        People will continue to tolerate their own self-inflicted tyranny until
        they grow beyond their fear and indoctrinated status.

        Will it take seeing their children die from heart attacks or worse delivered
        by experimental injected gene therapies..or being rounded up as ‘the unvaxxed’
        and sent by force into ‘Wellness Gulag Centers’ as they’re now doing openly in
        the re-instituted British penal colony of Australia?

        Time will only tell….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  18. I think there is some utility in meeting up in a group to “protest.” You can gain experience in small unit ops without having to tote a rifle around, and you can exercise comm plans, get used to working with overwatch, practice local intel gathering during the event, all the things AESOP has talked about in his posts talking about what it takes to play street theater PROPERLY.


    Stay out of blue territories when you do. DC is out, Portland is out, Seattle is out, they WILL use all the power of government to destroy everyone and anyone who goes. This is not to say that you can’t do the same thing in Coeur D’Alene, ID or Rapid City, SD. Places where the local authorities are not adamantly hostile to you, or your cause. At the very least, they won’t order the police to push you out of your demonstration area right into a massive crowd of Antifa, like happened at Charlottesville. Protesting doesn’t work to change minds, but the act of protesting doesn’t have to be about protesting, per se. I’ve seen detailed video analysis of Antifa doing their thing (Chicago PD had a great one a few years back, shot by overhead drone, as they had officers trying to protect a fountain in a park, and Antifa moved in to bombard them with frozen water bottles), and that level of coordination can ONLY be achieved with practice.

    Everyone should be working on their local accountability list in the mean time. Personnel is policy, and the people who will come to your door to enact government policy all live within 5 miles of you. You should know who they are, where they live, who pays their bills, all stuff that can be found now with a little effort, but will be impossible to find when the government is sending people out to the front doors of the dissident resistance. One thing I think all of us can agree on is that media people need to be high up on that list, because most of what is happening today would not be possible without media covering for those doing it.

    As an example, do you know Tim Wise, very prominent “anti-racist” writer and prolific doxxer, and all around far left scumbag? Do you know where he lives? Nashville, TN. If one wanted to, one could look him up in the county assessor property tax records. Oh, lookie there, the address of his house….

    Think about that Matt Braken short story I’m sure we all have read, What I Saw at the Coup.

    How enthusiastic would CNN be about parroting the next “highly placed sources familiar with the investigation” leak if one of their reporters caught a bullet in the head every time they reported it.

    Lastly, I think most of us understand that if you are working on your own local accountability list, as the departed Mike Vanderbough called it, you don’t post one tiny aspect of same anywhere electronically. No Google drive, no Massdrop, nothing on a phone or tablet, and for FUCK SAKE don’t talk about it with anyone electronically, or even within earshot of anything with a microphone.

  19. As noted above, embrace the power of “and” . Have contingency plans including shtf scenarios, but work locally to take back control of local govt and NGOs, ten build out from there into state houses, governors mansions (and all the bureaucrats he gets to appoint). It won’t be smooth or easy (or quick) but taking back our nation will be a lot easier if we control local and state govts. It also gives the imprimatur of lawful authority which is important when directly opposing DC. This plays an important role on the moral level of war per 4GW doctrine and brings more “normies” into the struggle on our side.

  20. At this stage in the game, if the point of a protest is to convince officialdom to ‘pretty please take back their Marxist coup and just leave us alone with our republic intact’ it is by all means a waste of time. The power structure wants us Deplorables genocided and our opinions and lives are irrelevant.

    If the point of the protest is to forge grass roots relationships and organizations between Patriots, it would seem to me to be important for consensus building and mission focus.

    If what you are planning is a violent counter revolution such public view would be insane. If what you are doing is airing grievances and forging local relationships it would seem to me to make sense, there is nothing wrong with simply being Real Trad Heritage Americans making friendships with others of the same cloth.

    The first question is ‘what do want to accomplish?’

    Then the appropriate public protests or private meetings can be catered to the intended goal.

    Seems wise to me to pick the right tool for the right time. Throwing the 1st Amendment rights out seems short sighted to me.

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