25 thoughts on “Open Thread: Final Meme Dump Of 2021”

  1. Checking in here from the Frosty Woods of Western Wisconsin. Things here in my AO are getting obvious regarding the Clot Shot. Myself and others have been noticing a HUGE uptick in peoples anger and agitation levels. Also seeing a massive amount of “died suddenly and Un-expected” which coincides with the national news of the Sports Ballers dropping like flies.

    SPORKY Time is almost here. Sooner the better.

  2. Happy New Year scallywags. The ‘crazy’ predictions are coming true. Not much to say except- good luck.

  3. Was just in Savanna Georgia.
    Area packed. About 95% unmasked
    outdoors and indoors, except when eating 🙂

    Pray all had a good Christmas.

    Hi CA…

  4. An unvaxxed friend who is an EMT reports the following:
    1) Unvaxxed need to prepare a cadaver bag with PPE for the removal of bodies. This should include tyvek suits, vinyl tape, black chem resistant gloves, respirator.
    2) The spike is prionic, just like CWD in elk and deer. Proceed accordingly.

    1. It sounds like you’re shilling for those who profit from the sale of “tyvek suits, vinyl tape, chem resistant gloves and respirators.”

    2. 1) Anything like this: Full Face Respirator Gas Mask SuperView with 40 mm NATO NBC MIRA SAFETY Dot PRO filter

      2) https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202003.0422/v1

      And Ha Ha here’s a “fact check” from USA Today: The Airport Toilet Paper of Record:

      Notice how the propagandists are OH SO CAREFUL to state that the VACCINE is not associated with prions…..They might sense already that hey have tread into an area of future legal jeopardy….Read up on CWD-it’s EVERYWHERE.

      1. Oh sheeeet. Let’s not forget the DECON stage. Where will you decon, where will the trash be stored. Is the decon station manned or a solo job? And DECON with what a bleach solution? Gasoline? JP-8 and a match?

        Just go back to our CBRN or NBC training and think on how the SUCK FACTOR back then and we did not have to buy it all.

        Saber 7

  5. Northern Alabama here….
    Weather is odd for winter; 65 and light rain. Not too many holes in the shelves at the grocery store, but you can see stock is thinning. People seem to have an extra “scurry” in their step, even considering the holiday season. Have been watching the obits for oddities and increases. Seems to be the same number of old folks. Cause of death is rarely mentioned now, or any details about family or services. Not sure how much participation in the nottavax around here. Seems it may have been as low as 30%. Rednecks don’t get excited about much other than SEC football. Overall tone seems a bit muted. Even my wife has mentioned that folks just seem tense when she’s out and about. Enjoying life as it is until sporty time starts….

  6. The snowball just keeps rolling down the hill and getting larger. The tipping point or trigger effect, if you will, is going to assert itself when the nine Black-Robed Druids uphold the jab mandate. As cold-hearted as it may sound to some here, I am anxiously waiting for the legions of vaxxed sheeple to start assuming room temperature and/or flooding the ERs. I want to be able to say: “See, I told you so!”
    So, continue with prepping, vigilance, and situational awareness. An E/O suspending the Constitution, declaring martial law, and putting us on a war criminal’s list is just around the corner. It worked for the American Lenin in 1861, so it will work for Pedo Joe. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Current situation in/around my AO (Western most part of Western Arizona..without dipping ones balls in the Colorado River…less than a 10 minute walk away from me):

    The ‘Tri-Bull’s’ are flipping their shit out all over again over the VERY mild, nothingburger Moronic ‘variant’..re-issuing stay at home orders, face panty mandates for stores in the local town (it’s on ‘THEIR’ land…) and the rest of the ‘sky is falling – it’s COVID-19, ‘The Omicron-Double Plus Rewards Variant*!!!’…Run away…run away!!”
    *From the latest South Park Covid-19 Future Episodes, don’tcha know…..

