Request From A Reader

One of our readers, NITZAKHON, whose pieces we occasionally post, is in Southern NH and is looking for patriot allies in meatspace. I’ve never met him in person but I’ve read a fair amount of what he’s written. We’ve also communicated directly. He seems like good people and he is looking for allies in the area for when the SHTF. Anyone local to him willing to reach out?

Also, while he’s on blogging hiatus due to family issues, here’s his page and self-description:

Nitzakhon is a capital-C political conservative & both a nationalist and culturalist who often jokes that he’s not a Republican because they’re too liberal. His father’s ancestry goes back to the Mayflower and he has two confirmed Revolutionary War ancestors (with two more potentials awaiting time to verify)… with family lore and DNA showing Viking ancestry. He’s also a Zionist Jew with strong ties to Israel and believes that after 2000 years of exile, the indigenous Jews deserve their homeland back. Massachusetts-born, but Granite Stater by choice, he is married with children.