    Aaaaaaand…they have a plan to ‘save ‘dere chilluuuuun!!’……

    The ‘Tri-BULL Auu-tho-a-tey’ has AGAIN rolled out a ‘vaccine incentive plan’ for tribal members….
    “The Colorado River Indian Tribes believes in the effectiveness and safety of vaccinating against COVID-19. To best safeguard the health of our community by encouraging vaccination, the Tribal Council is implementing a Vaccine Incentive Policy to provide a stipend to all Tribal Members aged 5 and over who are fully vaccinated using the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.”

    “Eligibility: Every Tribal Member who is 18 years old and older, upon receipt of both their doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or the required dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, will be eligible to receive a one-time stipend of $500 using funds received by the Tribes pursuant to the America Rescue Plan Act. Tribal Members who have previously received their vaccinations are eligible for this incentive. Every Tribal Member who is 5 to 17 years old, upon receipt of both of their doses of the Pfizer vaccine, or other vaccine if subsequently approved, will be eligible to receive a one-time stipend of $250 using funds received by the Tribes pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act.”

    From: The Parker Pioneer, December 15, 2021, pg 5

    ‘Stipends’ of either $500 or $250 from the ‘American Rescue Plan Act’ for jabbing local Tribals from
    the ages of 5 thru 17 (and of course any adults that apply for them…).

    Looks like the next census will be, “One little..two little..three little..four little Indian boys..oh wait..they ALL died of Myocarditis and other ‘rare’ issues…HOW could this happen?!?..it MUST be the fault of WHITE people and their raaaaycisssm against ‘Native Americans’!!!…COVID-19 is RAAAAACYISSST!!!”

    Other than that…individual packs of microwave ramen meals….GONE..
    Bottled distilled water…GONE…
    Some sections of canned meats and vegetables…gone

    Half the people in grocery stores masked and looking like the ‘boogie flu’ is after them…
    other half NOT masked..going about their business..and getting the stink-eye from the
    NPC/normie face panty sheepies..and occasionally getting the middle finger from those
    of us not being mentally enslaved to the ‘Fauchi-nnocio Filter’ and drumphschtick’s
    continuing ‘There’s no damage from the vaccines – Get ’em now!!” bullshit pronouncements.

    You CAN’T Fix stooopid…unless you employ a shovel, baseball bat, sledge hammer or
    favorite firearms rounds.

    Tha..tha…that’s all folks!! (Cue ending Loony Toons theme….)

    And btw, tossing memes at the bolshies has ZERO effect on them tactically…
    But, one should already know that…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. I’m at a loss to explain the number of people who I thought had their wits about them (anti-vax) go on to explain how they almost died from Covid, once or twice (my youngest sister and her husband were hospitalized, both very overweight and think they’re healthy as an ox) and then you realize they’re serious, they believe what they were told by the Dr’s and nurses. Fear got the best of them. I think a lot of them took the jab, and then lie depending on the company they’re in, so be aware we’re surrounded by infected chameleons. And traitors who will rat you out when it suits them.
      Others refuse to obey any sort of self quarantine when they’re sick, visiting family and friends and coming home to share with the rest of us, coughing all over us with some bug little grandson Billy gave them. I keep bitching about the Typhoid Mary’s among us, they will do their best to kill off everyone they can, wait until the bug gets more severe, like Bill Gates said, smallpox isn’t out of the question, somehow he knows it’s a new coming attraction. Be prepared for violent encounters with family members, it’s happening everywhere, and neither side will budge anymore. Stand your ground, even if you’re the last sane one in the room.
      And here’s to us Bluebloods in 2022!

      1. Howdy SemperFi, 0321

        Yup,..your youngest sister and her husband are the key targets..morbidly obese, with
        several other co-morbitidies ‘lying under the surface’..for the ‘Boomer Coof’ to come
        knock..knock..knocking at their door.

        And since they most likely took the jab..and re-jabs..their natural immunity no longer
        exists…walking typhoid Mary’s doesn’t even begin to cover it!

        And that’s not even considering what Bill [Lysenko] Gates has smugly hinted at
        for all the rest of us that he considers expendable….

        For those that haven’t seen this interview with Dr. David Martin, please watch this:
        (hat tip to you Semper Fi for sharing it with me)

        Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

        Couple that with what CA just posted from Vox Day:

        Vaxx is Murder

        “…This lifespan-reduction approach is also much less disruptive and more efficient than the fertility-targeting approach, because it specifically targets the removal of the least productive and most expensive segment of the population, the elderly…”

        When one takes the knowledge that both Dr. David Martin and Vox Day present in combination,
        it becomes very apparent that those who’ve chosen the jabbs and re-jabbs are in for an extremely
        unpleasant ‘wake up call’….

        This especially includes the ‘Tri-Bulls’ in/near my AO who’ve been attracted to the $iren’$ call of
        ‘Free $$$ for Jabb’s ‘ as I mentioned above.

        “One little, two little, three little Indian boys” indeed….

        “Rez?…..what Rez?..they all ‘mysteriously’ died off.”

        That’s a whole ‘nother demographic that the parasite class no longer has
        to worry about expending $$$$$ on to keep them docile and compliant.

        Yup…life is definitely going to get more ‘interesting’ as time goes on….

        Bluebloods for the win in 2022 and beyond!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. NG: They are being culled and they do not even realize it. Dumber than dirt. As Lineman would say: Sad that.

      1. Dweezil,

        Good to see you here brother!

        Yep, tell me about it…the local ‘Tri-Bulls’ are self-culling and
        they can’t/won’t see it…too afraid/panicked over a variant of
        the common cold that is 99.7% survivable.

        The most laughable part of their bs is that they have two large
        signs near their tribal annex that says, “COVID-19 is REAL!!
        Stay home to protect your familes – TRIBAL LIVES MATTER!!”

        Dumber than dirt doesn’t even begin to cover it..or as John
        Stossel said about them in his ‘Freeloaders’ documentary series,
        the thing that’s most directly destroying the lives and futures of
        indians IS their addiction to welfare via the gov.

        Well,..until the gov provided a new program to bribe them to
        self-cull with all the clot jabbs and jabb boosters..courtesy
        of the ‘American Rescue Plan Act’.

        And they’re willingly doing it to themselves and their children…
        just extrapolate how that’s going to work out multiplied by
        all the ‘fed recognized’ tribes across the country…..

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. So fucking what. The endless stream of Kung Flu, scamdemic, (ah-ha!) memes are meaningless. They’re the bright shiny object of an irrelevant impotence, a cultist fixation, amost effective opium pipe…..for lullabying the masses of GOP sucking, vOTIN’, Cuckservative cultists (jazzed up for the midterms) and their stupor of pathological delusion.
    Tyranny is not worried, fearful, or concerned in the least.

  9. I have read several articles today saying “Covid is over.” Well, not until Fauci and his band of merry idiots are run out of DC in disgrace. If not, they’ll just come back with something else to incite fear and totalitarianism.

    1. Some of us said that April 2020 and people like you ‘medical professionals’ were playing the stupid game. It’s good you woke up but the professional class in general is still a clear and present danger. The cult of the expert must die.

  10. When is the bell/signal to go sling arms 24-7? I think it will be the 7 black robes say ALL must take the jab. Then the leveraging of pay, bank accounts, drivers license, SS, ETC.

    Orks/poLICE will be the first to get it, (aimed fire) I am betting. They are tasked with the enforcement aspect of this rape of the citizenry. Knuckle heads are glowing to eventually snap and then all hell will break loose. We warned the evil doers, yes we did. Then
    Expect to see all gov go haywire off its rocker when the citizenry start to rebel.

    If you are a trigger puller I hope you have been updating your lists.

    Saber 7

    1. All our friends and neighbors are copsuckers, they don’t get it, too much (((media))) brainwashing. This was plotted out a long time ago and the brainwashing is a success.

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